Barrel Blast (event)

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Jungle Jam Tournament
Barrel Blast 1

Barrel Blast is an event in the Jungle Jam in DK: King of Swing. Barrel Blast is separated into two segments named Barrel Blast 1 and Barrel Blast 2. Barrel Blast 1 is set in a jungle similar to the level Tropical Treetops while Barrel Blast 2 is set in a cave setting similar to the level Contraption Cave. The stages in Barrel Blast have four sets of four peg boards, which are a set of pegs that the player grabs onto. The objective of the event is to blast the most barrels within a time limit of forty seconds. After each barrel is blasted, another appears in a random spot. To aim for a barrel, the player must hold down both the L Button and R Button buttons and release them when a barrel is near. For each barrel blasted, the player receives one point. After the game is over, the player will be shown a screen which displays all previous records. If the winning player's score is within the top four of their previous records, it will get recorded.


Shoot character - Hold and release L Button and R Button

In-game descriptions[edit]

Barrel Blast 1: Break the most barrels! Predict where the barrels will show up next!
Barrel Blast 2: Break the most barrels! Find a good spot and camp out on it!