S.S. Chuckola

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The S.S. Chuckola just before sinking
“Lissen up! This'll shock you! This ship is the world-renowned S.S. Chuckola! Uh-huh! We're haulin' Chuckola Cola! You hear me??? Shockin', huh?”
S.S. Chuckola crew member, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

The S.S. Chuckola is a ship visited in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its 3DS remake, landlocked into Teehee Valley and inhabited by a crew of skeleton sailors led by a red skeletal captain. During the events of the game, after the Beanstar is split into various pieces, one of them lands onto the ship and cracks its hull.

Mario and Luigi visit the ship in order to retrieve the piece. Upon speaking to the captain, they learn that the ship sank long ago, when Teehee Valley was an ocean; so long that the sailors have all now become undead skeletons. The duo spots a sailor taking the Beanstar piece into another room, but a guard restricts their entry into said room without a Membership Card. He explains that the room is a cola cellar where they hold Chuckola Cola.

To earn the Membership Card, the duo must visit Bink's room, and complete his minigame, which requires matching like-colored barrels into rows and columns. Upon returning to the cola cellar, they find the skeleton with the Beanstar piece who offers it in return for the favor of dislodging Bloat, an obese skeleton who gets stuck inside a crack in the wall after drinking too much Chuckola Cola. Mario and Luigi locate a stash of dynamite hidden within the ship from using their hammers on blue wooden planks on the left side of the boat, Mario uses Firebrand on its fuse, creating a hole in the wall and freeing Bloat. Before Mario and Luigi can collect their prize, sand begins pouring in through the hole created, with so much force that it pushes the ship back out into the sea. The ship crashes into a large rock, and it sinks into the bottom of the Oho Ocean. It is not seen or mentioned for the rest of the game.


Item Icon Location
Refreshing Herb Refreshing Herb In the storeroom in the back of the ship, it's in the ? Block in the west.
1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushroom In the storeroom in the back of the ship, it's in the ? Block in the north.
Membership Card Membershipcard.png Won after completing the barrel minigame.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヴィンテージ号
Vintēji Gō
The Vintage
Chinese 丰收号
Fēngshōu Hào
The Harvest
French (NOE) Millésime vintage
German MS Kichererbse MS Chickpea
Italian Nave Ridolina Giggly Ship
Spanish Barco Jijichata Hehe Horchata Ship (jijí from a laugh)