Sweetpaper Valley

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Sweetpaper Valley
Sweetpaper Valley after unblocking the entrance to Breezy Tunnel in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Not-Bottomless Holes 6
“This place brings back some difficult memories. We miss you, Bobby...”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Sweetpaper Valley is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a small, tranquil valley interlocking the Eddy River and Breezy Tunnel, located in the yellow streamer district. Mario, Olivia, and Bob-omb travel here after clearing the blue streamer and saving Shogun Studios. There is not much to do, but as they try to enter the tunnel, King Olly appears and tries to convince Olivia to join him in overpowering the paper people. When she refuses, he drops a massive boulder on her and leaves. With Olivia trapped, Bob-omb has an epiphany and asks Mario to return to Toad Town and set sail for the Great Sea; a warp pipe at the entrance to Shogun Studios provides a shortcut to Toad Town.

After Bob-omb finds his fuse, the duo travel back to Sweetpaper Valley, where Bob-omb sacrifices himself to blow up the boulder trapping Olivia. When Olivia discovers this, she becomes extremely disheartened and runs off into the tunnel. Mario must head into the tunnel to find Bob-omb's spirit, who encourages Mario to make Olivia laugh. Mario equips the Goomba Mask to cheer Olivia up.

There are no enemies to be found here. There are also no Toads to be rescued, collectible treasures to be found, or ? Blocks to be hit. There are only a few Not-Bottomless Holes in the area, including some on the walls, some in the ground, and one underneath a crate.


There is a bench right off the dock from Eddy River. A small ramp leads to a bend. Around this bend is the entrance to Breezy Tunnel. Some Not-Bottomless Holes are along this path. After the cutscene with King Olly and before Bob-omb's sacrifice, a large rock blocks the path to Breezy Tunnel.

Not-Bottomless Holes[edit]

Description Image
6 Holes
These three are visible right at the start of the area. First 3 Not-Bottomless Holes in Sweetpaper Valley of The Origami King.
Continuing forward, these two can be seen under the left box and between the first and second bushes respectively. Fourth and Fifth Not-Bottomless Holes in Sweetpaper Valley of The Origami King.
On the left just before the entrance to Breezy Tunnel. Last Not-Bottomless Hole in Sweetpaper Valley of The Origami King.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かぜわたり
Kazewatari dani
Wind Passage Valley

Chinese (simplified) 吹风谷
Chuīfēng Gǔ
Wind Passage Valley

Chinese (traditional) 吹風谷
Chuīfēng Gǔ
Wind Passage Valley

Dutch Kartoncanyon
Cardboard Canyon
French Val au vent
Windy Vale
German Krepppapier-Canyon
Crêpe-Paper Canyon
Italian Canyon Dolcecarta
Sweetpaper Canyon
Korean 산들바람 계곡
Sandeul-baram Gyegok
Breeze Valley

Spanish Gran Cañón de Cartulina
Grand Cardboard Canyon


  • Towards the end of the cutscene when first arriving to Sweetpaper Valley, the camera actually swerves past the boundaries of some rocks for about a second, unintentionally having the player see the rocks with no back polygons, allowing the player to see right through them from the back.
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