Treacherous Twister

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Treacherous Twister
Treacherous Twister
World Wild West World
Game DK: King of Swing
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Treacherous Twister is a level in the Wild West World area of DK: King of Swing. It is unlocked from completing either Necky's Canyon or Madcap Mine. Treacherous Twister and the other three levels of the world must be completed to access Fire Necky's Nest. Treacherous Twister takes place within a twister in the desert. It is mostly empty aside from the pegs and Peg Boards that must be climbed while avoiding the force of the twister blowing either left or right. If Donkey Kong does not grab the pegs quickly, he is forced around the twister, being blown in the background and then being dropped to a lower part of the level, or even an abyss if he is at the bottom. Donkey Kong encounters a few Kritters along the way. Treacherous Twister is the first level to have a group of pegs that move in circles.


Donkey Kong starts on a ground platform beneath a few Peg Boards, some of which have bananas on them. He must continue up some Peg Boards while avoiding the twister, which is blowing to the left. A peg board with a Kritter climbing along it is above the first five boards, and a second Kritter is on another board just ahead of a small peg board after this. A blue peg board can be spotted higher in the air, being followed by some smaller boards that are placed along a diagonal path. A small space is between each of them, and they all bear bananas. Two larger peg boards are above from here, with a Kritter on the second of them. Parallel to the board below is a smaller board with a barrel above it, which contains a Crystal Coconut. If Donkey Kong jumps above each of these pegs and floats to the left, he can reach a Barrel Cannon that shoots him into the second section.

Treacherous Twister
Donkey Kong swinging on a group of rotating pegs.

The twister spins there are more Peg Boards above, and the twister start blowing to the right. A space is between the second and third board, so the Kong must be careful not to blow away as he jumps across. After the third peg board, the ape can find a group of single pegs that are in a snowflake shape. The pegs move in a circle and stop repeatedly. Two additional peg boards are above here, and they are spaced up to make the ape more likely to blow away. If he journeys to the next few peg boards after these, he can notice three groups of pegs forming the shapes of circles parallel to him. The circles of pegs spin and then stop repeatedly, and bananas are placed all along the left side of them. Another rotating, snowflake-shaped formation of pegs is after the section of small, spaced out peg boards. There is a small, blue board of pegs above this formation of single pegs that has some more pegs placed high above it. When they are reached and climbed up, Donkey Kong can find another formation of pegs that create the shape of a circle. To the left of them is a DK Coin. If he jumps from the spinning formation of pegs, he can reach a ledge with the exit sign, which ends the level.

Key items[edit]

Donkey Kong near the end of Treacherous Twister in DK: King of Swing; the bronze medal is to the top-left.
The location of the bronze medal
  • Crystal Coconut: When Donkey Kong encounters the second Kritter, he must grab on a small blue Peg Board to the left. He must charge into a barrel above him to obtain the Crystal Coconut.
  • Bronze medal: Floating in the air to the left just before the level exit. Donkey Kong can reach it by performing a charge attack.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デンジャラスハリケーン
Denjarasu harikēn
Dangerous Hurricane

German Tornadotumult
Tornado tumult
Italian Ciclone mascalzone
Rascal cyclone