Wild West World

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Wild West World
Game DK: King of Swing
Level(s) 5
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Wild West World is the second world of DK: King of Swing, located east of the first world, Jungle World. As its name suggests, Wild West World is set in a canyon with cacti, tornadoes, and a mine shaft. It mainly features a large canyon, located to the southwest. There is a large cluster of cacti located northwest, a mine area in the north, and a large tornado just south of the mine. Wild West World introduces various objects including crates, rocks that can be thrown, conveyor belts, crumbling pegs, Booster Barrels, and Barrel Cannons. It is the first world with Zingers, Click-Clacks, and Mini-Neckys.


Level Description
Necky's Canyon
Necky's Canyon
Necky's Canyon is the first level to introduce throwing stones. This is a needed skill for later levels and even the area boss. As the name implies, it also introduces the Mini-Necky enemy. Additionally, it also features a steerable Arrow Barrel that can be rode around the last part of the stage.
Cactus Woods
Cactus Woods is a straightforward level that introduces the Zinger and Click-Clack enemies. The Zingers are bees that cannot be harmed from their backs. Their appearance in the second part of the level can be tricky, because they can obscure the path and make it difficult to progress. The Click-Clack are beetles that climb on the peg boards and directly charge for Donkey Kong; They cannot be harmed from the front.
Madcap Mine
Madcap Mine
Madcap Mine incorporates levers on a rail system. The levers must be pulled to gain momentum on the rails and move forward. Also in this stage are conveyor belts that slowly drag DK downward.
Treacherous Twister
Treacherous Twister
Treacherous Twister is a level that takes place in the middle of a tornado. The twister will influence how DK jumps from peg board to peg board, making him drift in a direction. The winds may even make some pegs move in a circle.
Boss level: Fire Necky's Nest
The boss of Wild West World is Fire Necky. He is fought at night in the middle of the desert, despite the level name alluding to a nest. Fire Necky is a phoenix that will try to land on Donkey Kong, and spit fireballs. The fireballs will eventually cool down into stones that can be thrown back at him. He will be briefly enraged after getting hit. After enough hits, he will fall and DK will get a Gold Medal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワイルドワールド
Wairudo Wārudo
Wild World

German Wilder Westen
Wild West
Italian Desertolandia
Desert Land
Spanish El Salvaje Oeste
The Wild West