Super Ludship

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Color Splash enemy
Super Ludship
The Super Ludship from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Location(s) Fort Cobalt
Type Normal
HP 3
Strong None
Weak None
Moves Bullet Attack (20), Bullet Kill Attack (25), Bullet Flick Attack (25), Spike Ball Attack (12), Spike Ball Flick Attack (25), Ship Break Attack (999)
Enemy class N/A
Card probability 0




Dropped items
Hammer Scraps 100
Red paint 6
Yellow paint 6
Blue paint 0
Orange paint 0
Green paint 0
Purple paint 0
“Gwehehehe! My new anti-Mario weapon! Ludwig's Megabad Super Battleship of Dooooooooooom! But its friends call it the Super Ludship! What do you think? Isn't it FIERCE?”
Ludwig von Koopa, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Super Ludship is a vehicle that Ludwig von Koopa uses in Paper Mario: Color Splash. When Mario enters the final area, a door opens and Ludwig enters on the Ludship. In battle, Mario can attack the Ludship's front, although it does not do any damage and Ludwig taunts him instead. To attack, Ludwig fires a cannonball from the ship, dealing 20 damage. This cannonball can be deflected with the Tail Card, and if done correctly, damages the Ludship. Ludwig sends out two Koopa Paratroopas, which Mario must defeat before he can deflect another cannonball. Next, two Spikes appear on board the Ludship, and cannot be damaged besides deflecting their spike balls. Finally, after being hit by a third cannonball, the Super Ludship sinks and Ludwig claims that he planned for it to fail, calling it a "temporary design," then emerges in the Super Ludsub.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー・ルドごう
Sūpā Rudo-gō
The Super Lud
French (NOA) Super Ludvire
Italian Supermega corazzata di Ludwig Ludwig super mega battleship
Portuguese Supernavio do Ludwig Ludwig's Supership
Spanish (NOA) Superludstructor