Cranky's Lectures

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“What's the matter? What's that you say? You don't know what to do? Don't worry at all! The controls are simple. Just use L Button and R Button.”
Cranky Kong, DK: King of Swing
Cranky's Lectures

Cranky's Lectures is the tutorial for the game DK: King of Swing, which also appears in the Extra section of the game. First, Cranky teaches Donkey Kong how to move, by using the L Button and R Button buttons. Then, Cranky tells Donkey Kong how to jump by pressing down L Button and R Button and releasing them. Then, Wrinkly Kong comes and helps Cranky show Donkey Kong how to grab the floating pegs. After grabbing the floating pegs, Cranky teaches how to move on peg boards. Wrinkly Kong returns to help for this one, too. Then, Cranky teaches midair movement. To complete this task, Donkey Kong must jump onto a tire and move in midair by pressing L Button to go left and R Button to go right. The player can also use +Control Pad left or right. Next, Cranky moves onto attack. Wrinkly Kong returns in this task. To complete this task, Donkey Kong must hold down the L Button and R Button and release when his body starts to flash. When he starts flashing, Donkey Kong must break open a barrel in order to proceed. Wrinkly Kong returns for the last time. Next, Cranky moves onto the role of bananas. He explains how ten bananas can restore a life. In the last task, Donkey Kong must work his way up to the top of some peg boards and floating pegs by busting through barrels and using midair movement. Cranky Kong will be up there to end the lecture and wish Donkey Kong good luck on chasing down King K. Rool and retrieving the stolen medals.