K. Kruizer III

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K. Kruizer III
DKKoS K Kruizer III World.png
Appearance DK: King of Swing
Levels 5
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The K. Kruizer III airship

The K. Kruizer III is an airship owned by King K. Rool in DK: King of Swing, the third in a long line of aircrafts built by him and the Kremling Krew. It is also the final world in the game, containing four levels plus a boss level.


After Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong in Diddy mode) defeats Sassy Squatch, he can ride a Booster Barrel up to the K. Kruizer III, where he can find a Bronze Medal.

The interior of the K. Kruizer III is full of weapons, security devices, and Kremlings. It includes an Artillery with a Silver Medal, a Hull with a Gold Medal, and an Engine with another Gold Medal. Lastly, the player meets K. Rool, who challenges them to a race. The player has to beat him in this race to convince the crocodile to challenge Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong to a battle. When he is defeated in the battle, K. Rool hands over the final Medal. It is unknown what happens to the K. Kruizer III after it is completed.

The K. Kruizer III was preceded by the King Kruiser II from Donkey Kong 64, and the original Flying Krock from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2. The K. Kruizer III is later succeeded by the King Kruiser IV in DK: Jungle Climber.


Name Description Medal
Booster Barrel Skyway
The initial level of K. Kruizer III doesn't take place on the actual ship; Donkey Kong must fly up to the ship via a Booster Barrel, as the name of the level implies. He must avoid the Zingers, Mini Neckys, and spike balls in the airspace while flying.
K. Kruizer III Artillery
The second stage of K. Kruizer III takes place in its exterior. Donkey Kong must climb peg boards and avoid the incoming fire of the ship's fireballs. Some of the cannons will aim at DK himself, and there are more often then not multiple cannons firing at once, so he must dodge carefully.
K. Kruizer III Hull
Donkey Kong goes inside of the airship in this level. The hull is a precarious location, with spike pits and spike balls littered throughout the stage. DK climbs up conveyor belts and valves, both of which are reminiscent of previous levels in prior worlds.
K Kruizer III Engine.png
K. Kruizer III Engine
The last normal level of King of Swing, K. Kruizer III Engine takes place within the engine room of the ship. DK must evade fireballs from cannons and spike balls as he must destroy ? Barrels to advance in the first segment of the area. The second area involves DK climbing fast moving individual pegs up the room. A Booster Barrel can be rode to find a gold medal in the room.
DKKoS K Rool Battle.png
King K. Rool
The confrontation with King K. Rool begins with him challenging Donkey Kong to a race up some peg boards. When DK wins the race, K. Rool will claim he was "just getting warmed up", and the actual fight will begin. More peg boards are provided as K. Rool fights DK. He will use a charge attack much like DK can, and can only be hit when he is not in mid charge.