Water Vellumental

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The Origami King enemy
Water Vellumental
An origami Water Vellumental from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Description Flies high and attacks with water. Send it to the ground with your boots, then use the Earth Vellumental's power.
HP 165
Type Flying
Item drops Water Bibliofold
Moves Summon Spouts, Wash Away, Water Pistol (10), Wyvern Whip (10) Flying Bite (24), Bite (24), Wing Ding (18), Big Wave (64), Mega Wave (75), Giga Wave (80), Ultimate Wave (85)
Location(s) Water Vellumental Shrine

The Water Vellumental is a dragon with water-based abilities and the second Vellumental boss fought in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It resides in the Water Vellumental Shrine located in Autumn Mountain. After the Water Vellumental is defeated, Olivia obtains its Bibliofold and can then transform into the Water Vellumental and use its abilities while Mario stands on certain Magic Circles. This is first used to flood a nearby lake. When the Water Vellumental charges up its water attack, its stomach inflates cartoonishly. It is based on the Azure Dragon.


Mario faces off against the Water Vellumental in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Mario faces off against the Water Vellumental

Before Mario starts organizing the rings every turn, the Water Vellumental uses Summon Spouts to draw water from the waterspouts around the arena to create tiny waterspouts. After the rings have been organized, the Water Vellumental will use Wash Away, which sends the smaller waterspouts to the outer edge of the arena in a straight line along the nearest column, washing away any panels in their path.

If the Water Vellumental is flying, Hammer attacks (aside from the Hurlhammer), the 1,000-Fold Arms, and the Earth Vellumental cannot damage it, although a Jump attack will ground it for the following turn, allowing the above attacks to damage it.

The Water Vellumental's attacks depend on whether or not it is airborne, and where Mario is relative to its position. If Mario is close enough to the boss and it is flying, it will use Flying Bite. If is instead on the ground facing Mario, it will use Bite. If Mario is out of range of Bite, it uses Water Pistol. If Mario is behind its tail, it uses Wyvern Whip. If Mario is on either side of it, is uses Wing Ding. If Mario has used the Earth Vellumental and the Water Vellumental is on the ground, it cannot attack.

One turn after both the beginning of the battle and after it recovers from being stunned, the Water Vellumental will charge up an attack by inhaling water from the spouts. After 3 turns, it becomes ready to use a Big Wave attack (or Mega Wave on the second turn it charges up, Giga Wave on the third turn, and Ultimate Wave on the fourth, then back to Big Wave) which can be avoided by using the Earth Vellumental's power. After using Big Wave, the Water Vellumental will be grounded and is not able to attack. If the 1,000-Fold Arms are used at the Water Vellumental's rear end, Mario can grab it by the tail, getting an extra attack on top of the rush ability.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガミ
Water God
Chinese 水神祇
Shuǐ Shénqí
Water God
Dutch Water-Origant Water Vellumental
French Espli de l'Eau Water Vellumental
(Espli is a pun on esprit (spirit) and pli (fold))
German Wasser-Pergamenton
Italian Cartomango dell'acqua Water Vellumental
Korean 물의 신수
Murui sinsu
Legendary creature of Water
(Can be 'Legendary' or 'Numinous', 'Divine' depending on translation)
Spanish (El) papelemental de agua Water Vellumental
(papelemental is a combination of papel (paper) and elemental (elemental))


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