Cactus Woods

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Cactus Woods
World Wild West World
Game DK: King of Swing
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Cactus Woods is a level of the Wild West World in DK: King of Swing. Like Necky's Canyon, it can be accessed as either the first or second level of the world. Cactus Woods and the three other levels of Wild West World must be completed to unlock the boss level, Fire Necky's Nest.

As suggested by its name, Cactus Woods takes place between a lot of cacti. Therefore, the walls appear to be cactus-like, while the background shows several tall cacti. The obstacles in this level mainly include sharp spikes that line some walls, barrels, and tires (found only in the Bonus Level). As with most levels, there are also many pegs and peg boards throughout the stage, but in this level, they are all stationary. Cactus Woods features a few types of enemies: Flitters, Zingers (who first appear in this level), and Click-Clacks, who make their only in-game appearance in Cactus Woods.


The level starts in a section with many pegs and Peg Boards, which are placed close together at the start. Five more peg boards are located above, being positioned farther apart from each other. Each of these five peg boards have a banana on them, while all but one of the peg boards have four pegs surrounding them. A group of single pegs are above these five peg boards, and they have a pair of Flitters around them. The Kong must maneuver around these foes to reach a trio of pegs above. A Banana Bunch floats above these pegs. There is a third Flitter nearby who flies around three merge of pegs that can be used to reach a ledge that leads into the second area of the level. A ledge farther upwards in this area has a Bonus Barrel (exclusively in the Donkey Kong mode).

In the second section of the level, the Kong can find a large group of peg boards surrounding a lone barrel, which contains a Banana Bunch. Three Zingers fly around these peg boards. If the hero travels to the right at the top of this area, he can swing over a cactus-like pillar, which has razor-sharp spikes lined along parts of it, to progress of another peg board. Another cactus-like pillar stands near here with some spikes around it. If the Kong heads downwards from this Peg Board and moves between the two pillars, he can go down to a barrel which can be destroyed for the silver medal. Farther above, the Kong can go through a narrow path between the cactus pillar to find another large group of Peg Boards. A barrel containing a Banana Bunch is in the center of the group, while four Zingers fly all around it. A trio of bananas also hang below all of the peg boards above some spikes. In the top-right corner of the area, the Kong can find a ledge that leads into the third area of the level.

A Click-Clack attacks Donkey Kong

Here, two peg boards found next to each other can be found. Three pegs are above them, as well as a barrel that must be destroyed to progress. The Kong can swing and glide his way upwards to reach a group of nine peg boards, with three peg boards placed in each of the three rows. Two Click-Clacks march along the boards for the primate to avoid. A banana can also be found on the first peg board. If the hero manages to pass the insects and travels to the top of the boards, he can find another barrel that he must break to progress, as the object is blocking his way. Once he climbs upwards, he can find another set of peg boards, which are set up identically to the previous boards. This time, a set of three Click-Clacks attack the Kong on the peg boards. If they are all dodged, the primate can reach a barrel above the peg board in the top-left corner of the area that he can break to open the way to a higher area. Here, there are a few more pegs leading up to a pair of peg boards above some spikes. An exit sign is visible to the right of here. If the sign is landed by, the level is completed.

Bonus Level[edit]

The Bonus Level

The first Bonus Barrel is near the exit of the first area. Donkey Kong has thirty seconds to collect all the bananas by bouncing from tires. When they are all collected, a Crystal Coconut appears at the top exit of the Bonus Level.


Item Location
Sprite of a Crystal Coconut from DK: King of Swing.
Crystal Coconut
Obtained by completing the Bonus Level
Silver medal
In the second section, after the first large group of Peg Boards, Donkey Kong must jump down between two cactus pillars. He must charge into the barrel below to acquire the silver medal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サボテンのもり
Saboten no mori
Cactus Woods
German Kaktuskolonie Cactus Colony