Climbing Race

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Climbing Race
Donkey Kong racing in Climbing Race 1.

Climbing Race is an event in Jungle Jam in DK: King of Swing. There are four climbing races that are simply named Climbing Race 1, Climbing Race 2, Climbing Race 3, and Climbing Race 4. The first climbing race is in a jungle setting. This race is very simple. All Donkey Kong has to do is climb the peg boards. The second climbing race is in a cave setting. Donkey Kong must climb a few peg boards until he reaches a gap that he must glide over to reach the next set of peg boards. The third climbing race is in a pyramid setting similar to Puzzling Pyramid's setting. In this race, Donkey Kong must climb a set of peg boards until he reaches a small peg board with only four pegs. He must proceed along the peg boards. The fourth and final climbing race is underwater. Donkey Kong must climb a peg board until he reaches a row of pegs. He must climb these pegs. When each race is over, he is taken to the results and if his record is in the top four, it gets recorded.

In-game descriptions[edit]

  • Climbing Race 1: A simple and straight jungle course! Who's the fastest in the jungle?
  • Climbing Race 2: A simple jump course! It's all about timing those jumps!
  • Climbing Race 3: A course of small panels in a row! Don't miss those jumps!
  • Climbing Race 4: An underwater course! Only accurate jumps will get you through quickly!