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A 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle in Paper Mario: The Origami King
A Magic Circle as seen in a painting in the Musée Champignon

Magic Circles are special spots in Paper Mario: The Origami King. They are mainly used for activating the 1,000-Fold Arms, although they can also be used by Olivia if the circle has a Vellumental on it, provided that Mario has the necessary Bibliofold. Each Magic Circle disappears after a required action, using either the 1,000-Fold Arms or a particular Vellumental, is accomplished.

Magic Circles are available in boss battles, but are unusable until Mario steps on the "ON" button that activates all the Magic Circles on the ring, including ones that appear from treasure chests after Mario has stepped on the "ON" button. They remain activated until Mario steps on one, after which Mario performs the move of the Magic Circle he has landed on while other Magic Circles deactivate.

Diamond Island introduces rainbow-colored Magic Circles, which Olivia can use to transform into any of the four Vellumentals. Some puzzles require Olivia to figure out which abilities to use in sequence. Each rainbow-colored Magic Circle deactivate after a correct Vellumental is used on it.

In the first phase of the final battle against King Olly, Olly has his own Magic Circles that he uses to transform into his versions of the Vellumentals. During the final phase, Mario has to arrange a picture puzzle of a giant Magic Circle with images of Olivia on it; Olivia turns into the Olivia Hammer and Mario is able to defeat Olly by hitting him with it.

There are also rock-paper-scissors versions of the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circles that only appear in the second phase of Handaconda's boss fight.


Audio.svg 1,000-Fold Arms - Plays when Mario controls the 1,000-Fold Arms on the overworld.
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Audio.svg Olivia Transforms - Plays during the sequences of Olivia transforming into a Vellumental.
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔法陣
Magic Circle

Chinese 魔法阵
Magic Circle

Dutch Tovercirkel
Conjure Circle
French Cercle de pouvoir
Circle of power
German Faltkreis
Folding Circle
Italian Piastrella manforte
Assist Tile (“manforte”, separated into “man forte” means “strong hand”, also “dare manforte” means “to assist”)
Korean 마법진
Magic Circle

Spanish Círculo mágico
Magic Circle