Buzzy Beetle Tower

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Buzzy Beetle Tower
PMCS Buzzy Beetle Tower Idle Animated.gif
First appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)
Latest appearance Super Mario Maker 2 (2019)
Variant of Big Buzzy Beetle
Buzzy Beetle
Small Buzzy Beetle

Buzzy Beetle Tower are a variant of Buzzy Beetles that appear in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, and Super Mario Maker 2. They can be produced if the player stacks a Buzzy Beetle on top of the other.

They reappear in Paper Mario: Color Splash, where they are only found in The Emerald Circus. The stack consists of a Big Buzzy Beetle, a normal Buzzy Beetle, a Small Buzzy Beetle, and a Spike Guy.


Paper Mario: Color Splash Enemy
Buzzy Beetle Tower
PMCS Buzzy Beetle Tower Idle Animated.gif HP 150 Type Spiny, Shelled 5 PMCS Buzzy Beetle Card.png
Strong Jump, Hammer, Fire Weak POW Block
Moves Roll Attack (24-27), Shy Guy Attack (36), Small Shell Attack (4), Medium Shell Attack (8), Large Shell Attack (12), Small Stomped-on Attack (999), Medium Stomped-on Attack (999), Large Stomped-on Attack (999), Small Line Attack (2), Medium Line Attack (4), Large Line Attack (7)
Location(s) The Emerald Circus
Quotes N/A
Enemy Class
Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 5 Red Paint 6 Yellow Paint 0 Blue Paint 6 Orange Paint 0 Green Paint 0 Purple Paint 9

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タワーメット
Tawā Metto
Tower Buzzy Beetle
German Käfer-Turm Beetle Tower
Russian Пирамида из каскожуков
Piramida iz kaskozhukov
Buzzy Beetle Pyramid