List of Super Smash Bros. Melee media

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This is a list of media files for the game Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Audio.svg Menu 1 - Theme that plays in the menu of the game.
File infoMedia:SSBM Menu.oga
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Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Audio.svg Princess Peach's Castle
File infoMedia:SSBM Princess Peach's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Rainbow Cruise
File infoMedia:SSBM Rainbow Cruise.oga
Audio.svg Super Mario Bros. 3
File infoMedia:SSBM Super Mario Bros. 3.oga
Audio.svg Dr. Mario
File infoMedia:SSBM Dr. Mario.oga
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Donkey Kong[edit]

Audio.svg Kongo Jungle
File infoMedia:SSBM Kongo Jungle.oga
Audio.svg Jungle Japes
File infoMedia:SSBM Jungle Japes.oga
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Audio.svg Yoshi's Story
File infoMedia:SSBM Yoshi's Story.oga
Audio.svg Yoshi's Island
File infoMedia:SSBM Yoshi's Island.oga
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Voice clips[edit]

Audio.svg Crazy Hand - Laughter
File infoMedia:Crazy Hand Laugh (Melee).oga
Audio.svg Falco
File infoMedia:Falco voice sample SSBM.oga
Audio.svg Fox
File infoMedia:Fox voice sample SSBM.oga
Audio.svg Ganondorf
File infoMedia:Ganondorf voice sample SSBM.oga
Audio.svg Jigglypuff
File infoMedia:Jigglypuff voice sample EN.oga
Audio.svg Link
File infoMedia:Link voice sample SSBM.oga
Audio.svg Master Hand - Laughter
File infoMedia:Master Hand Laugh (Melee).oga
Audio.svg Mewtwo
File infoMedia:Mewtwo voice sample SSBM.oga
Audio.svg Peach - "Ohhh, did I win?"
File infoMedia:SSBM Peach Did I Win.oga
Audio.svg Sheik
File infoMedia:Sheik voice sample SSBM.oga
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