Marmalade Valley

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Marmalade Valley
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How to access Obtain the orange Mini Paint Star from Château Chanterelle
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Colorless spots 37
Things PMCS BoneThing.png
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“Even paper can be fossilized. In a billion years, that could be us in that cliff. Really makes you think, huh?”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Marmalade Valley is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Yellow Mini Paint Star in Château Chanterelle, and unlocks a path leading to Kiwano Temple.


On his first visit, Mario must go down a log lift to meet with a Toad who tells him that the dig site is off limits and to speak with the Toad Professor at Château Chanterelle for a permit.

After getting the Excavation Site Permit, Mario can begin exploring the dig site. He must go up a lift and enter a small cave, and he and Huey are startled by a loud noise shortly after. Due to broken scaffolding, Mario must go behind some sheets and then hammer a loose part of the wall to leave the cave.

A Toad tells Mario that another Toad has been trapped due to a cave-in. Mario must take a different path to reach the Toad and continue right. This leads him to an area with Bone Goombas and Scaredy Rats. Mario must ride a moving log platform to get to the next area, which is actively shaking. As Huey talks about how much he cares about Mario, Princess bursts through the wall and rolls after Mario. Mario must run away, and Huey tells Mario to go back to the dig site to rescue the trapped Toad. When Mario frees the Toad, he gives him the Bone Thing.

Princess returns, and Mario must run away and duck with a Toad, causing her to ram into a wall and uncover a complete Draggadon fossil, which has been drained of its color. The Mini Paint Star can be found inside of a hole, and grants access to Kiwano Temple.

During the Piper side quest, the Toads go to Marmalade Valley in search of a Rainbow Carnation. Mario must come to this valley when the Toads leave in search of a Rainbow Carnation, after which a cutscene will play of the Toads finding one.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイダイ谷
Daidai Tani
Bitter Orange Valley
Spanish Valle Mermelada Marmalade Valley
French Vallée Marmelade Marmalade Valley
German Kupfer-Canyon Copper Canyon
Russian Долина Мандарина
Dolina Mandarina
Tangerine Valley