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Obstacle Race 3

Obstacle Race is an event in the Jungle Jam Tournament in the game DK: King of Swing. It consists of three races simply named Obstacle Race 1, Obstacle Race 2, and Obstacle Race 3. The first race is in a jungle setting. The player must climb up a set of peg boards while breaking through crates set in their path. The second obstacle race is in a cave setting. As before, the player must climb a set of peg boards, this time while some of the boards are moving. The third obstacle race is in a cacti-like setting, similar to Cactus Woods. The player must climb up a set of peg boards until they reach a gap. The peg boards after the gap are blocked by boxes so the player must break open the boxes in order to proceed.

In-game descriptions[edit]

Obstacle Race 1: Crates block your way in this course! Try to break them before your foes!
Obstacle Race 2: A course of moving panels! Time your jumps to their movement pattern!
Obstacle Race 3: Blast through the crates to reach the goal first!