List of DK: King of Swing media

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The following is a list of media files from the game DK: King of Swing.


Audio.svg Title Screen
File infoMedia:DKKOSTitle.oga
Audio.svg Menu
File infoMedia:DKKOSMenu.oga
Audio.svg Opening Cutscene
File infoMedia:DKKOSOpening.oga
Audio.svg World Map 1
File infoMedia:DKKOSWorldMap1.oga
Audio.svg World Map 2
File infoMedia:DKKOSWorldMap2.oga
Audio.svg Banana Bungalow, Puzzling Pyramid, Treacherous Twister
File infoMedia:DKKOSBananaBungalow.oga
Audio.svg Tropical Treetops, Cactus Woods, Cold Cold Forest
File infoMedia:DKKOSTropicalTreetops.oga
Audio.svg Contraption Cave, Madcap Mine, Kremling Kamp, Raging Ravine
File infoMedia:DKKOSContraptionCave.oga
Audio.svg Necky's Canyon, Lockjaw Falls
File infoMedia:DKKOSNecky'sCanyon.oga
Audio.svg Risky Reef, Underwater Ruins
File infoMedia:DKKOSRiskyReef.oga
Audio.svg Ship of Souls, Ice Castle
File infoMedia:DKKOSShipofSouls.oga
Audio.svg Booster Barrel Skyway, K. Kruizer III Artillery, K. Kruizer III Hull, K. Kruizer III Engine
File infoMedia:DKKOSKKruizerIII.oga
Audio.svg Bonus Stages
File infoMedia:DKKOSBonusStage.oga
Audio.svg Congazuma's Castle, Fire Necky's Nest, Davy Bones' Locker, Sassy Squatch's Lair
File infoMedia:DKKOSBossBattle.oga
Audio.svg King K. Rool
File infoMedia:DKKOSKRool.oga
Audio.svg Game's Credits
File infoMedia:DKKOSStaffRoll.oga
Audio.svg Going Bananas
File infoMedia:DKKOSGoingBananas.oga
Audio.svg Cranky's Lectures
File infoMedia:DKKOSCrankysLectures.oga
Audio.svg Level Cleared
File infoMedia:DKKOSLevelCleared.oga
Audio.svg Game Over
File infoMedia:DKKOSGameOver.oga
Audio.svg All Climbing Race and Obstacle Race courses
File infoMedia:DKKOSClimbingRaceObstacleRace1.oga
Audio.svg Alternate Obstacle Race theme
File infoMedia:DKKOSClimbingRaceObstacleRace2.oga
Audio.svg Both Attack Battle courses
File infoMedia:DKKOSAttackBattle1.oga
Audio.svg Alternate Attack Battle theme
File infoMedia:DKKOSAttackBattle2.oga
Audio.svg Both Barrel Blast courses and Color Capture
File infoMedia:DKKOSBarrelBlastColorCapture1.oga
Audio.svg Alternate Color Capture theme
File infoMedia:DKKOSBarrelBlastColorCapture 2.oga
Audio.svg Results Screen after any Jungle Jam event
File infoMedia:DKKOSEventResults.oga
Audio.svg When new levels are found or a medal is found
File infoMedia:DKKOSAchievement.oga
Audio.svg When a Crystal Coconut is found
File infoMedia:DKKOSCrystalCoconutObtained.oga
Audio.svg Before a Jungle Jam event begins
File infoMedia:DKKOSEventStart.oga
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