Legion of Stationery

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Legion of Stationery
PMOK Colored Pencils.png
The Colored Pencils, one of the members of the Legion of Stationery
Colored Pencils
Hole Punch
Rubber Band
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Sheesh. How did all these harmless origami-making tools end up with such tacky personalities?”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Legion of Stationery[1] are a group allied with King Olly who are major bosses guarding the ends of the streamers in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is composed of giant sentient office tools.


Each of the members has a different title:

Member Title Image Streamer Location
Colored Pencils The Missile Maestro ColoredPencils.png Red Overlook Tower
Rubber Band The Elastic Entertainer RubberBand.png Blue Big Sho' Theater
Hole Punch The Disco Devil PMOK Hole Punch.png Yellow Temple of Shrooms
Tape The Shifty Sticker Tape.png Purple Sea Tower
Scissors The Dual-Bladed Duelist PMOK Scissors.png Green Bowser's Castle
Stapler The Fanged Fastener PMOK Stapler.png N/A Origami Castle

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブンボーぐんだん
Legion of Stationery (portmanteau of 文房具 [bunbōgu] and 軍団 [gundan], meaning stationery and legion respectively)
Spanish (NOA) Ejército de Papelería Stationery Army
Dutch Kantoorlogstuig A portmanteau of "kantoor" (office) and "oorlogstuig" (war weaponry). Additionally, the word "tuig" means both "utensils" and "thugs".
Italian Brigata Cancelleria Stationery Brigade
Korean 문방군단
Same as Japanese
Chinese (Simplified) 文具军团[2]
Wéjù Jūntuán
Stationery Corps
Chinese (Traditional) 文具軍團[3]
Wéjù Jūntuán
Stationery Corps


  • Most of the members of the Legion of Stationery include a color in their design that corresponds with the color of the streamer they are guarding. The lid of Colored Pencils' tin case is red, Rubber Band wears a few blue rubber bands across its chest, arms and forehead, Hole Punch has a yellow lever, Tape's dispenser is purple, and Scissors has green handles. Stapler is the only member that does not guard a streamer, so it is colored entirely black, the same color as the border for Origami Castle that shows up when checking the map.
  • The Legion of Stationery take appearance of realistic-looking 3D objects, much similar to the Things in Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash.