Magma Burger

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Magma Burger
The Magma Burger icon from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Color Splash description "Our signature burger! This spicy burger could clear even Draggadon's messed-up sinuses!"
“Man, that was spicy. But it was so worth it...”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario: Color Splash
Redpepper Volcano
Mario guiding Draggadon with a Magma Burger.

A Magma Burger is an item found in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They can be bought for 200 coins from the Toad who runs the Prisma Café at Fort Cobalt. When Mario buys the Magma Burger, he also receives a Fishing Pole. Later on, in Redpepper Volcano, Mario combines the Magma Burger and the Fishing Pole together, allowing him to control Draggadon. Whenever he swings the Magma Burger upwards, Draggadon jumps. When Draggadon's task in assisting Mario is complete, Huey then prompts Mario to feed Draggadon the burger.

In Fort Cobalt, several Shy Guys can be seen eating Magma Burgers. They are apparently very spicy, as they cause the Shy Guys to breathe fire. Standing in front of the fire breath causes Mario to take five points of damage. A few unfortunate Shy Guys even dissolve into ash just by eating one.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマバーガー
Maguma Bāgā
Magma Burger

French (NOE) Magmaburger
Italian Hamburger lavico
Lava Hamburger
Portuguese Magmambúrguer
From magma (magma) and hambúrguer (hamburger)
Spanish (NOA) Hamburguesa Magma
Magma Hamburger