Card Max Up

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“Oh, look! Two Shy Guy 4-Stacks right on cue! Let's experiment with that second card slot. Set two cards at once and unleash mayhem, Mario!”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash
Card Max Up
A Card Max Up

Card Max Ups are rare items in Paper Mario: Color Splash. There are only three in the game, each given at a different point in the story. A Card Max Up permanently increases the amount of card slots Mario can use in battle, up to a maximum of four. The first is awarded at Cherry Lake by a Soggy Guy whom Mario saves from a Shy Guy 4-Stack bullying him. At the Dark Bloo Inn, Mario is awarded a Card Max Up for solving the mystery of the hotel and putting the Tea Party Toads to rest. Kamek awards the final Card Max Up after his battle in Sacred Forest.