Overlook Tower

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Overlook Tower
Overlook Tower in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toads 19
Not-Bottomless Holes 3
Collectible Treasures 2
? Blocks 1
Enemies Goombas
Mini Goombas
Colored Pencils
“Welcome to Overlook Tower, Mario! "The tower with a gift shop." We're still working on that slogan.”
Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Overlook Tower is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a tall tower located atop Overlook Mountain. The red streamer is found here. Colored Pencils is fought on the top deck of the tower as the guardian of the streamer. The tower cannot be accessed right away, as it atop a large pile of dirt. Upon clearing the Earth Vellumental Temple and unlocking the abilities of the Earth Vellumental, Mario must return here and use the Magic Circle in front of the tower to unleash the Vellumental Power, causing Olivia to transform and dance it out, effectively clearing away the dirt and lowering the tower, allowing them entrance.

Overlook Tower consists of five floors, out of which four are served by an elevator:

  • 1st - Ye Olde Gift Shoppe
  • 2nd - Restaurant
  • 3rd - Open-Air Café
  • 4th - Observation Deck (a set of stairs connects this floor to the topmost deck of the tower)


To the left of the tower is a sign that can be hammered to reveal a Toad crumpled and stuck behind it. Entering the tower does not reveal a pretty sight - there are broken stairs, drawings on the wall, and a large hole in the floor. Mario must first fill up the Not-Bottomless Hole with confetti, revealing a drawing of King Olly. Doing so clears a path to the elevator, where he must push the button to open the doors and free a Blue Toad. If Mario attempts to leave the tower from this point, two giant pencils will block the doorway. A few other Toads can be found here - there is a red Toad disguised as an envelope in the rack - Mario can hit it a few times to get him out. There are three different Toads rolled up in the wastepaper basket. There are three Blue Toads folded up and on display at the front. Finally, there is a Red Toad disguised as a flag banner on the wall next to the banana portrait.

The stairs are blocked by a hole, so Mario and Olivia have no choice but to use the elevator. However, just before they reach the fourth floor, three large colored pencils stab the walls of the elevator, trapping them. Mario has to hammer the colored pencils out of the elevator, causing it to drop all the way down to the 1st floor, destroying the elevator. However, there are now origami Goombas on the first floor Mario can defeat to get just enough confetti to fill in the hole at the bottom of the stairs, allowing him to reach the second floor.

The second floor is a restaurant-style floor - Mario should start by heading to the left, where a Blue Toad can be seen taped high up on the wall. These stairs are also blocked by a Not-Bottomless Hole, and require more confetti to repair. The chef overhears Mario and Olivia talking about this and asks them to fix the problem at his restaurant. To the right is a messy, empty cafe area. Mario and Olivia can sit down at one of the tables to have a short meal, restoring their HP. Mario can also open the drawer in the southeast corner to reveal a Blue Toad who retreats to the corner. Mario must now enter the kitchen, which is also quite messy and empty, save for a Red Toad disguised as a mushroom on the scale and another Red Toad stuck in a drawer next to the fridge. Finally, there is a Yellow Toad disguised as a fried egg in the frying pan. There is also a crumpled up Toad near the plates and bowls on one of the shelves. Mario must open the fridge and tip over the box to reveal several origami Mini Goombas, who hide in the kitchen and dining area. Mario must find and hammer all of the Mini Goombas, which are hiding in places such as under menus and behind carts, to clear up the restaurant.

Mario can then talk to the chef, who awards him with a bag of confetti, allowing him to repair the second floor stairs. These stairs lead to a trapdoor on the third floor. Mario must circle around until he reaches the gate and try to push it open. When it does not budge, colored pencil rockets start appearing. They circle around the area, pushing down the trapdoor to prevent escape. Mario must wait until the pencil missiles start directly targeting him and run to the right side of the tower. A crack can be seen in one of the hedges, and must be blown up to get to the tower. Here, Mario must push a button to lower the ladder and dodge a huge missile barrage while waiting for the ladder to fully extend before getting to the 4th floor.

The Missile Maestro: Colored Pencils, boss of Overlook Tower and guardian of the red streamer

Here, there is a Save Block and a panicked Toad next to the broken elevator. Mario must climb the steps to reach the top of the tower, where he finds a spool for the red streamer. Olivia asks him to try to jump to knock it off. When this is not successful, Colored Pencils appears and introduces himself as a minion of King Olly. After defeating the Colored Pencils, all of his artwork disappears from the surfaces and a Magic Circle appears, allowing Mario to use the 1,000-Fold Arms arms to destroy the red streamer's spool.

There are a few more Toads that can be found at the tower. At the top of the tower, to the right of where the red streamer was, there is a telescope Mario can peer into, revealing the face of a Toad. Mario can hammer into the lens of the telescope to free him. Mario can also hammer the bottom of what appears to be the blue colored pencil wedged in the right side of the elevator shaft at the top floor, revealing it is actually a disguised Toad.

After Mario fills in a Not-Bottomless Hole at a nearby Toad Tram station, he can return to Overlook Tower to find the elevator operational again. Additionally, he can collect two Collectible Treasures at the tower: Chef's TRULY WILD Special (No. 28) from the chef in the kitchen on the second floor and Overlook Tower itself (No. 29) from the cafe owner on the third floor.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

There are two Collectible Treasures in Overlook Tower, both of which can be obtained after repairing a Not-Bottomless Hole at a Toad Tram station.

On the second floor, talking to the chef in the kitchen rewards Mario with Collectible Treasure No. 28: Chef's TRULY WILD Special. Where and how to get Collectible Treasure No. 28: Chef's TRULY WILD Special
On the third floor, talking to a blue Toad who manages the coffee stand rewards Mario with Collectible Treasure No. 29: Overlook Tower. Where and how to get Collectible Treasure No. 29: Overlook Tower


  • Collectible Treasure No. 29: "A tall tower on the top of Overlook Mountain, famous for its gift shoppe and "million-coin" nighttime view."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミハラシタワー
Miharashi tawā
Overlook Tower
Chinese 观景塔 (Simplified)
觀景塔 (Traditional)
Guānjǐng Tǎ
Overlook Tower
Dutch Panoramatoren Panorama Tower
French Tour Belvédère Viewpoint Tower
German Panoramaturm Panorama Tower
Italian Torre Belvedere Belvedere/Viewpoint Tower
Spanish Torre Bellavista Beautiful View Tower



  • The four elevator lights share the same appearance and colors with the player LED lights on Nintendo Switch controllers.