Mario & Luigi RPG: Sound Selection

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Mario & Luigi RPG: Sound Selection
Soundtrack cover of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Composed by:
Yoko Shimomura
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Japan 2009
Format Compact disc
Track(s) 33
Length 73:43

Mario & Luigi RPG: Sound Selection (「マリオ&ルイージRPGサウンドセレクション」) is a soundtrack CD that was available only to Club Nintendo members in Japan. It costs 400 points to purchase and contains 33 tracks from the first three games of the Mario & Luigi series: nine from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, six from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and 18 from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


# Japanese title Translated English title Source Length Audio sample
1. 旅のしたくをととのえて
Tabi no Shitaku o Totonoete
Prepare for the Trip Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 1:35
2. お手並み拝見!
Let's See How You Do! 1:32
3. 更なるお手並み拝見!
Saranaru Otenamihaiken!
Let's See How You Do Further! 1:45
4. マメーリアへようこそ!
Mamēria e Yōkoso!
Welcome to Beanbean! 1:18
5. その名はゲラコビッツ
Sononaha Gerakobittsu
His name is Fawful 0:14
6. ゲラコビッツ、ゲラゲモーナ
Gerakobittsu, Geragemōna
Fawful, Cackletta 1:38
7. 決戦のステージ
Kessen no Sutēji
Stage of the Decisive Battle 2:01
8. ラスト・ゲラゲモーナ
Rasuto Geragemōna
Last Cackletta 2:11
9. 旅の終わり
Tabi no Owari
End of the Journey 2:43
10. ハロー!タイムトラべラーズ
Harō! Taimu Tora be Rāzu
Hello! Time Travelers Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 1:01
11. アタック・ジ・エネミー
Atakku Ji Enemī
Attack the Enemy 2:43
12. Crisis of the Red and Green! Crisis of the Red and Green! 2:15
13. 最後への序曲
Saigo e no Jokyoku
Overture to the End 2:34
14. もう一人のレクイエム
Mōhitori no Rekuiemu
Another Requiem 2:19
15. ダンス・ウィズ・ベビーズ
Dansu U~Izu Bebīzu
Dance With Babies 2:38
16. 新しい冒険へ!
Atarashī Bōken e!
On To the Next Adventure! Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 1:28
17. Oki Doki!! Oki Doki!! 2:51
19. ちょっと強い奴らに要注意!?
Chotto Tsuyoi Yatsura ni Yōchūi!?
Beware of the Slightly Stronger Guys! 2:25
20. ゲラコビッツがそこにいる
Gerakobittsu Ga Soko ni Iru
Fawful Is There 1:23
21. ゲプー岬に吹く風は
Gepū Misaki ni Fukukaze Wa
The Winds That Blow at Cavi Cape 2:38
22. ビーチサイド・ドリーム
Bīchisaido Dorīmu
Beachside Dream 2:34
23. 不思議の森で会いましょう
Fushigi no Mori de Aimashō
Meet Me at Wonder Woods 2:07
24. あの草原をどこまでも
Ano Sōgen o Doko Made Mo
Wherever That Meadow Goes 3:24
25. うばわれたクッパ城
Ubawa Reta Kuppa-Jō
Stolen Bowser Castle 2:42
26. キノコタウンでひとやすみ
Kinoko Taun de Hito Yasumi
Take a Break in Mushroom Town 2:32
27. ワルツ・イン・ザ・レイク
Warutsu in Za Reiku
Waltz in the Lake 1:40
28. 秘密へと続く道
Himitsu e to Tsudzuku Michi
The Path to Secrets 2:50
29. ディープ・キャッスル
Dīpu Kyassuru
Deep Castle 3:02
30. ドクター・コキノ
Dokutā Kokino
Dr. Toadley 1:23
31. ザ・ジャイアント
Za Jaianto
The Giant 2:35
32. イン・ザ・ファイナル
In Za Fainaru
In The Final 3:08
33. めぐるめぐる思い出の旅
Meguru Meguru Omoide no Tabi
A Memorable Journey 3:37


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