Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

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This article is about the remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. For information about the original game for the Game Boy Advance, see Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
MLSS+BM Box NA.png
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Developer AlphaDream[1]
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Release date Japan October 5, 2017[2]
HK October 5, 2017
ROC October 5, 2017
USA October 6, 2017
Europe October 6, 2017
Australia October 7, 2017
South Korea April 12, 2018
Genre Platformer, RPG
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single-player
Nintendo 3DS:
3DS Card Icon.png Game Card
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo 3DS:

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (known as Mario & Luigi RPG1 DX in Japan[2]) is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is an enhanced remake of the 2003 Game Boy Advance game, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The game has an added interquel story called Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser[3]. The game has amiibo support for the Minion Quest mode, where the Koopa Troopa, Goomba, and Boo amiibo are compatible. The game is the first remake of the Mario & Luigi series, the third game in the series to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, and the sixth game in the series overall. Despite being a Nintendo 3DS game, it is only playable in 2D.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga[edit]

The graphical changes between both versions, showing Bowser literally breaking the fourth wall.
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
The graphical changes between both versions, showing Bowser literally breaking the fourth wall.
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
The graphical changes between both versions, showing Bowser literally breaking the fourth wall.

The remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga has updated graphics, soundtrack, and controls, looking visually similar to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. The story is mainly the same as it was in the original game. However, some additions and alterations to the gameplay have also been made.

List of changes[edit]


  • The Mario Bros. game is no longer included.
  • A new side-mode, Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser, is unlocked early in the game after leaving Hoohoo Mountain and before entering Beanbean Castle Town. After a brief cutscene featuring Captain Goomba, it is made accessible via the suitcase.
  • Pressing X Button in the overworld makes both Bros. jump or swim simultaneously.
    • The line of the Koopa Troopa in the Koopa Cruiser originally telling the player about switching places was changed to inform about this mechanic.
  • Mario & Luigi's positions can no longer be switched manually. Instead, they switch automatically when selecting a move.
  • Cutscenes can be sped up with R Button, or with the icon on the touch screen.
  • The game now has many new features due to the added second screen.
    • Mario & Luigi's passports showing their level and stats are displayed in battle. When afflicted with a status ailment, a page slips out from that brother's passport to display its name.
    • A tutorial for attacks is displayed in battle similar to the one in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
    • In the overworld, the touch screen can be used to switch between moves like the High Jump or the Spin Jump.
    • The player can also press a button on the touchscreen to display a zoomable mini-map where they can also place pins. The player is given twenty pins for each area and can remove a pin by tapping on it twice.
  • Mario and Luigi are now able to swim high while underwater.
  • Heart Blocks are present in every version of the game unlike in the original, where only the Japanese version featured them, and are far more numerous.
  • Similarly to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, saving can now be done at any point on the overworld.
  • The post-battle screen is now similar to the ones used since Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and this time, the player should press A Button to collect the EXP and coins.
  • There is now a Beanish character in Beanbean Castle Town that allows the player to scan compatible amiibo to obtain stamps.
  • The shopkeeper of the Information Booth no longer sells information to the brothers, and instead looks at the player's records, awarding items based on their progress with blocks, beans, the number of battles won, the number of enemies defeated, the number of Excellent attacks done and the number of battles fled from.
  • The game can now be saved after defeating the final boss.


  • The menu screen features a guide option, showing how certain actions are performed similar to Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
    • This function is also available in battle via the bottom screen.
  • The percentage and amounts of beans and ? Blocks found can also be viewed in the menu screen's Records section along with a summary of the current story, called "The Story So Far".
  • A music option was added in the Records section. Unlike in previous entries, it's not accessible from the title screen but from the in-game menu screen. The player can also listen to the music from the original version of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga in addition to the one from this game, the latter's tracks having "DX" at the end of the name.
  • Options have also been moved from the title screen to the menu screen.
  • Easy Mode from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is added, and can be found there.
  • There are now only two save files instead of three.


  • Boo Biscuits are included in this game, behaving as they did from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
  • Many bosses now drop new gear such as Hoohooros dropping the Hoohooros Slacks or Rookie dropping the Rookie Badge.
    • Most bosses now always drop their items or gear when defeated.
  • Enemies can now drop a third item that can only be obtained from the Game Boy Horror SP.
  • Accessories can now be obtained throughout the entire game and not just from Professor E. Gadd.
  • Some items heal a different amount of HP or BP than they did in the original game:
  • Each blend in Starbeans Cafe requires less beans, from 25 (25 for single bean, 15/10 for two beans) to 10 (10 for single bean, 6/4 for two beans), and the stat boosts given are reduced by half.
    • Because of this, the player can obtain all seven of E. Gadd's accessories much sooner.
  • The Great Force now resembles the Triforce and gives the traditional item jingle from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • The rare item drop affect from the Game Boy Horror SP now only applies to the bro who has it equipped, rather than affecting both regardless of who has it equipped. The bro who does not have it equipped now can only force a rare drop through a Bros. attack, or countering a counterattack caused by a Bros. attack.


  • The Mush Badge A and Mush Badge AA deal less damage than in the original game.


  • Battle statistics for Mario, Luigi, and enemies have changed, generally increasing the difficulty.
  • Mario and Luigi now jump twice on an enemy if a solo jump's action command is entered correctly, just like in previous installments since Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Bros. Attacks no longer have the three Modes, but have "Normal" and "Easy" difficulties, the latter version being more lenient with button inputs for a Bros. Attack while requiring more Bros. Points.
  • Bros. Attacks have been tweaked, some having different attack properties, while some have new button inputs.
  • Advanced Bros. Attacks are now separately selected from the original Bros. Attacks, have "Super" to their name (Super Splash Bros., Super Bounce Bros.), and cost more Bros. Points to use.
  • All battle backgrounds now scroll whenever Mario or Luigi use a Bros. Attack.
  • The Emergency Guard from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is added.
  • The Solo-Attack-Command Block is replaced with separate Command Blocks for Jump, Hammer, and Hand-Attacks.
  • When Mario or Luigi strike an enemy with their hammers before initiating battle, it no longer makes them dizzy; instead, they take damage and their speed is dropped.
    • Hand Powers can also be used to perform first strikes. Aside from taking damage, Firebrand can burn enemies and Thunderhand can make them dizzy.
  • Bosses now turn red (or different colors) when low on health, as in Paper Jam. Some bosses now have altered attack patterns or new attacks:
    • When low on health, Trunkle covers the tree on its head with both hands, making it impervious to attacks.
  • Some enemies can now take critical damage from Jump and Hammer attacks in addition to Fire and Thunder attacks.
  • Clumphs now take critical damage from Mario's Firebrand attacks, especially the Fire Bros. attack.
  • The the amount of turns it takes for Time Bob-ombs to explode in Wendy O. and Larry Koopa's battles are reduced from the eight in the original version to seven and five, respectively.
  • Luigi thinks of all the "Super" versions of his Bros. Attacks unlike the original, where he only thinks of one (the Cyclone Bros. attack).
  • Mario's and Luigi's HP and BP are no longer fully refilled after defeating bosses.

Puzzles and minigames[edit]

  • The time limit to collect ten Hoohoo Spirits in Hoohooros's minigame has increased from 30 seconds to 35.
  • The amount of Hee Beans rewarded from mini-games have been altered slightly. Some minigames have their point goals lowered to make earning Hee Beans easier.
  • The amount of blocks needed to be hit in Jojora's block minigame in Joke's End has decreased from 30 to 25.




  • Various music has been replaced. The music for the Star 'Stache Smash has been replaced with an arrangement of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam's mini-game theme, the music for the Barrel and Chuckola Bounce mini-games is replaced with an arrangement of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team's mini-game theme and the tutorial music is an arrangement of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time's tutorial music.
  • Instead of the music stopping when Peach's Castle explodes, the music keeps playing as it explodes.
  • When getting a game over, an arrangement of the death jingle from Super Mario Bros. can be heard, while in the original game, the battle music continues playing.
  • The music no longer changes during the scene where Dragohoho hatches from his egg; instead, the Hoohoo Mountain theme keeps playing until the boss battle starts.
  • When Mario & Luigi enter Beanbean Castle during both times the town is under attack, the devastation theme keeps playing instead of the Beanbean Castle theme.
  • Professor E. Gadd's theme is now taken from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon rather than being an arrangement of his theme from the original game.
  • Sledge and Mallet's cave home in Beanbean Fields now plays the Beanbean Fields theme instead of the Hoohoo Village/Beanbean Castle Town theme.
  • Rather than Gwarhar Lagoon's music playing after the S.S. Chuckola moves out of Teehee Valley and into the ocean and crashes, no music plays.
  • When Mario confronts Bowletta and Fawful on top of Joke's End, Cackletta's theme plays instead of the Joke's End theme.
  • The battle music that was used for Fawful in Bowser's Castle is now the battle music that was used for Cackletta in Woohoo Hooniversity just like in the original game's Japanese release, rather than that used for Popple as in the original game's releases outside of Japan.
  • When the Time Bob-omb KOs Mario and Luigi during the Bowletta battle, the music stops, then the same music plays again. In the original game, Cackletta's theme plays both times.


  • The "M" and "L" on Mario and Luigi's respective caps are now red and green respectively, instead of both being black.
  • Mario & Luigi now make sounds whenever they are hit in battle as well as during Bros. Attacks.
  • The level of an enemy is now displayed next to their name when targeting them in battle.
  • Several cameos have been added to the Mario Bros.' House:
    • There is now a trophy from Mario Kart 8 on a shelf and a Wii Wheel hanging next to it.
    • Mario's tennis racket and golf club can be seen on a shelf above and leaning on Mario's bed, respectively.
    • Mario's hardhat and tool belt from Super Mario Maker is hanging beside the workbench on the first floor of Mario's House.
    • Mario's Cap is now on the clothing line outside of the house rather than on the coat-stand inside, fixing a minor continuity issue when Mario puts on his clothes. In the original game, his cap suddenly appears on his head once he's all dressed up.
    • A carpet in front of the Bros.' beds looking like a Yoshi Egg has been added.
    • Mario's yellow Cape from Super Mario World can be seen on the coat hanger.
    • A pendulum clock has been added to the wall.
  • Each area has a unique stamp when the game is saved, whereas in the original, there was only one stamp. For example, Peach's Castle has a mushroom stamp whereas the Koopa Cruiser and Bowser's Castle have Bowser's head as a stamp.
  • After Tolstar tricks Bowser after giving him 100 coins, Bowser calls him a "swindler" rather than a "welcher." This may have been changed because the older term is offensive slang in the United Kingdom.
  • The cannon that Bowser gets stuck in during Stardust Fields now flies away upon firing him out, rather than blinking away after the camera pans back to Mario and Luigi.
  • The Starbeans Cafe clerk no longer asks the player if they wish to continue making more drinks after making one.
  • Bean depressions are now known as bean hollows.
  • Dr. Mario sound effects are added when fighting Viruses in Woohoo Hooniversity.
  • Sledge and Mallet now inform Mario and Luigi that they've moved after defeating Mom Piranha and tell them to come by.
    • They are also not in the cave until then. In the original, they could be visited any time after Oho Oasis.
  • Geno no longer explains the minigame, Star 'Stache Smash, with a disembodied text bubble replacing him. This is likely due to licensing reasons, as Square Enix owns the character of Geno.
  • The monitor that Bowletta uses to communicate with the heroes in Beanbean Castle is now a Nintendo 3DS (blue the first time and pink the second time), rather than the original game's Game Boy Advance.
  • The original map of the Beanbean Kingdom from the original version of this game can be found in the captain's quarters of the S.S. Chuckola.
  • The underwater sections in Gwarhar Lagoon have a greener tint and a slightly different battle background from the sections in Oho Ocean Seabed.
  • One of the two Toads that was convinced into winning an Invincibility Mushroom now wonders if it might pump up his muscles rather than the possibilities of clearing up his skin.
  • When Mario gains Bean Fever, while in this state, his HP is reduced to 1 and his BP is reduced to 0, but when he is cured by the Crabbie Grass, his HP and BP will be full.
  • The underground sections in Teehee Valley use the same battle background from the Guffawha Ruins.
  • The posters in Yoshi Theater, which used to reference other Nintendo franchises such as Kirby, Wario, and The Legendary Starfy, are now replaced with new posters depicting films involving characters from previous Mario & Luigi games, such as Broque Monsieur, Broque Madame, and Broggy, a Shroob invasion, and Prince Dreambert.
  • There is now a night sky in Joke's End when climbing up to the fourth and fifth floors.
  • The original game featured a cutscene upon entering Bowser's Castle, where Fawful informs Bowletta about the arrival of Mario and Luigi, and she summons the Koopalings. This cutscene is missing from this game, since in Minion Quest Bowletta disguised as Bowser orders Captain Goomba and the other minions of Bowser to attack Mario and Luigi instead.
  • The Koopalings are now given a full amount of dialogue since they do not have any in the original game.
  • The mini Mechakoopas in Ludwig's section of Bowser's Castle have been replaced with purple versions of the windup toys in Woohoo Hooniversity.
  • Roy Koopa now explains the Time Bob-omb's function instead of an on-screen text.
  • The ground during the final battle now has a design of Cackletta's grin.
  • Bowser's reaction upon it being revealed that he was in fact Peasley's "gift" varied from the original game. Originally, he was shown sneezing (implying that he caught a cold presumably from his fall into the ocean earlier). Now, he is shown sobbing before proceeding to rage out, implying that he was not fond of being stuck inside the package.
  • The credits now show the plane's destination from behind. Originally, they were shown to the side of the plane. As such, when it passes over Bowser's castle, Bowser just falls offscreen.


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Regular enemies

Image Name Level HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
MLSSBMGoomba.png Goomba 1 6 2 0 Koopa Cruiser
MLSSBMFighterFly.png Fighter Fly 2 10 2 3 Stardust Fields
MLSSBMBillBlaster.png Bill Blaster 3 16 3 4 Stardust Fields
MLSSBMBeanie.png Beanie 5 18 6 5 Hoohoo Mountain
Beanbean Castle
Beanbean Fields
Chucklehuck Woods
Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMDryBonesBeanbean.png Dry Bones 6 24 8 5 Hoohoo Mountain
MLSSBMRex.png Rex 7 28 13 6 Hoohoo Mountain
MLSSBMSharpea.png Sharpea 8 10 2 3 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMSworm.png Sworm 8 24 2 8 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMParabeanie.png Parabeanie 11 32 8 6 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMTroopea.png Troopea 11 37 16 6 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMTanoomba.png Tanoomba 26 101 33 20 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMLakipea.png Lakipea 13 38 24 15 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMBobomb.png Bob-omb 23 55 14 10 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMParatroopea.png Paratroopea 24 92 29 8 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMSuperFly.png Super Fly 9 30 14 7 Beanbean Castle Sewer
MLSSBMSpinyBeanbean.png Spiny 8 24 15 8 Beanbean Castle Sewer
MLSSBMPestnut.png Pestnut 10 27 10 6 Chucklehuck Woods
MLSSBMGoldBeanie.png Gold Beanie 10 20 50 99 Chucklehuck Woods
Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMChuckGuy.png Chuck Guy 11 28 16 8 Chucklehuck Woods
MLSSBMFuzzbush.png Fuzzbush 12 43 21 10 Chucklehuck Woods
MLSSBMLaserSnifit.png Laser Snifit 13 48 18 12 Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMEeker.png Eeker 15 60 25 10 Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMYoBro.png Yo Bro 15 70 25 14 Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMVirusBlue.pngMLSSBMVirusRed.pngMLSSBMVirusYellow.png Virus 14 72 20 10 (blue and red), 12 (yellow) Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMMechakoopa.png Mechakoopa 16 56 35 18 Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMOhoJeeRed.pngMLSSBMOhoJeeBlue.png Oho Jee 17 72 4 3 Oho Oasis
Fire Palace
Thunder Palace
MLSSBMElitePestnut.png Elite Pestnut 18 66 25 12 Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMGoomdiver.png Goomdiver 17 54 36 14 Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMBlooper.png Blooper 19 78 45 18 Oho Ocean Seabed
MLSSBMPiranhaPlantRed.pngMLSSBMPiranhaPlantBlue.png Piranha Plant 19 72 (red), 63 (blue) 4 5 Beanbean International Airport
MLSSBMGrittyGoomba.png Gritty Goomba 20 66 40 15 Teehee Valley
MLSSBMSpikySnifit.png Spiky Snifit 21 94 45 18 Teehee Valley
MLSSBMEliteChuckGuy.png Elite Chuck Guy 21 70 30 16 Guffawha Ruins
MLSSBMOucherGlass.pngMLSSBMOucherGlass2.png Oucher Glass 21 64 40 15 Guffawha Ruins
MLSSBMLimboBro.png Limbo Bro 22 96 35 20 Guffawha Ruins
MLSSBMAnuboo.png Anuboo 23 88 60 24 Teehee Valley
MLSSBMSpinyCheepCheepNonSpiny.pngMLSSBMSpinyCheepCheepSpiny.png Spiny Cheep Cheep 24 64 70 12 Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMStarkiss.png Starkiss 23 58 60 15 Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMMalibut.png Malibut 25 110 80 18 Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMMechaBlooper.png Mecha-Blooper 26 130 100 40 Oho Ocean Seabed
Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMEliteTroopea.png Elite Troopea 23 99 72 18 Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMEliteGrittyGoomba.png Elite Gritty Goomba 23 80 60 16 Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMBeanerangBro.png Beanerang Bro 24 112 88 28 Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMSandCheep.png ???? (Sand Cheep) 24 89 70 12 Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMSharkbone.png ???? (Sharkbone) 25 60 80 15 Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMIceSnifit.png Ice Snifit 26 112 90 20 Joke's End
MLSSBMGlurp.png Glurp 27 84 80 10 Joke's End
MLSSBMClumph.png Clumph 28 178 140 45 Joke's End
MLSSBMScaratroopea.png Scaratroopea 27 112 90 18 Joke's End
MLSSBMEliteDryBones.png Elite Dry Bones 29 98 110 20 Teehee Valley
MLSSBMEliteLimboBro.png Elite Limbo Bro 29 124 130 18 Teehee Valley
MLSSBMGunnerGuy.png Gunner Guy 31 124 99 24 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMHammerBro.png Hammer Bro 33 132 120 70 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMBoo.png Boo 33 13 90 40 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMChompBro.png Chomp Bro 35 240 120 60 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMMagikoopa.png Magikoopa 34 144 130 35 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMSniperBill.png Sniper Bill 32 110 100 30 Bowser's Castle


Image Name Level HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
MLSSBMBowser.png Bowser 1 12 0 0 Peach's Castle
MLSSBMFawful1.png Fawful (1) 2 30 (both phases) 0 0 Koopa Cruiser
MLSSBMTolstar.png Tolstar 4 50 30 100 Stardust Fields
MLSSBMHoohooros.pngMLSSBMPillar.png Hoohooros 6 Hoohooros - 56
Pillar - 3
36 20 Hoohoo Mountain
MLSSBMDragohoho.pngMLSSBMHohoStone.png Dragohoho 7 Dragohoho - 169
Hoho Stone - 12
50 30 Hoohoo Mountain
MLSSBMQueenBeanMonster.png Queen Bean 10 Main - 144
Arms - 34
150 50 Beanbean Castle
MLSSBMPopple.pngMLSSBMRookie.png Popple & Rookie (1) Popple - 11
Rookie - 12
Popple - 90
Rookie - 150
Popple - 50
Rookie - 120
Popple - 200
Rookie - 30
Chateau de Chucklehuck
MLSSBMWiggler.png Wiggler 13 98 120 87 Chucklehuck Woods
MLSSBMChuckolator.png Chuckolator 14 350 260 200 Chucklehuck Woods
MLSSBMCackletta.png Cackletta 16 420 320 150 Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMPopple.pngMLSSBMRookie.png Popple & Rookie (2) Popple - 16
Rookie - 17
Popple - 220
Rookie - 300
Popple - 100
Rookie - 250
Popple - 200
Rookie - 60
Woohoo Hooniversity
MLSSBMMomPiranhaRed.pngMLSSBMMomPiranhaBlue.png Mom Piranha 20 320 420 250 Beanbean Airport
MLSSBMTrunkle.pngMLSSBMTrunkleSmall.png Trunkle 23 Body - 300
Tree - 190
Small - 58
500 400 Teehee Valley
MLSSBMHermieIII.png Hermie III 26 Main - 680
Claws - 120
600 150 Gwarhar Lagoon
MLSSBMPopple.png Popple 27 520 600 600 Chucklehuck Woods
MLSSBMPiranhaBean.png Piranha Bean 26 230 250 180 Beanbean Fields
MLSSBMJojora.pngMLSSBMJojorasFriend.pngMLSSBMJojorasFriendPinkHair.png Jojora & one of Jojora's Friends 29 Jojora - 500
Friend - 1100
Jojora - 500
Friend - 800
Jojora - 500
Friend - 500
Joke's End
MLSSBMPopple.pngMLSSBMBirdo.pngMLSSBMEgg.png Popple & Birdo with Eggs 30 Popple - 600
Birdo - 390
Eggs - 30
Popple - 300
Birdo - 900
Popple - 800
Birdo - 40
Teehee Valley
MLSSBMIggy.png Iggy 33 480 550 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMMorton.png Morton 34 900 600 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMLemmy.png Lemmy 34 540 650 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMLudwig.png Ludwig 35 999 700 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMRoy.png Roy 36 1100 750 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMWendy.png Wendy 37 800 800 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMLarry.png Larry 38 980 850 400 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMFawful3.pngMLSSBMFawfulDome.png Fawful (2) 39 880 999 999 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMBowletta.pngMLSSBMBowlettaDark.pngMLSSBMFlaret.png Bowletta with Flarets 40 Bowletta - 1200
Flaret - 24
0 0 Bowser's Castle
MLSSBMCacklettaSoul.png Cackletta's soul 40 Head - 300
Arms - 320
Heart - 1280
0 0 Bowser's Castle

List of shops[edit]

Main article: List of shops in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser[edit]

The logo for Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser.

This adventure exclusive to this remake develops alongside and with the main Mario Bros. story. It involves Bowser's minions battling the enemies of the Beanbean Kingdom to rescue Bowser, after he is knocked out from the Beanbean Border, led by Captain Goomba. The battles are the two armies automatically fighting against each other, though the player can choose which characters to send in, give more power to Special Skills by performing certain actions such as repeatedly pressing a button, pressing a button with the correct timing or aiming correctly at the enemies, and choose one of the actions available to the captain, the latter of which costs CP. At the end of a battle, if any of the opponent's allies had survived, they will join the player's team. There are three types of troopers: Melee (who only fight physically), Ranged (who fight exclusively with projectiles), and Flying (physical fighters who fly). The types follow a rock-paper-scissors triangle of strength and weakness, with Melee units being strong against Ranged units but weak against Flying units, Ranged units being strong against Flying units but weak against Melee units and Flying units being strong against Melee units but weak against Ranged units.


The story of Minion Quest is shown as a movie, just like the main Mario Bros. story, in the Yoshi Theater.

The story of Minion Quest starts off right after the Mario Bros. have defeated the first two enemies in the game, the two Goombas. After they are defeated, they are placed in barrels, and the one on the right complains about how he got trounced by the Mario Bros. again, with the one on the left saying that it's about time the Goombas rose up and made a name for themselves. Unbeknownst to anyone in Bowser's army, these two Goombas would eventually become Captain Goomba and Private Goomp over the course of their adventure.

They are taken care of by the Koopalings Roy, Wendy, and Iggy, who tear into them and mercilessly taunt them about how useless, expendable, and trash they are and proceed to give them orders, but before they can do so, the Koopa Cruiser gets attacked by Fawful and starts to sink into the area around the border between the Mushroom and Beanbean Kingdoms, just like in the main story, and every one of Bowser's army of baddies is thrown clear of the wreckage.

Captain Goomba regains his consciousness and awakes in a cave. He attempts to see if there is anyone nearby, but he can hear no answer, so he looks outside and finds that he is on a huge mountain. He sees Bowser, who had just been shot out of the cannon in Stardust Fields, fly through the air into the distance. Deciding to rush after his leader, the captain of the Goombas warms up for some action and takes off in pursuit of Bowser, and thus begins the untold adventure. After beating two Beanies who come across his path, Captain Goomba comes across some of his fellow kind arguing over who should be the captain and lead the rescue. Overcome with joy, he meets up with them, where they explain the situation to him, and after he convinces them to join him on the adventure, they officially make him a captain and give him his flag. Initially they only agreed to this because no one else wanted to, but he slowly starts to win their sincere support and respect and prove himself a true captain. Captain Goomba learns the tutorials of the game the first few levels.

The crew fights various Goombas, and a pair of Hammer Bros. who were going to live with the Hammerhead Bros. The squad comes across two Paragoombas, who take Captain Goomba for an enemy and attack his squad. After defeating them, the now-freed Paragoombas tell him the bad news: Fawful came across Bowser and made plans for him, and the Paragoombas attempted to interfere and stop him, but he brainwashed them with his headgear's smoke and shooed them away to fight his enemies. The minions make fun of the captain's "aura of stupidity"; this becomes a running gag throughout the story. Ludwig and Lemmy are encountered on the mountain, but they pay the squad no mind as they continue to look for Bowser themselves.

Fawful's Decree.

Eventually, Captain Goomba comes across Fawful, who has Bowser with him. Before he can do anything, however, Private Goomp arrives to take credit for defeating Fawful. Fawful uses his brainwashing smoke to brainwash Private Goomp, but fails to brainwash Captain Goomba due to his true minion spirit. Captain Goomba and his squad fight against Private Goomp and his brainwashed forces, and after the battle, Fawful knocks Goomp and Captain Goomba off the top of the mountain, and flees to the castle to retrieve the Beanstar, once again drawing parallels with the main story. Later, Captain Goomba consults a Hoohooligan about Bowser's whereabouts, and jumps off the bridge to the base of the mountain, making a huge crash in the process.

Outside Beanbean Castle Town, the Koopalings are discussing their plans about how to find Lord Bowser, and even wonder if he has been kidnapped. They easily dispatch a rowdy group of Beanies, but are ambushed by Fawful, who uses a more powerful spray to brainwash all the Koopalings after the normal one proved to be ineffective.

Captain Goomba and his squad come across a Shy Guy strolling around, who throws a turnip at Goomba. Afraid for a second that he might be brainwashed, the captain is ready to fight, but the Shy Guy says they are on the same side, and he was only attacking due to the fact other minions were hostile. Shy Guy joins Goomba's team as a new captain.

The two captains and their squad eventually encounter Lakitu, who explains to them that when the Koopa Cruiser exploded, it sent the minions flying across the entire kingdom, and that they will have to recruit all of the minions before taking their last stand against Fawful. Lakitu says he will scout the nearby areas for any minions, but before he can do so, a brainwashed Larry snatches him away for building Fawful's army. However, the duo of captains are able to rescue him, and they continue their search.

The Elite Trio prepare to fight each other.

Later on, the group runs into Prince Peasley, and they ask him if he has seen any Stalking Piranha Plants lately. One sneaks up behind Captain Goomba, and a battle ensues with a few Piranha Beans. After the fight, Captain Goomba humorously sends a Piranha Bean to attack Prince Peasley. The squad then encounters the Elite Trio, with Private Goomp at the forefront. Goomp says he intends to recruit all the minions and get recognition from Bowser, so he, along with Sergeant Guy and Corporal Paraplonk, fight the squad, with Captain Goomba winning the battle. After the battle, the three then argue over why they lost, causing a fight to ensue. The squad decides to ignore them and continue. Eventually, the group confronts Larry, who is ordering his minions to help build a fortress for him, so he can conquer Beanbean Castle Town. In the ensuing battle, Captain Goomba wins against Larry, and convinces him to join their cause, although Larry strongly dislikes taking orders from a Goomba. He informs the squad that the Koopalings are scattered around the world, knowing the locations of three of the Koopalings: Iggy in Chucklehuck Woods, Wendy in Gwarhar Lagoon, and Morton in Teehee Valley.

The squad enters a cave filled with Boos, and encounter Professor E. Gadd, who talks about his ghost research and his inventions, including a time machine. They wander into Chucklehuck Woods, where Iggy is busy taking over the forest. Captain Goomba starts to smell an addictive fragrance that makes him wander off into Bubbles' lair. Inside the cave, they see Bubbles, who mistakes them for the ones who are causing the turmoil in the forest, and he breaks the floor with his feet, sending the entire squad plummeting down into the underground. Getting out, they encounter Cork and Cask, who ask for help retrieving the Red Goblet in exchange for info on Iggy's whereabouts. Sergeant Guy has split up with the Trio, and attempts to beat the squad alone, but fails and instead joins the squad. The squad soon meets a Boo who becomes another captain (although he just wanted the flag). Finally, at Mother Chuckalola, the squad encounters and defeats Iggy, and he joins the squad's team.

The "cute battle" contest.

In Gwarhar Lagoon, Captain Goomba is swarmed by eager Hermie club fans, only for Wendy to appear and taunt the squad. The Hermie club then attacks Wendy, so the minions give chase. Although she escapes, she has set up a "cute battle contest" that will determine the cutest group, which the Hermie club plans to join. Hermie III snatches a Bob-omb and Starlow, a Star Sprite, to use as decorations for the cute contest, which leaves the rocking starfish Spangle dejected. Starlow escapes, and shooes both Hermie and Spangle away, before leaving to possibly enter the cute battle herself. Corporal Paraplonk is encountered training his Paratroopas for the contest, and after a battle, joins the squad. The cutie battle begins which gives Shy Guy stage fright, and he bails as a result. The minions must get through a few rounds earning points, and eventually Wendy gets fed up and decides to fight early. After the battle, Wendy joins the squad, and after leaving, the Star Angels (Starlow, Spangle, and two Starkisses) end up winning the prize.

Popple trips on Bowser.

Back at Hoohoo Mountain, Bowser is seen looking for food. The minions lose sight of him, and ask a Hoohooligan what happened to Bowser. He explains that Bowser was able to escape Fawful's capturing, but got struck by a "hard object" (which made him lose his memory). Popple, who was in the village stealing food, trips on Bowser, causing him to wake up and start following Popple. Back at Chucklehuck woods, Popple has already made Bowser his Rookie, but momentarily loses sight of him. Popple asks the captains for help in finding "Rookie," but they intimidate Popple into fighting. Rookie does appear, however, but he does not recognize his former lackeys, and burns Captain Goomba when the latter tries constantly to no end to get him to come back home to the castle before leaving.

The Invincibility Mushroom and the Poison Mushroom

The squad makes their approach to Teehee Valley, where Morton is attempting to take over the Toad village. Encountering Private Goomp in the desert, they battle his Goomba squadron and gain him as the last Elite Trio member. They "save" a single Toad that works at the arcade at the town, and bribes Captain Goomba into getting an Invincibility Mushroom in a cave in exchange for beans, and in yet another parallel to the main story, it turns out they got a Poison Mushroom instead of an Invincibility Mushroom, which caused Mario to get Bean Fever. Among a group of Troopeas, a lone friendly Koopa is encountered, and becomes a captain, though his affinity for rhyming is usually frowned upon. Eventually, the group finds Morton and defeat him, and he joins the squad.

Popple is encountered again, this time looking for a replacement for the previous Rookie (candidates include a Fighter Fly, a Beanie, a Paratroopea, a Tanoomba, and Birdo). Upset that the squad attacked him in the Woods, Popple fights the minions, but is defeated again. Birdo, the only Rookie left, carries Popple away. Meanwhile, the cutscene where Bowser becomes Bowletta plays, implying Bowser was just beaten.

Lakitu informs the crew that the Koopa Cruiser is being repaired in Joke's End, but Fawful appears to tell them he took over Bowser's Castle, and that Bowser is "no longer of this world anymore." Making their way to Joke's End, they find the Koopa Cruiser in ruins, so they decide to defeat minions to gather tools, unaware they are being spied on by Roy. Once they have enough allies, Roy launches a surprise attack, but soon comes to his senses and joins the squad, telling the squad to stop a bomb the Elite Trio had placed on the cruiser. With the cruiser repaired, the squad flies to Bowser's castle.

The seven Koopalings.

The castle is filled with the hardest enemies thus far. Ludwig and Lemmy are encountered and fought, and once defeated, the Koopaling team is complete. Eventually, as a test of strength, Ludwig orders all the Koopalings to fight at the same time. Captain Goomba defeats them all, and they gain the Koopalings' respect.

The group encounters Fawful once again, and although he taunts the squad mercilessly, they defeat him and make their way to Bowser's chamber, where Bowser (seemingly returned), immediately tells Captain Goomba to "destroy" Mario; it is presumed that the army turns its attention to the Mario Bros after this. After a while, it turns out "Bowser" was actually Bowletta in disguise, and when Captain Goomba confronts them about this, she and Fawful use a trapdoor to send the squad into a dungeon, which turns out to be a Mecha-Fawful factory. After a long final battle which tests all the skill levels, the minions defeat Fawful one final time and escape the dungeon. It is unknown what happened to Fawful after this, it is presumed he fled and went on to fight Mario and Luigi, once again in a parallel to the main story.

The Ending Picture.

After Bowletta's ultimate defeat, the minions reunite with a returned Bowser, only for the castle to explode sending Bowser and his minions crashing into the screen. Later, Bowser gets stuck in the present in the airplane, and all the minions chase after it on their way home. Back at Bowser's castle, Bowser begins to promote Captain Goomba, only to realize he was the "hard object" that fell on Bowser's head and gave him amnesia. Bowser angrily chases after Captain Goomba, and his title and flag are taken away as the story comes to a close.


Image Name Type Special Description Strong against Weak against
Captain Goomba.png Captain Goomba Melee Rocket Headbutt The go-to soldiers among Bowser's Minions. They move fast and charge into foes!
MLSSBMCaptainShyGuy.png Captain Shy Guy Ranged Throw the Fight You can't beat that poker face. They excel at evasion and pummeling Lakitus and Lakipeas with turnips.
MLSSBMCaptainBoo.png Captain Boo Flying Evasion Cloak For Bowser's sake, they won't be frightened! No, really! Prone to mocking their foes and attacking from above.
MLSSBMCaptainKoopa.png Captain Koopa Troopa Melee Rock Solid They look innocent, but their shells provide a tough defense. Dry Bones may share their bone structure, but beware-they know their weakness!
MLSSBMCaptainGoombaGold.png Captain Goomba (Gold) Melee Rocket Headbutt The go-to soldiers among Bowser's Minions. They move fast and charge into foes!
MLSSBMCaptainBooGold.png Captain Boo (Gold) Flying Evasion Cloak For Bowser's sake, they won't be frightened! No, really! Prone to mocking their foes and attacking from above.
MLSSBMCaptainKoopaGold.png Captain Koopa (Gold) Melee Rock Solid They look innocent, but their shells provide a tough defense. Dry Bones may share their bone structure, but beware-they know their weakness!


The bottom screen in a level with some of the Captain Commands that can be used.

CP are used to activate Captain Commands. The higher the captain's level is, the more CP and Captain Commands he will have; each captain can have a maximum of 10 CP. After a battle, some CP is restored; how much depends on the captain's level. The only other way to increase CP in a level is through the Chance Captain Command; if the player is lucky, they will get 5 CP out of it, but it costs 3 CP to use.

Captain Commands[edit]

Name CP used Description
Deny 1 Surprises an opponent and cancels their Special Skill before they can pull it off.
Rally 4 Cheers on the whole squad and raises their SPIRIT for a limited time.
Chance 3 Creates a block that can be hit to score a bonus.
Play Dead 4 Feigns defeat on the battlefield so enemies will turn their attention elsewhere.
Lightning 7 Shrinks and weakens enemies for a limited time.
Parry 5 Completely blocks two enemy attacks. Time it perfectly to counterattack!
Pass the Bob-omb 6 Starts a game of catch with the enemy captain using a Bob-omb on the verge of exploding.
Thwomp Thump 6 Drops a mean Thwomp that deals heavy damage to everyone on the ground! Can be avoided by jumping.
Clash of Captains 6 Exclusive to Goombas. A showdown with the opposing captain. Be mindful of the damage that will be taken from the enemies along the way!
Call for Backup 4 Exclusive to Shy Guys. Sends in one of your reserve troopers to charge into battle and back you up.
Sneak Attack 6 Exclusive to Boos. A stealthy attack from behind an enemy captain. Can it be pulled off against types you're weak to?
Shell Shock 4 Exclusive to Koopa Troopas. A spinning shell attack! Damages all nearby foes.


Image Name Type Special Description Strong against Weak against
MLSSBMGoomba.png Goomba Melee Rocket Headbutt The go-to soldiers among Bowser's Minions. They move fast and charge into foes!
MLSSBMParagoomba.png Paragoomba Flying Cranium Crush Goombas who soar the sky with grace. With a spin they can do a Cranium Crush.
MLSSBMBigTailGoomba.png Big Tail Goomba Melee Spin Cycle Bulky blokes with high POW and HP. They can sweep up foes by spinning their tails.
MLSSBMGoombaTower.png Goomba Tower Melee Whomping Wallop They can use Whomping Wallop to attack all foes in front of them. Weak against Boomerang Bros.
MLSSBMKoopaTroopa.png Koopa Troopa Melee Rock Solid They look innocent, but their shells provide a tough defense. Dry Bones may share their bone structure, but beware—they know their weakness!
MLSSBMKoopaParatroopaGreen.png Koopa Paratroopa Flying Cranium Crush A harmony of heavy shell and light wings. They spin around in the air and attack their enemies from above.
MLSSBMKoopaParatroopaRed.png Koopa Paratroopa (Red) Flying Cranium Crush A harmony of heavy shell and light wings. Strong against Spear Guys and other spear-wielding enemies.
MLSSBMDryBones.png Dry Bones Ranged Chain Shot Their calcium-deficient bodies are weak. They despise losing to Koopa Troopas.
MLSSBMBoo.png Boo Flying Evasion Cloak For Bowser's sake, they won't be frightened! No, really! Prone to mocking their foes and attacking from above.
MLSSBMBombBoo.png Bomb Boo Flying Kaboom Bash A rare type of Boo that explodes! They are especially strong against Ice Snifits.
MLSSBMTailBoo.png Tail Boo Flying Spin Cycle A rare type of Boo with a tail. Getting hit with said tail really smarts!
MLSSBMBigBoo.png Big Boo Flying Piercing Projectile A big ol' Boo. It's slow, but it flies and has incredible HP and POW.
MLSSBMBroozer.png Broozer Melee Air Bash Those deep red gloves are proof of their strength. They especially like to break mechanical things.
MLSSBMShyGuy.png Shy Guy Ranged Throw the Fight You can't beat that poker face. They excel at evasion and pummeling Lakitus and Lakipeas with turnips.
MLSSBMSpearGuy.png Spear Guy Ranged Rain of Pain They like to throw their special spear and weave about. Especially strong against Pestnuts, but weak against red Koopa Paratroopas.
MLSSBMFlyGuy.png Fly Guy Flying Mega Tackle Shy Guys who fly through the sky. No lie! Some say they know the weakness of the Ice Bros...
MLSSBMBandit.png Bandit Ranged Throw the Fight Their constant movement masks their lack of power. Just who are those mischievous eyes targeting?!
MLSSBMBuzzyBeetle.png Buzzy Beetle Melee Rock Solid Those hard shells aren't just for show! They boast the Rock Solid ability, and their defense is airtight.
MLSSBMPara-Beetle.png Para-Beetle Flying Dive Attack A veritable flying fortress. Their bodies are protected by a hard shell. Weak against their rivals, the Buzzy Beetles.
MLSSBMHammerBro.png Hammer Bro Ranged Rain of Pain Those Hammers are deadly from a distance. Their Rain of Pain attack is to be feared!
MLSSBMFireBro.png Fire Bro Ranged Rain of Pain They throw fireballs as well as a Mario Bro! Burning Fuzzbushes and Pokeys is a cinch, but they're weak to Ice Bros.
MLSSBMIceBro.png Ice Bro Ranged Throw the Fight That chilly ice is especially strong against Fire Bros. They're weak against those expressionless Fly Guys.
MLSSBMBoomerangBro.png Boomerang Bro Ranged Piercing Projectile They throw boomerangs with ample gusto. Strong against Pokeys and Goomba Towers.
MLSSBMSpiny.png Spiny Melee Spin to Win They have a hard shell and painful spikes. Though small, their spin attack is mighty! They seem to be weak against Lakitus.
MLSSBMLakitu.png Lakitu Flying Chain Stomp They hustle about atop a cloud. They're strong against Beanies and Spinies, but their weakness is a Shy Guy's turnip attack.1
MLSSBMPokey.png Pokey Melee Whomping Wallop They may move slowly, but their HP is their pride. Watch out for the spines that cover their bodies! Weak against boomerang wielders.
MLSSBMChainChomp.png Chain Chomp Melee Charging Champ Unstoppable when they're off their chains. Difficult to control and highly destructive.
MLSSBMChargin'Chuck.png Chargin' Chuck Melee Air Bash That padding makes for high POW and DEF. They tend to go overboard with their brawn and are weak against Mechakoopas.
MLSSBMFireStalkingPiranhaPlant.png Fire Stalking Piranha Plant Ranged Spitfire Fury They walk about while spitting out powerful flames. Hey, aren't Fuzzbushes and Pokeys flammable?
MLSSBMSpike.png Spike Ranged Throw the Fight They spit up and throw Spike Balls at foes. Gross! The larger ones they throw are especially strong.
MLSSBMBobomb.png Bob-omb Melee Kaboom Bash They have explosive power upon impact. Handle these Melee troopers with care.
MLSSBMMechakoopa.png Mechakoopa Melee Mega Tackle They use their small bodies to bob and weave about. Especially strong against Chargin' Chucks, but weak against Broozers.
MLSSBMMagikoopaBroom.png Magikoopa (Blue) Flying Chain Shot Magikoopas dressed in blue. They tear into enemies from atop their brooms.
MLSSBMMagikoopaWhite.png Magikoopa (White) Ranged Feed the Speed Magikoopas dressed in white. They use their magic wands to raise a nearby unit's SPEED!
MLSSBMMagikoopaRed.png Magikoopa (Red) Ranged Power Up Magikoopas dressed in red. They use their magic wands to raise a nearby unit's POW!
MLSSBMMagikoopaGreen.png Magikoopa (Green) Ranged Sure Shot Magikoopas dressed in green. They use their magic wands to raise a nearby unit's ACCURACY!
MLSSBMPrivateGoomp.png Private Goomp Melee Rocket Headbutt A Goomba with dreams of grandeur. He's quite good at dodging attacks and avoiding being lectured.
MLSSBMCorporalParaplonk.png Corporal Paraplonk Flying Cranium Crush An elite Koopa Troopa with big dreams. The bucket on his head gives him a tough defense.
MLSSBMSergeantGuy.png Sergeant Guy Ranged Sure Shot An elite Shy Guy with big dreams. His cowardly nature is great for dodging.
MLSSBMLarry.png Larry Ranged Throw the Fight One of the seven notorious Koopalings. Has high ACCURACY and is secretly great at sniping.
MLSSBMMorton.png Morton Melee Chain Stomp One of the seven notorious Koopalings. Moves slowly, but just one attack can break through rock.
MLSSBMWendy.png Wendy Ranged Piercing Projectile One of the seven notorious Koopalings. You'll pay dearly if you underestimate her power!
MLSSBMIggy.png Iggy Ranged Power Up One of the seven notorious Koopalings. Powers up characters close to him.
MLSSBMRoy.png Roy Melee Spin to Win One of the seven notorious Koopalings. Quite proud of his incomparably high HP.
MLSSBMLemmy.png Lemmy Ranged Spitfire Fury One of the seven notorious Koopalings. Has incredibly high EVASION.
MLSSBMLudwig.png Ludwig Ranged Chain Shot One of the seven notorious Koopalings. Has a great balance of POW and DEF.
MLSSBMBowserJr.png Bowser Jr. Flying Smack Back Attack King Bowser's only son. Rumored to be especially strong against Magikoopas.
MLSSBMStarlow.png Starlow Flying Dive Attack A Star Sprite with unsurpassed SPEED. Rumored to be especially strong against mechanical baddies.
MLSSBMPrincePeasley.png Prince Peasley Flying Charging Champ The dashing prince of the fair Beanbean Kingdom. Rumored to particularly enjoy conquering Gold Beanies.

1 - Despite the description, Lakitus don't actually have an attack bonus against Beanies, but they do against Spinies and Sharpeas.


Image Name Type Special Description Strong against Weak against
MLSSBMBeanie.png Beanie Melee Mega Tackle Enemies frequently seen in the Beanbean Kingdom. They move and hop about the battlefield.
MLSSBMGoldBeanie.png Gold Beanie Melee Mega Tackle Rare Beanies with a gloriously golden glow. Defeat one to win lots of EXP.
MLSSBMParabeanie.png Parabeanie Flying Cranium Crush Beanies that fly through the air. They soar about the battlefield on small wings.
MLSSBMTroopea.png Troopea Melee Rock Solid Foes that strongly resemble Koopa Troopas. Their body is protected by a hard shell.
MLSSBMEliteTroopea.png Elite Troopea Melee Rock Solid They resemble regular Troopeas but are a bit stronger. They're quite proud of that vibrant color.
MLSSBMParatroopea.png Paratroopea Flying Cranium Crush They strongly resemble Koopa Paratroopas. The leaves on their head are good luck.
MLSSBMScaratroopea.png Scaratroopea Flying Cranium Crush They strongly resemble Paratroopeas. Full of pride for those bright shells.
MLSSBMGrittyGoomba.png Gritty Goomba Melee Rocket Headbutt They resemble Goombas but are...much grittier. Those spears make for powerful headbutts.
MLSSBMTanoomba.png Tanoomba Melee Spin Cycle They're proud of their POW, despite their small size. Quite speedy, so try to take them down quickly.
MLSSBMLimboBro.png Limbo Bro Melee Smack Back Attack Their bodies are much lighter than they appear. They charge headfirst into foes with great power!
MLSSBMEliteLimboBro.png Elite Limbo Bro Melee Smack Back Attack A more powerful variation of Limbo Bros. Their Smack Back Attack is quite strong.
MLSSBMBeanerangBro.png Beanerang Bro Ranged Piercing Projectile They look like Boomerang Bros., but more stylish. Their sunglasses kind of make them look evil... Strong against Pokeys and Goomba Towers.
MLSSBMIceSnifit.png Ice Snifit Ranged Spitfire Fury Fashion-forward Snifits sporting spiffy coats. They spit out rock-hard snowballs. Ouch! Weak against Bomb Boos.
MLSSBMSharpea.png Sharpea Melee Spin to Win Foes that strongly resemble Spinies and are weak against Lakitus. Stepping on those spikes hurts A LOT.
MLSSBMLakipea.png Lakipea Flying Chain Stomp Though their POW is average, be mindful of their high HP! They hate turnips and the Shy Guys who throw them.
MLSSBMRex.png Rex Melee Mega Tackle Mighty dragons that can't fly, despite having wings. They charge forward when they spot an enemy.
MLSSBMPestnut.png Pestnut Melee Spin to Win They are completely covered in painful spikes. It hurts no matter where they hit you. Weak against Spear Guys.
MLSSBMElitePestnut.png Elite Pestnut Melee Spin to Win Powerful Pestnuts that thrive underwater. Those sharp spikes are a real threat. Weak against Spear Guys.
MLSSBMChuckGuy.png Chuck Guy Melee Spin Cycle They charge forward wielding a spear. Weak against red Koopa Paratroopas.
MLSSBMEliteChuckGuy.png Elite Chuck Guy Melee Spin Cycle They resemble regular Chuck Guys but believe themselves to be superior with a spear. Weak against red Koopa Paratroopas.
MLSSBMClumph.png Clumph Melee Whomping Wallop Foes that pride themselves on their POW. They strike the ground with giant clubs.
MLSSBMPiranhaBean.png Piranha Bean Ranged Spitfire Fury They spit out powerful flames. Still, they're easily burned themselves, what with being plants and all.
MLSSBMStarkiss.png Starkiss Ranged Spitfire Fury Love hurts, and so do those hearts they spit out! Their bodies are among the lightest in the kingdom.
MLSSBMFuzzbush.png Fuzzbush Ranged Rain of Pain They tread lightly on tiny legs. Weak to Fire Bros. and Fire Stalking Piranha Plants.
MLSSBMBirdo.png Birdo Ranged Throw the Fight She wears a pretty red ribbon atop her pink head. Known to build up power and spit out eggs.
MLSSBMPoppleSack.png Popple Ranged Rain of Pain The greatest thief in the kingdom...or so he says. Recruited the amnesiac Bowser as his underling.
MLSSBMMechawful.png Mecha-Fawful X Melee Charging Champ Mass-produced robots that serve Fawful. They charge into foes with their giant bodies.
MLSSBMMechawfulHead.png Mecha-Fawful Y Flying Cranium Crush Mass-produced robots that serve Fawful. Those heads are known to fly about.
MLSSBMMechawfulAlt.png Mecha-Fawful Z Ranged Piercing Projectile Mass-produced robots that serve Fawful. They fire powerful beams from their chests.
MLSSBMFawfulAirborne.png Most Furious Fawful X Melee Chain Stomp Cackletta's faithful underling. Fights as a Melee trooper.
MLSSBMFawfulAirborne.png Most Furious Fawful Y Flying Dive Attack Cackletta's faithful underling. Fights as a Flying trooper.
MLSSBMFawfulAirborne.png Most Furious Fawful Z Ranged Chain Shot Cackletta's faithful underling. Fights as a Ranged trooper.
MLSSBMFawful1.png Fawful Ranged Chain Shot Cackletta's faithful servant with extreme fury issues. Brainwashes Bowser's Minions to take over the world.

Other characters[edit]


Name Condition Bonus
Melee Mischief All units must be Melee troopers POW 5%↑ and HP 5%↑ for all allies
Flying Fun All units must be Flying troopers HP 5%↑ and DEF 5%↑ for all allies
Ranged Revenge All units must be Ranged troopers HP 5%↑ and LUCK 5%↑ for all allies
Ranged x2 Hind Support 6 Melee troopers and 2 Ranged troopers ACCURACY 10%↑ for all allies
Ranged x3 Hind Support 5 Melee troopers and 3 Ranged troopers LUCK 10%↑ for all allies
Flying x2 Hind Support 6 Melee troopers and 2 Flying troopers DEF 10%↑ for all allies
Flying x3 Hind Support 5 Melee troopers and 3 Flying troopers EVASION 10%↑ for all allies
Half-and-Half A 4 Melee troopers and 4 Flying troopers POW 5%↑ and DEF 5%↑ for all allies
Half-and-Half B 4 Melee troopers and 4 Ranged troopers SPIRIT 5%↑ and LUCK 5%↑ for all allies
Half-and-Half C 4 Flying troopers and 4 Ranged troopers HP 5%↑ and DEF 5%↑ for all allies
Burly Brigade 7 or more2 giant units3 HP 5%↑ and POW 5%↑ for all allies
Gallant Goombas A HP 10%↑ for Goombas
Gallant Goombas B HP 10%↑ for Paragoombas
Super Goomba Squad HP 10%↑ and SPIRIT 10%↑ for allies
Heroic Shells A DEF 10%↑ for all allies
Heroic Shells B DEF 10%↑ for all allies
Super Shell Squad DEF 10%↑ and HP 10%↑ for all allies
Dreams of Buzzy Beetles DEF 20%↑ for all allies
Bros. Bonanza! ACCURACY 15%↑ for all allies
Mighty Masks A ACCURACY 10%↑ for all allies
Mighty Masks B ACCURACY 10%↑ for all allies
Super Mask Squad ACCURACY 20%↑ for all allies
Boo Brigade POW 10%↑ for all allies
Super Boo Brigade POW 10%↑ and DEF 5%↑ for all allies
Ice Cloud HP 10%↑ and POW 5%↑ for all allies
Dance of the Green Shells DEF 10%↑ and HP 5%↑ for all allies
Red Boots of Courage POW 10%↑ and HP 5%↑
Danger Abounds LUCK 30%↑ for all allies
Glorious Manes HP 15%↑ for all allies
Proud and Round EVASION 20%↑ for all allies
Proud and Spiny HP 10%↑ and DEF 5%↑ for all allies
Green Power HP 20%↑ for all allies
Team Throw ACCURACY 20%↑ for all allies
Spinning Tails POW 10%↑ for all allies
Wind It Up DEF 10%↑ and HP 5%↑ for all allies
Old Reliable HP 15%↑ and DEF 5%↑ for all allies
The Elite Trio HP 15%↑ and SPIRIT 10%↑ for allies
The Prince and the Mastermind POW 15%↑ and SPIRIT 10%↑ for allies
The Seven Koopalings HP 20%↑ and POW 10%↑ for all allies
Super Rare Squad DEF 20%↑ and LUCK 20%↑ for allies

2 - As stated by the game; however, it is not possible to have more than seven giant units in a squad since the eighth slot must be occupied by one of the captain characters, none of whom are giant units.
3 - The giant units are Big Tail Goomba, Goomba Tower, Big Boo, Broozer, Pokey, Chain Chomp, Chargin' Chuck, Morton, Roy, Ludwig, and Bowser Jr.


Name Description
Melee EXP Bean S A bean that gives 10 EXP to Melee troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Melee EXP Bean M A bean that gives 100 EXP to Melee troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Melee EXP Bean L A bean that gives 1,000 EXP to Melee troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Melee EXP Bean DX A bean that gives 3,000 EXP to Melee troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Ranged EXP Bean S A bean that gives 10 EXP to Ranged troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Ranged EXP Bean M A bean that gives 100 EXP to Ranged troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Ranged EXP Bean L A bean that gives 1,000 EXP to Ranged troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Ranged EXP Bean DX A bean that gives 3,000 EXP to Ranged troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Flying EXP Bean S A bean that gives 10 EXP to Flying troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Flying EXP Bean M A bean that gives 100 EXP to Flying troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Flying EXP Bean L A bean that gives 1,000 EXP to Flying troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Flying EXP Bean DX A bean that gives 3,000 EXP to Flying troopers. Effect is halved if eaten by other troopers.
Super EXP Bean S A bean that grants 30 EXP, regardless of unit type.
Super EXP Bean M A bean that grants 300 EXP, regardless of unit type.
Super EXP Bean L A bean that grants 2,000 EXP, regardless of unit type.
Super EXP Bean DX A bean that grants 5,000 EXP, regardless of unit type.
HP Bean A bean that increases your HP by 1.
POW Bean A bean that increases your POW by 1.
DEF Bean A bean that increases your DEF by 1.
SPEED Bean A bean that increases your SPEED by 1.
SPIRIT Bean A bean that increases your SPIRIT by 1.


Bronze Silver Gold
Recruit 20 Goomba Minions Recruit all types of Goomba Minions Recruit "that guy" (Recruit Bowser Jr.)
Recruit 20 Koopa Troopa Minions Recruit all types of Koopa Troopa Minions Learn all Captain Commands
Recruit 20 Shy Guy Minions Recruit all types of Shy Guy Minions Perform all Skills
Recruit 20 Boo Minions Recruit all types of Boo Minions Recruit all Characters
Use beans to fortify 50 times Recruit all types of Melee troopers Use beans to fortify 200 times
Defeat 300 enemies Recruit all types of Flying troopers Receive 500 EXCELLENT ratings
Recruit 20 Spiky Minions Recruit all types of Ranged troopers Raise a Minion's level to 40
Receive 100 EXCELLENT Ratings Defeat 1000 enemies Defeat 1500 enemies
Clear 50 quests Clear 100 quests Clear 200 quests
Recruit 50 Minions Recruit 100 Minions Recruit 150 Minions

amiibo support[edit]

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The game is compatible with the following amiibo from the Super Mario series.

amiibo can be used after the player defeats Queen Bean and grants stamps which can be redeemed for prizes.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Toad
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Boo (read/write)
  • Goomba (read/write)
  • Koopa Troopa (read/write)

Nintendo eShop description[edit]

NA Version

There are so many surprises, thrills, and laughs in store for Mario and Luigi that it isn't even funny...except it is! Every hoo-hoo, hee-hee, and ha-ha in this classic RPG adventure has been remade for Nintendo 3DS™ systems. Plus, an all-new squad-based strategy tie-in sees Bowser's Minions on a quest to stop Fawful. "Have you readiness for this?!?" Sure you do! So guide the Bros. on a journey through the Beanbean Kingdom to recover the stolen voice of Princess Peach. Every step on your path and every stomp on a Goomba has been completely recreated with enhanced graphics, lighting, and new gameplay options. Take down enemies using special Bros. Attacks and solve puzzles with Bros. Actions. Do you have fury? Especially due to Fawful? Then go behind the scenes of this superstar saga by captaining an army of Bowser's minions. With 50+ minions to recruit, strategy is on your side!

EU Version

The game that launched the Mario & Luigi series returns looking better than ever before. In this renewed classic, Mario and Luigi journey to the Beanbean Kingdom with Bowser to restore Princess Peach's voice.

Control Mario and Luigi simultaneously, making use of their unique Bros. Moves to solve puzzles and emerge victorious in action-packed battles. Pay heed to the enemy's patterns and time your reactions right to land satisfying counterblows.

Included in this remake is the Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser mode, which tells the story of the game from the perspective of Bowser's minions. Recruit characters to grow you own Minion army as you fight to locate your missing leader!


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Wrong Action Commands[edit]

If the player flees a battle, remains touching the enemy, and initiates a Luigi Dunk at the same moment the enemy finishes blinking, the battle will begin with Mario's hammer in the air. If the player flees again, Mario will remain in the back regardless of what command is selected, and can use Luigi's commands with various odd results.[4] Entering a Green Pipe while this glitch is in effect will disable all action commands.[5] The game will softlock if either Mario or Luigi hits a Heart Block.


A quiz game, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Trivia, was released on the Play Nintendo website in 2017.


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Heidi Kemps, GameSpot 8/10 "Even though Minion Quest falters, it's still an optional outing that doesn't detract from what's fundamentally an excellent adventure. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga has aged astonishingly well, and the various improvements offered in this remake only serve to make an already great game even better. Whether you're a series veteran or visiting the Beanbean Kingdom for the very first time, there's no better way to experience this classic RPG."
Nintendo 3DS Thomas Whitehead, Nintendo Life 9/10 "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is a classic, and this new version is arguably the definitive version. Yes, Bowser's Minions is a harmless but shallow add-on, but the Superstars are the real attraction. This is a series that has a distinct and special place within Nintendo gaming, and after experimentation and not-always-popular approaches in the 3DS era of games, this takes us back to the IP's roots. What a treat it is, too - funny, smartly designed and pure unpretentious joy, this is a great start point for those that missed the original in the Game Boy Advance era, and should also be tempting to those with fond memories of the adventure."
Nintendo 3DS Chris Carter, Destructoid 7.5/10 "For many, tacking playable goons onto Superstar Saga won't be enough to revisit the world of Beanbean Kingdom mostly because the campaign is still the same uneven adventure it was before. But even though many will see the minion angle as a throwaway, I loved creating and molding my own little army bit by bit, and found it to be a worthwhile distraction."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 81
GameRankings 81.76%


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The remake was directed by Shunsuke Kobayashi and produced by Shinya Takahashi and Tetsuo Mizuno, with Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka supervising the production. The arrangements of the music cues in the game were written by Yoko Shimomura, the same person who composed the tracks originally.


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

Captain Beanie[edit]


A Beanie with a blue flag, which appears to be incomplete due to the flag not animating, exists in the game's data. It may have been an early idea for how enemy captains would look before they were made to look the same as other enemies.

References to other games[edit]

References in later games[edit]

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The battle theme in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser appears as music in this game.
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey: The Minion Quest mechanic returns as a story mode for Bowser Jr. In addition, Captain Goomba, Captain Koopa Troopa, Captain Boo, and Captain Shy Guy make a reappearance as enemies and allies, and Captain Goomba's inadvertent role in giving Bowser amnesia (as well as that mode's ending where he got demoted as a result) is indirectly referenced right before Bowser Jr.'s tutorial fight against him, where Captain Goomba cites he does not wish to upset Bowser again. Both Morton and Ludwig also reference the Captains' role in saving Bowser near the beginning of and late in the game, respectively.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ&ルイージRPG1 DX Mario & Luigi RPG1 DX
Spanish (NOA) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions -
Spanish (NOE) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Secuaces de Bowser Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
French (NOA) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions -
French (NOE) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Les sbires de Bowser Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
Dutch Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowsers onderdanen Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
German Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowsers Schergen Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
Italian Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Scagnozzi di Bowser Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
Korean 마리오 & 루이지 RPG 1 DX Mario & Luigi RPG 1 DX

Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパ軍団RPG
Kuppa-gundan RPG
Koopa Troop RPG
Spanish (NOE) Historia de un secuaz: En busca de Bowser Story of a minion: In search of Bowser
French Super Sbires Saga: les sauveurs de Bowser! Super Minion Saga: the saviours of Bowser!
Dutch Schurkensaga: Op zoek naar Bowser Villain saga: Looking for Bowser
German Schergen-Saga: Findet Bowser! Minion Saga: Find Bowser!
Italian Scagnozzi in azione: In cerca di Bowser Minions in action: Seeking for Bowser
Korean 쿠파군단 RPG
Kupa-gundan RPG
Koopa Troop RPG

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