World 2-3 (Super Mario Land)

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World 2-3
Small Mario in World 2-3, Muda Kingdom
World Muda Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Time limit 400
Music sample
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World 2-3 is the sixth level of Super Mario Land, part of the Muda Kingdom of Sarasaland. It takes place in an underwater area. The Marine Pop makes its only appearance here.


The entire level is set underwater. Mario begins in the Marine Pop, in front of a column of coins. Two sets of four bricks are ahead, one of which containing a power-up. Next is a group of three Torions, and a Honen, along with Yurarin and another set of blocks, this time with one containing a Star. After passing another Yurarin, Mario finds another group of Torions and a Honen. Next is two sets of enemies, each having one Honen and Yurarin, with another group of Torions following. Right after that is a Gunion, with another set of all empty blocks and another Yurarin behind it.

After getting through the first wave of enemies, Mario reaches two rooms enclosed by walls of bricks with small openings. The first room has one Gunion in it, and the second room has two.

Once Mario passes through the rooms, he reaches another group of Torions, a Yurarin Boo, and a Yurarin. Another Yurarin Boo appears, with a Gunion and three more Torions after. Shortly after that is a Yurarin following several coins spelling "MARIO".

Next is another two rooms, similar to earlier in the level. The first room contains a Gunion, while the other one has a Yurarin. After that is the fight with Dragonzamasu.


Level statistics[edit]