Battle Lab Toad

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Battle Lab Toad
A Toad in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Welcome to the Battle Lab. Now that we're under threat from those folded freaks, my setup may be of some use to you. You'll find the absolute latest technology, precisely engineered to develop your fighting skills.”
Battle Lab Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King
The Battle Lab Toad, after unfolding
The Battle Lab Toad, having just been rescued by Mario

Battle Lab Toad is a character in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He runs a Battle Lab in Toad Town and provides Mario with tools to assist him in battle.

At the end of Picnic Road, Battle Lab Toad is folded as a dog, barking at Mario and preventing him from passing. Once hit with a hammer, he unfolds and tells Mario about the Battle Lab. Following a question from Olivia, the Toad reveals a shortcut on Overlook Mountain, and then runs back to Toad Town. Olivia reminds Mario to go to the Battle Lab, and again once he reaches Toad Town.

When Mario approaches the Battle Lab, the Toad stands outside, reminds him who he is, and then welcomes him in. After gifting Mario a 1-Up Mushroom, he lets him use the training machines in the lab. Later, the Toad gives Mario the Timer Extender and Puzzle Solver. If Mario does jump, hammer, or guard training, the Toad advises him on his timing. Additionally, after Mario defeats every boss through the Bossotronic Fighter, the Toad rewards him with Collectible Treasure No. 15: Bowser.

His role in the game is similar to that of Action Toad in Paper Mario: Color Splash.


  • "Woof! I mean...put up your dukes! I mean...come to the Battle Lab and put up your dukes! I mean...I run the Battle Lab in Toad Town. You should stop by sometime. It's near the museum!"
  • "Yeah, unless you know a shortcut. Like maybe that pipe up ahead on Overlook Mountain? Ahh, I'm still feeling a bit doggy, so I'm gonna woof it back. Hope to see you at the Battle Lab! Awoooo!"
  • "...Oh, I forgot to mention, we have a membership drive going on right now. Free gift for new members! ...Woof."
  • "Awoooo—I mean, woooo! It's you! Remember me? I'm the Battle Lab Toad you rescued a while ago. I guess that makes me a Battle Lab lab, in a way. I mean, if I had been a Labrador, which I wasn't. Um... I'm kind of better at training than talking. Why don't you come on in and I'll show you?"
  • "Yes! You came! Welcome to the Battle Lab. Now that we're under threat from those folded freaks, my setup may be of some use to you. You'll find the absolute latest technology, precisely engineered to develop your fighting skills. No towel service, though. Oh! But I told you about the membership drive, right? Here's your free gift!"
  • "You know how to use that thing, right? Just keep it on you...and if the going gets really tough, it'll give you a second chance. If you need more, check out the local shop, OK?"
  • "Hey, welcome back, Mario! I've been waiting to show you something new."
  • "It's called the Timer Extender! Are you tired of the ol' battle timer hitting zero before you're finished lining up your enemies? Well, this doodad will automatically pull some of your coins to bump that timer back up once per turn! It even has a "bankruptcy blocker" function that lets you set a cap on the amount of coins it pulls."
  • "I call it...the Puzzle Solver! You ever find some of these battle puzzles a bit TOO tricky? Honestly, who wouldn't? Use this machine to spot the best, uh, spot for enemy placement with a big ol' symbol! Puzzle SOLVED! You don't even have to spend coins or anything! It just works and works and works. Talk about a good deal!"
  • "You can set it up by opening the menu with Plus Button and turning it On with ⚙. No thanks necessary, Mario. I'm just happy to be helping a real hero!"
  • "Go on—try out any machine you like. You're not gonna break 'em!"
  • "Ah, the hammer training machine. Good choice! It'll teach you how to perfectly time your hammer attacks...and totally shred your lats."
  • "Going for the boots training machine? Good idea! Anyone can squash a Goomba, but after you use this machine, you'll be timing those jump attacks like a pro."
  • "Ah, getting some guard work in. Great thinking! If you can't beat 'em, at least minimize the damage they're doing while they pulverize you!"
  • "Ah, that's the ring training machine. You ever get in a scuffle with some Folded Soldiers and you panic and line 'em up all weird? Well, here's your chance to work on that! And no one will attack you if you don't get it right. You've got two modes to try. There's your basic The Ringer mode, with 10 problems to solve per level... And Speed Rings mode, where you get [number] seconds to clear as many enemy lineups as you can."
  • "Ah, that one's not fully installed yet. But you're gonna love it when it's all done! It's a VR boss-battle machine! Come talk to me after you take out a boss and I'll explain more."
  • "Ah, this one's finally ready for you. The question is...are you ready for IT?! Yep, this baby is the latest in VR. It's called the Bossotronic Animated Machine Fighter, or just Bossotronic Fighter for short. Once you step into this bad boy, it's like you're stepping right back into a boss fight. But this time, you won't get a game over if you lose. You'll have the same kind of items and be about as strong as you were the first time around. It's crazy immersive! Anyway, go nuts in there if you want. If you can take out all the bosses a second time, there's even some kind of prize!"
  • "Wanna do some boots attack training?"
  • "Wanna do some hammer attack training?"
  • "Wanna do some guard training?"
  • "Wanna do some ring training?"
  • "You wanna use the Bossotronic Animated Machine Fighter?"
  • "Too late!"
  • "Too early!"
  • "Perfect!"
  • "Hey, I've got something for you if you can beat all of the Bossotronic Animated Machine Fighter bosses!"
  • "Nicely done, Mario! To be honest, I wasn't even sure that was possible. Here, you've more than earned this!"

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