Dr. Toadley's intern

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Dr. Toadley's intern is a female Toad and the nurse of Toadley Clinic during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. She first appears in the conference about the blorbs at the beginning of the game. Later, she is at Toadley Clinic when Mario and Luigi come in to see Dr. Toadley at the same time. She states that only one patient at a time would be able to see the doctor, but unknowing that Mario and Luigi faked the blorbs, a disease released on Toad Town.

Later, she reappears when Birdley is going berserk around the air leak. She asks the plumbers to catch Birdley. They catch Birdley, and Birdley follows Mario and Luigi. After the Toads are cured, Mario and Luigi can talk to the intern for ten Attack Pieces that combine to make the Mighty Meteor attack.