Superball Flower

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Superball Flower
A Flower that allows the player to shoot Superballs.

First appearance

Super Mario Land (1989)

Effect on player

Turns Mario into Superball Mario.

Superball Flowers[1], also called flowers[2] or super flower[3], are power-up flowers that are found exclusively in Super Mario Land for the Game Boy.

Superball Flowers turn Mario into Superball Mario. This gives the player the ability to make Mario shoot Superballs.

Comparison to Fire Flowers[edit]

Superball Flowers are very similar to Fire Flowers. Not only do they look very much alike, but they also give the player similar abilities - superballs are the game's equivalent to to fireballs, although they behave slightly differently (ricocheting off all surfaces at 90° to arrival rather than remaining low, only one can be fired at a time). However, Superball Flowers do not change Mario's appearance at all.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワー[4]


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