Big Lava Bubble

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Big Lava Bubble
PMCS Big Lava Bubble.png
First Appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (2016)
Parent Species Lava Bubble

“I'm literally made of fire, and you're made of paper. Good luck, kindling. Bahaha!”
Big Lava Bubble, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Big Lava Bubbles are larger versions of Lava Bubbles that first intentionally appeared in Super Mario Maker, though Lava Bubbles of a giant size first appeared in Mario Party.


Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party/Mario Party 2[edit]

In Mario Party, giant Lava Bubbles only appear in the minigame Hot Rope Jump, where two of them are seen spinning a rope of smaller Lava Bubbles.

They reappear in Mario Party 2, in the same minigame, with the same role.

Mario Party 3[edit]

MP3 HyperHydrants.png

Giant Lava Bubbles reappear in Mario Party 3, only two of them are found in the minigame Hyper Hydrants. One player must pump the water, while the other player attempts to douse the flames that it shoots as much as possible to win the minigame. The giant Lava Bubble will disappear after the minigame ends.

Super Mario Maker[edit]

Big Lava Bubbles first appear under that name in Super Mario Maker. They can appear if the player puts a Super Mushroom on a normal Lava Bubble.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

Color Splash Enemy
Big Lava Bubble
PMCS Big Lava Bubble.png
Location(s) Redpepper Crater
Type Normal
HP 170
Attack 10
Defense 0
Strong Jump, Hammer, Fire
Weak Ice
Paint None
Cards Type



Usual: "Oh, he's giving you a warning. That's pretty thoughtful for an enemy! He said, "I'm literally made of fire, and you're made of paper. Good luck, kindling. Bahaha!" So...maybe not as thoughtful as I originally thought."

PMCS RedpepperCrater01.png

A single Big Lava Bubble appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash as a mini boss in Redpepper Crater. In battle, he can attack by turning red and shooting out flames, causing damage to both Mario and the Shy Guy that translates for him. He can also attack by flying at Mario, just like normal Lava Bubbles, doing 15 HP of damage. He can only be damaged by Ice Flowers, Hurlhammers, Things, and Iron Jumps.