Daffodil Peak

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Daffodil Peak
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Mario arriving at a Toad's wooden house.

How to access Obtain the yellow Mini Paint Star from Indigo Underground
Paint Stars MiniYellowPaintStarIcon.pngMiniRedPaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 51
Things None
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“Climbing that mountain was fun. I feel like a real mountain man—, er—, mountain can.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Daffodil Peak is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path here is unlocked after getting the yellow Mini Paint Star from Indigo Underground and will unlock paths to Sunglow Ridge and Ruddy Road. The Mountain Sage can be found here.


Shortly after entering Daffodil Peak, Mario must talk to a Toad at the gates. He tells Mario about the Mountain Sage on top of the mountain, and that he will need to get a climbing permit to proceed, then unlocks the gate to the mountain ranger's cabin. When Mario enters the cabin, the Toad explains that parts of his house's color have been drained and that he is too sad to give Mario a permit. Mario must color in all nine of the white spots around the house. Outside the windows is an Unfurl Block, which Mario can trigger and then hammer the block that the Toad is sitting on. This unfolds it into a chair, which is uncolored. After Mario repaints it, the Toad is happy with his cabin again and gives Mario the Mountain Climbing Permit. Mario can talk to the Toad gatekeeper again to enter a Warp Pipe and climb the mountain.

After entering the pipe, Mario enters an area with a Spiny and a ? Block containing a Hammer card. The next pipe takes Mario to a section with Koopa Paratroopas, and he is ambushed by a Spiny while traveling in the following pipe. On this floor, Mario can go north and behind the mountain, which has an unpainted Toad and contains the pipe to the top of the mountain. From here, Mario can jump down to find Toad #1 of the purple Rescue Squad, who has creased his leg. Mario must hammer the Toad to fix his leg, and he goes to Ruddy Road. Mario must jump down and re-enter the pipe to reach the top of the mountain, then go north, dodging Koopa Paratroopas.

Mario must jump up steps and then enter a pipe, leading him to a Shy Guy 5-Stack. He then must hammer two poles to create an Unfurl Block, and jump down behind a rock to reach it. With unfurl power, Mario must hit a Warp Pipe and cause it to unfold. Shortly after exiting it, Kamek appears and casts his magic to turn Mario's cards into Worn-Out Jumps in a battle against three Goombas. After beating the Goombas, Mario can continue north. Alternatively, he can jump down the ledge to the south to find a Spinning-Door.

The final area consists of multiple pipes Mario must travel through. A red Mini Paint Star, creating a path to Ruddy Road, can be obtained if Mario walks on the rightmost pipe and then jumps on the yellow pipe. To reach the yellow Mini Paint Star and open a path to Sunglow Ridge, Mario must first enter the leftmost pipe and paint the cube to reveal an Unfurl Mark. He must then enter the rightmost pipe and hit the Unfurl Block, then quickly go back to the Unfurl Mark block, which unfolds into a pipe. Taking the pipe, Mario meets the "Mountain Sage": a Toad hiding behind a cardboard cutout. Huey is outraged and wants Mario to complain to the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper apologizes and leaves his stand, revealing missing color from the top of his head. He recalls that there really was a Mountain Sage, and the park ranger assures Mario that the sage is real. Huey suspects that they may not be lying, and Mario must paint in the Toad's head. The gatekeeper recalls that he is the Mountain Sage, and demonstrates his powers by making a hole in the mountain. If Mario has already visited the Crimson Tower, the Mountain Sage leaves for the tower, while the park ranger becomes the new gatekeeper and complains that the Mountain Sage has "ruined [his] life."



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤマブキー山
Yamabukī Yama
Yamabukī Mountain, from 山吹色 yamabukiiro, meaning bright golden yellow
Spanish Monte Limón Mount Lemon
French Mont Citron Mount Lemon
Russian Лимонная гора
Limonnaya gora
Lemon Mountain