Banana Bungalow

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DK: King of Swing Level
Banana Bungalow
Banana Bungalow.PNG
Location Jungle World
Neighboring Levels Tropical Treetops
Contraption Cave
Puzzling Pyramid
Notes This level features moving pegs.

Banana Bungalow is the first level in DK: King of Swing. Banana Bungalow is arguably the easiest level in the game, with only basic pegs to climb. There are not many enemies, only one in particular: a Flitter. The Banana Bungalow is the grounds for the Jungle Jam Tournament. This level is one of the shortest in the game and does not even feature a medal, unlike most levels.

The level begins with many peg boards placed all around the area. Bananas can occasionally be found on some of them on the way to the top of the section. Eventually, Donkey Kong can reach a platform that leads over to the second section of the level, where there are some stationary single pegs mixed around peg boards. As the section before, bananas are placed around the area, and a single Flitter enemy flies along the peg boards near the top of the level. On a platform shortly after the enemy is the way out of the level.