Love Toad

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Love Toad
Love Toad in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Ah. We meet at last. The fates have crossed our paths for a reason. I may not know your heart's desire...but I DO know where you can satisfy your desire for more MAX UP Hearts!”
Love Toad, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Love Toad is a red Toad who debuts and plays a minor role in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is distinguished from other members of his species by his red spots and vest, his frequently closed eyes, and his theatrical mannerisms paired with his formal vernacular.

When King Olly first launched his attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, the Love Toad was folded up into a spinning heart amidst the chaos. Mario, Olivia, and Bob-omb eventually find and rescue him right outside of Shogun Studios, near a shiny blue pipe that can warp them back to Toad Town. From then on, he can be found leaning against a lamppost in the eastern side of town, and if Mario talks to him, he can gain free hints about the locations of any MAX UP Hearts he missed within any areas he's already visited.

Following the removal of all five streamers and the demise of King Olly, the Love Toad partakes in the Origami Festival at the end of the game.


  • "Ah. We meet at last. The fates have crossed our paths for a reason. I may not know your heart's desire... but I DO know where you can satisfy your desire for more MAX UP Hearts!"
  • "I shall await you in Toad a lovesick, red brick building."
  • "Tis I, the Love Toad, at your service, m'lud. I am able to feel all of the love lost in this world. Now then!"
  • "Zounds! What horror! What malevolence! 'Tis not the time or place whence love might bloom!"
  • "At this precise moment, the number of hearts that elude you is [number]. Dare you tempt the fickle fates and seek love lost?"
  • "Under the grass one heart doth lie... Near Autumn Mountain majesty..."
  • "The Water Shrine's rotating floor... conceals a window and "amor.""
  • "A Shogun creature, small and cute... Bequeaths a hidden heart as loot."
  • "A Shogun myst'ry must be solved... The House of Riddles is involved..."
  • "In Princess Peach's pleasure boat... A heart awaits on decks remote."
  • "Surf's up, one said, atop a board... That did conceal a lovely hoard."
  • "A circle of rocks. Scorching Sandpaper Desert. Dig in the center."
  • "In temple ruins lies a crypt... A heart outside and in is kept!"
  • "I love to love an isle of love... And so do precious hearts, kind of..."
  • "A compass on the Great Sea chart... Will lead you to another heart."
  • "From fallen icy spires you leap... The heart you find is one to keep."
  • "When visiting a famous spa, You want a souvenir...don'tcha?"
  • "En route to find a rainbow spring, Go up on steam that's billowing..."
  • "Thy shriveled heart shall beat again, Head to the spring and toss it in!"
  • "If tuna were a broken heart, Inside a can would be a start..."
  • "Tempt the fickle fates again?"
  • "Farewell, for now, I bid adieu. Unless, again, you wish you knew... How many hearts elude your grasp... And then, return, and you will gasp!"
  • "Farewell, for now, I bid adieu. Perhaps one day we'll meet anew. And on that day you might just find another hint to blow your mind!"
  • "At this precise moment...there is no love lost. Ah, but let not your guard slip. We are but in the eye of the love tempest..."
  • "Huzzah! A happy ending! You have found all of the love that was once lost. Alas, the fates betwist the knife. For me, you see, this was my life. And now without a heart to seek, We shall forevermore not speak."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Toad innamorato dell'amore Toad in love with Love
Spanish (NOA) Toad del Amor Love Toad