S.S. Chuckola

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Mario and Luigi inside the S.S. Chuckola.

The S.S. Chuckola is a ship visited in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. At first, the ship is landlocked in Teehee Valley. Mario and Luigi travel here to get the first Beanstar piece. Upon arriving, some skeleton sailors take the Beanstar piece into the hold because it cracked their ship's hull. When Mario and Luigi venture inside, they notice that all of the sailors are skeletons. Upon speaking to the captain, a red skeleton, the brothers learn that the ship had been washed up on shore long ago. So long, in fact, that all of the sailors turned to skeletons. Mario and Luigi then notice a sailor taking the Beanstar piece into another room. However, a guard permits no entry unless the brothers can get a Membership Card, explaining the cola cellar is too important. It is where they hold all of the ship's Chuckola Cola. In another room, a skeleton named Bink who looks surprisingly like Donkey Kong offers them a job — pushing barrels to make rows and columns of seven like-color barrels. Upon completion of the minigame, Bink gives the Mario Bros. a Membership Card, and the Bros. go back to the guard, who lets them pass.

The S.S. Chuckola just before sinking.

Inside, they find the skeleton with the Beanstar piece. He says he'll give it to them if they can dislodge Bloat, an obese skeleton who got stuck in the wall of the ship after drinking too much Chuckola Cola. One of the sailors hints that Bloat has a secret stash of dynamite somewhere on the ship. The Marios go off in search of it. In the room above the cola cellar, the brothers use their Hammers to knock the dynamite down next to Bloat. Mario uses his Firebrand on the fuse, freeing Bloat. However, before the brothers can receive the Beanstar piece, Teehee Valley's sand starts pouring in the large hole, pushing the ship out to sea. Unfortunately, the S.S. Chuckola hits a large rock and sinks to the bottom of Oho Ocean, where it remains for the rest of the game.


Item Icon Location
Refreshing Herb MLSuperStarSagaRefreshHerb.png In the storeroom in the back of the ship, it's in the ? Block in the west.
1-Up Mushroom MLSuperStarSaga1upshroom.png In the storeroom in the back of the ship, it's in the ? Block in the north.
Membership Card Membershipcard.png Won after completing the barrel minigame.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヴィンテージ号
Vintēji Gō
The Vintage
Spanish Barco Jijíchata Hehechata Ship (jijí from a laugh)
German MS Kichererbse MS Chickpea
Italian Nave Ridolina Giggly Ship