Mamma Mia Pizza

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Mario cooking the Mamma Mia Pizza from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Mario prepares to insert the pizza into the oven.
“In fact, that pizza was so good, my crumpled body instantly made a full recovery. I can resume cooking right away!”
Tangerino Grill Chef, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Mamma Mia Pizza is a dish at Tangerino Grill in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Upon substituting for the head chef after clearing out a troupe of mischievous Shy Guys, Mario begins to work on this dish to feed all of the hungry Toads waiting to be served.


The process of making Mamma Mia Pizza is split into four steps:

  • First, Mario must thin out the dough by pressing A Button at just the right moment to get an Excellent hammer rating. He has five chances to do so.
  • Next, Mario must slice an onion twenty consecutive times by pressing A Button just as he lands on the cutting knife each time to get an Excellent jump rating.
  • After that, Mario must monitor three frying pans, each with ingredients, and hammer a frying pan with B Button if it starts smoking, for twenty seconds.
  • Finally, Mario must place the pizza in the oven and press A Button after ten seconds have passed.

If done correctly, the pizza is immediately brought to the Toads, and the head chef, apparently having fully recovered from eating a slice, gives the remaining slice to Mario. All of Mario's HP will then be healed.

If any step is done incorrectly, the Peddler Toad will give Mario backup ingredients and, starting from the third attempt, charge a few coins for ingredients. Also from the third attempt onward, Mario can buy two variants of dough or two variants of onion that cost a little more, but the dough can be thinned with a less precise hammer strike and the onion needs less jumps to be fully sliced.

After Mario uses the Hair Dryer to thaw out the ice in the freezer, the head chef puts the last slice of Mamma Mia Pizza inside of it.