The Crimson Tower

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The Crimson Tower
PMCS TheCrimsonTower01.png
Huey, happy to see the tower restored of its colors
How to access Obtain the red Mini Paint Star in Cherry Lake
Paint Stars Red Big Paint Star.png
Colorless spots 24
Things PMCS CatOLuckThing.png
Boss Morton Koopa Jr.
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The Crimson Tower is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the red Mini Paint Star in Cherry Lake, and when the red Big Paint Star in here is rescued, it will color the gate at Sunglow Ridge. Morton is the boss of this area. The Cat-o-Luck Thing can also be found here.


First, Mario needs to bring together the three Chosen Toads found in Cherry Lake, Bloo Bay Beach, and Daffodil Peak in order to open the gate. Then, Mario and Huey find out that the whole area's color, including part of the sky, has been drained, with Huey stating that he might get sick. The duo then spots a giant bucket filled with the stolen red paint, which is carried by an Airship delivering the paint to Black Bowser's Castle. Before long, however, the airship comes to a sudden halt. A Shy Guy aboard the ship notices that nobody had loosened the anchor before liftoff, and asks Mario to do it for them. When Mario peeled the Bowser tape off of the anchor, however, he and Huey were accidentally carried along by the anchor when the airship's flight continued. Mario then battled the Shy Guys and their captain aboard. After the battle though, the airship became unbalanced (since Mario defeated the captain as well). While Huey tries to hold the steering wheel in place, Mario quickly hammers a blaring self-destruct button, prompting the airship to explode in a countdown of five seconds. After the explosion, the bucket will fall and repaint The Crimson Tower. A enormous bridge also rolls out from the tower to the solid ground, allowing Mario and Huey to enter the tower.

Along the tower, Mario finds different enemies, treadmills and puzzles. He must climb to the top of it. The final part of the tower features some stairs and Accordion Goombas. When Mario arrives to the top of the tower, he finds Morton Koopa Jr. and fights him. During the battle, Morton asks two Shy Guys to bring a pedestal where he stays until Mario defeats the two Shy Guys and breaks it with a hammer. Eventually, he will fire his hammer, and the Fire Extinguisher Thing card will be required to extinguish the fire. After successfully defeating Morton, Mario can pick the Cat-o-Luck Thing and the red Big Paint Star. While Mario and Huey fly back to Port Prisma via the red Big Paint Star, it recolors the red gate of Sunglow Ridge, allowing the duo to advance afterwards.


Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Fire Extinguisher (to stop Morton's Fire Hammer)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アキャットタワー
Akyatto Tawā
Akyatto Tower, a pun based on aka, meaning red, and キャット "cat", referring to the Cat-o-Luck Thing found at the top
Spanish Torre Carmesí Crimson Tower
French (NOA) La tour Cramoisie The Crimson Tower
French (NOE) Tour cramoisie Crimson Tower
Dutch Scharlaken Toren Scarlet Tower
German Karmesinturm Carmine Tower
Portuguese Torre Carmim Carmine Tower
Russian Багровая башня
Bagrovaya bashnya
Crimson Tower