Ice World

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This article is about World 4 from DK: King of Swing. For the Sammer Guy of the same name, see List of Sammer Guys#Ice World. For World 6 from Super Mario Bros. 3, see Ice Land. For the world from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, see World 5 (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island).
Ice World
DKKoS Ice World.png
Appearance DK: King of Swing
Levels 5
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Ice World is the fourth world in DK: King of Swing. It can be accessed once Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong in Diddy Mode) completes the Aqua World area. After completing the four levels, the Kong can fight the world boss, Sassy Squatch.

As its name suggests, Ice World primarily consists of snow and ice-themed levels. To the west there is a large ravine with moving Peg Boards and a snowy forest inhabited by Mini-Neckies. In the northern part, there is a large frozen castle. To the south of the castle is a body of water with the ruins of a building. The world boss, Sassy Squatch, is fought in the southeast corner of Ice World.

If Donkey Kong obtains every medal in the Ice World, the player unlocks Obstacle Race 3 for Jungle Jam mode in both single player and multiplayer.


Name Description Medal
Cold Cold Forest
Set in a forest, Cold Cold Forest features numerous Mini-Neckies, and Donkey Kong must utilize Rolling Barrels and Question Barrels to get through. In the last section, Donkey Kong must climb up a long, vertical stretch with tires and Barrel Cannons serving as obstacles.
Raging Ravine
In the level, Donkey Kong must reach the top of the ravine. He must use Rolling Barrels to advance in the initial part of the stage. Raging Ravine introduces bombs which Donkey Kong can pick up and throw at chunks of ice and Question Barrels to destroy them.
Ice Castle
Donkey Kong must climb from frozen Peg Boards to reach the top of a icy castle. Throughout the stage, he must turn valves, use levers, and throw stones at enemies.
Underwater Ruins
Donkey Kong explores the remains of a derelict sunken castle, which has many Shuri and Lockjaws. Donkey Kong must use numerous levers to open pathways, allowing him to continue progressing in the level.
Sassy Squatch's Lair
During the boss fight, Donkey Kong must quickly climb up the area, grab a bomb, and throw it into Sassy Squatch's mouth. Upon swallowing a bomb, Sassy Squatch spits up an icy attack, creating pegs that DK can climb up to proceed upward to the next part of the battle.