Shy Guy 5-Stack

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Color Splash enemy
Shy Guy 5-Stack
Shy Guy 5-Stack Idle Animation from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Location(s) Cherry Lake, Daffodil Peak, Fort Cobalt, Vortex Island
Type Stack
Role Common
HP 1 (per Shy Guy)
Strong None
Weak None
Moves Attack (3 per Shy Guy), Blowback Attack (12)
Enemy class ENEMY_RANDAM_1_5
Card probability 2
A Red Shy Guy card from Paper Mario: Color Splash

Stack: "Five Shy Guys!" > "Fore!" > "Triple threat!" > "Double trouble!" > "Don't hurt me!"
Vortex Island: "Not so fast!" ~ "Our clothes were in there! You ruined five perfectly good hoods!" ~ "You'll pay for this..." ~ "Those were our lucky hoods!" ~ "We'll take you to the cleaners!" ~ "We got a discount for buying five!" ~ "We worked so hard to match!"

Dropped items
Hammer Scraps 10
Red paint 20
Yellow paint 20
Blue paint 20
Orange paint 10
Green paint 10
Purple paint 10

Shy Guy 5-Stacks are a type of enemy appearing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. A stack of Shy Guys is formed when multiple Shy Guys group up, forming a stack. Their health is represented by the number of Shy Guys left in the stack. Shy Guy 5-Stacks appear in Cherry Lake and Daffodil Peak. One appears on Vortex Island as the second in the line of enemies that fight Mario after he squeezes the Washing Machine, and five appear in Fort Cobalt, where they are commanded by a Snifit to attack Mario. A Shy Guy 5-Stack is the first-round opponent in Roshambo Temple #3.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホー5
Heihō 5
Shy Guy 5

Dutch Stapel van 5 Shy Guys
Stack of 5 Shy Guys
French Pile de 5 Maskass
Stack of 5 Shy Guys
German 5er-Shy Guy
5-Shy Guy
Italian Tipo Timido 5-copie
5-copies Shy Guy
Portuguese Pilha de 5 Masquitos
Stack of 5 Shy Guys
Russian Пачка из 5 скромняг
Pachka iz 5 skromnyag
Pack of 5 Shy Guys

Spanish Mazo de 5 Shy Guys
Deck of 5 Shy Guys