Raging Ravine

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Raging Ravine
Raging Ravine
World Ice World
Game DK: King of Swing
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Raging Ravine is a level in the Ice World of DK: King of Swing. It and Cold Cold Forest are the two levels that are initially available. Raging Ravine takes place on an icy mountain that must be climbed. Enemies in the level include three Mini-Neckys and one Kritter. Other obstacles in this level include tires, barrels, spikes, Rolling Barrels, and moving Peg Boards. Bombs make their first in-game appearance in the level and must be used to break ice blocks that cover Peg Boards.


For the first section, the Kong must use Rolling Barrels to shoot to the top of the area while avoiding tires and floating spikes along the way. The barrels can be tilted freely, so he must aim as the obstacles get out of his way. Bananas are placed between each Rolling Barrel, which are placed in a zig-zag-like path all the way up the area. After shooting out of several barrels, the primate can reach a pair of small Peg Boards that can be climbed to reach a ledge that leads to the second area of the level.

In this section, two pegs boards can be seen next to a pair of single pegs. A rock is next to them, which can be used to defeat an egg-shooting Mini-Necky just ahead. A set of four Peg Boards are to the right of the Mini-Necky, and they move horizontally in and out of the icy wall. The hero, whether it be Donkey or Diddy, must climb upwards with the pegs, trying not to bump into the wall as the Peg Boards near it. If he hits the wall, he might bounce off and fall. A rock and a lone Mini-Necky are to the left of the four Peg Boards. On a wall above this Mini-Necky, a lone Peg Board can be seen. It slowly emerges from the wall, and then goes back in soon after. It must be used to climb to another Peg Board on the opposite wall, which moves in and out of it. A Mini-Necky is between the two boards. Three more Peg Boards like this are above, each one on the opposite wall of the other. They must be used to reach a ledge that leads to the third area.

Raging Ravine
Donkey Kong approaches the silver medal.

In the third area, there are five pegs next to a bomb. Two Peg Boards are above here, but ice blocks cover them. The Kong must destroy the blocks by throwing the bomb at them. Once he can grab onto the pegs on it, he can travel upwards to some single pegs that have another bomb next to them. A barrel sits in an alcove to the left of here, and if the primate throws the bomb into it, the bomb breaks the barrel. As a result of the barrel breaking, a Peg Board appears above. It can lead the hero to a few more Peg Boards with a trio of bananas near them. A Kritter swings on a Peg Boards on the opposite side of the area from these bananas, and it throws bombs at the Kong. With a moving, blue Peg Board, the hero can reach a pair of pegs with a bomb above them. If it is thrown into a nearby alcove with a barrel in it, it destroys the barrel, causing two small Peg Boards to appear above. A silver medal appears in the place of the barrel as well. The previously mentioned Peg Boards can be used to reach a ledge with an exit sign on it. When this is landed by, the level is completed.

Key items[edit]

  • Crystal Coconut: Hidden inside a barrel at the northwest end of the second area.
  • Silver medal: The silver medal is in a small room with the last Question Barrel before the level exit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きけんなクレバス
Kiken na Kurebasu
Perilous Crevasse

Italian Gola ghiacciata
Frozen gorge