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Mustard Café chef
MustardCafeChef PMCS.png
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Nobody gets a same-day seat in MY café.”
Mustard Café chef, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Mustard Café chef is a green Toad who wears sunglasses that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is famous, and he owns the Mustard Café, although he is lazy, causing the waiting list for the café to be long.

Mario first finds him on a lawn chair over a large colorless spot, where he is being fanned by a member of the yellow Rescue Squad. The chef will tell Mario that he has no seats for him at the café. He tells Mario that he will not make an exception for him, and that he has a Thwomp massage scheduled for that day.

When Mario collects the purple Big Paint Star, the colorless spot under the chef is repainted. It becomes a large hole, and the chef falls into it.

Mario finds him resting on his umbrella in the hole. He lets Mario onto the umbrella, saying that it can hold two people on it. The umbrella breaks and sinks when Huey comes out, and the chef follows Mario over to land. Even though he says that Mario ruined the umbrella, he agrees to allow Mario into the café when they get out of the hole. He follows Mario through the level, though he stays behind as Mario repaints several spots on a Warp Pipe, as he says he is allergic to Pokeys. At the end of the cave, the chef spots an orange Warp Pipe that leads to the café. When they cross the quicksand to reach the pipe, Snifits grab the chef, Mario, and Huey and drag them into the sand.

In the Snifit Undersand Hideout, he can be found in a jail cell, trying to bribe a Whistle Snifit to let him out. After Mario defeats the Snifit, he uses the Snifit's Card Key to unlock the cell. The chef says that he enjoyed the peace in the cell, though he decides to leave and go back to the café. When Mario finds the key to the café, the chef tells him to hold onto it, as he does not trust himself anymore after losing it.

When they get back to the café, he opens the café and reveals the orange Mini Paint Star. Mario can buy a Mustard Latte for 70 coins which fully restores Mario's HP, and Mustard Juice for 120 coins which fully restores Mario's paint supply. The chef reappears during the "This Here's Paint Country!" dance, resting atop the middle building in the plaza.

The Mustard Café chef is identical in appearance to the Earth Vellumental Temple curator from Paper Mario: The Origami King.


  • "Aw, yeah...that's the stuff... You don't have to, like, rescue anyone right now, do you? 'Cause I don't want this to stop. Ever."
  • "Sup, Mario. Look, I appreciate you coming all the way down here, but I don't have a table for you, OK? If you don't mind sitting at the bar, I can mayyyybe squeeze you in. In three years. What can I say? The Mustard Café is on fire right now. We're hotter than the star I stole from the sky, you know?"
  • "Nah, man. If I make an exception for Mario, then everyone's gonna want one. What's next? Table for Luigi, party of four? Not in this lifetime, baby! Besides, I've got a deep-tissue Thwomp massage scheduled today. Mmm..."
  • "Look, man. I'm on vacation. And, no, I don't sign autographs."
  • "Yo! Not cool, bro. Not cool."
  • "Nice, nice. This ain't gettin' you in any earlier. You know that, right?"
  • "Mario! My man. It's me, the chef. There are, like, way too many Pokeys around here. You can come over here and chill with me for a little bit, though."
  • "Bro, I'm willing to share my Pokey-proof parasol, and you're just gonna bail? C'mon, man."
  • "Oh, hey. Did you have a reservation for my private parasol paradise? I'm just messin' with you, man. You can chill here with me for a bit. This thing has room for two."
  • "Three's a crowd, yo! Look what you did to the parasol!"
  • "Thanks for the help. I guess. I mean, I was floating kinda peacefully all by myself. But thanks for rescuing me after you ruined everything."
  • "I was getting bored in there anyway. Figured it was about time to go back and check on the café. You wanna come with? I got the key right here. Wouldn't let this thing outta my sight, you know?"
  • "You're on the waiting list, aren't you? A few years down the line? Well, I got a proposition for you: you get me outta this pit, and I'll seat you right away. That's A-list, my friend. Higher than A-list. Nobody gets a same-day seat in MY café. Except you. I'll even get you a prime seat next to that fancy star. You with me?"
  • "Listen to the paint can, yo. We can help each other out here."
  • "I should probably get back to the café soon. Peeps need their coffee."
  • "Whoa, man. I'm not trying to walk across those skinny little pipes right now! I'm allergic to Pokeys, yo. Break out in hives if I get too close. I'm just gonna wait here for you, all right? Do your thing."
  • "Yo, this is the express pipe. I'm just gonna wait here until you fix it."
  • "I told you, man! I'm not taking a regular old pipe like some regular old dude! It's express or nothing for me, baby."
  • "Aw, yeah. Now that's how you use a pipe, yo! Easy slidin'."
  • "Oh no. That did NOT just happen. Mario! Don't ditch me, yo! I'm gonna be stuck down here foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
  • "NO! I can't live in this hole for the rest of my life... I'm doomed..."
  • "Oh. You're back. I knew you were coming back."
  • "I knew this thing was messed up."
  • "What?! Not again! NOOOOOOO! I'M ALONE IN THE WORLD!"
  • "Yo, you have to stop doing that! I can't take it anymore!"
  • "Yo, check that pipe!"
  • "That's a VIP pipe, if I've ever seen one. And it's orange, just like the one in front of Mustard Café. I bet it'll take us straight to the café. Let's hit it."
  • "Not cool! HEEEEEEELP!"
  • "Let me out of here, yo! Don't you know who I am?!"
  • "I'm just a poor Toad. Don't hurt me! Actually, scratch that. I'm rich. Loaded! How many gold coins to get me out of this?"
  • "Sup, Mario. This place isn't too bad."
  • "Oh MAN! You didn't even bring the key? That's it... Reservation canceled! Wake me up when you get your stuff together, yo."
  • "I was actually enjoying the peace and quiet, you know? But I guess it's time to get back to the grind. Peace out, jail."
  • "Dang, you even brought the key to my café and everything? You're on point, my man! You need a job? When all of this is over, I could use a dude like you in my kitchen."
  • "Yo, that's my key! These cats were trying to get into my place without a reservation! Can you hold on to that thing for me? I can't believe I lost it in the first place. Don't trust myself now. You're the best, man. You need a job? I could use a man like you watching the door."
  • "That was disgusting, yo! Who's in charge of cleaning these things, anyway?"
  • "Ahh, that fresh air. Nothing like a little dungeon time to help you appreciate the little things. Come on—let's head back to the café. Bet I've got quite a line going..."
  • "You're not coming with? All right, I'll see ya when I see ya. Stop by my café anytime, Mario."
  • "Hey, the lock takes a special touch. Dish me back that key, and I'll have us in there with the quickness."
  • "You're back? All right, my man. You're welcome here anytime."
  • "Because I'm feeling charitable... we're open! First come, first served!"
  • "Niiiice. I knew you could do it."
  • "Now, the moment you've all been waiting for..."
  • "And for you, Mario... Feast your eyes on THIS!"
  • "Here comes my signature, yo. The chef's famous orange star. Drink it in, y'all."
  • "Boom. Told you it was cool."
  • "All right, y'all. It's the moment you've been waiting for. I'm gonna open up and get to work."
  • "Wait a minute... Where's my key? Don't tell me we left it in that dungeon!"
  • "Aw MAN! Now you're going to have to go all the way back down to the Snifits' hideout and get it for me!"
  • "Welcome to Mustard Café, home of the chef, AKA yours truly. Now that you're here, you gonna order something or what?"
  • "Patches up your paper cuts, yo! Puts the must in mustard! Just 70 coins!"
  • "Mustard juice is the new health craze everyone's talking about! Restore your paint for just 120 coins!"
  • "The star is free to all, yo. Go bask in its glory."
  • "Shine on, you...perfectly rational Paint Star..."
  • "Do you wanna order anything else?"
  • "Enjoy. And come back anytime, OK?"
  • "Whaaat. You're short on coins, bro."
  • "Come on back!"
  • "If you can't stand the heat, STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOA) Don Torrefactoad
From Don (a Spanish title for "lord" or "boss"), Torrefacto (a process of roasting coffee beans commonly used in Spain), and Toad
Italian Barista lassista
Laissez-faire Barista
Portuguese Barista Estiloso
Stylish Barista
Russian Маэстро Бистро
Maestro Bistro
Bistro's Maestro

Spanish (NOA) Chef Ducho
Chef Ducho ("Ducho" refers to someone who is knowledgeable or skilled in their work)
Spanish (NOE) El Macarra de la Barra
The Thug at the Bar