World 1-3 (Super Mario Land)

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World 1-3
Small Mario battling King Totomesu, boss of the Birabuto Kingdom, at the end of World 1-3 in Super Mario Land
World Birabuto Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Time limit 400
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World 1-3 is the third level of Super Mario Land and the last level of Birabuto Kingdom. This level takes place inside a pyramid.


Mario begins near some bricks and Mystery Blocks, which contain coins. Then, there are some stone walls that lead Mario to an area with pipes, pits and Piranha Plants. After it, there is a narrow area with pipes inside the ground and rocks falling from the roof. Mario crosses a gap and finds other four pipes, three of which contain Piranha Plants. Ahead, there is an area similar to the first part of the level, where Mario faces a Gao. After that, Mario finds a pipe on the roof and a small block pyramid, where a more castle-like area begins. Inside this area, Mario finds a hole above the ground, and a Bombshell Koopa walking under it and a very narrow path that only Small Mario can go through. At the end of this path, Mario can find coins and a Mystery Block, which contains a Super Mushroom. After some obstacles, Mario finds some dropping lifts, lava and two Gaos. Ahead, there is King Totomesu, in a battle similar to the fake Bowsers' in Super Mario Bros. He spits fireballs and sometimes jumps, allowing Mario to pass through him. Superball Mario can defeat him with Superballs. Beyond is a switch that opens a door leading to a Fly disguised as Princess Daisy.

Right at the start of the level, Mario can hit a Lift Block, which takes Mario to the roof, allowing him to find some hidden coins and skip the first part of the level. A second Lift Block grants him access to a pipe to a second secret area.

Changes in Hard Mode[edit]


Level statistics[edit]


Name Count
Piranha Plant
7 (9 in Hard Mode)
Falling block 6 (14 in Hard Mode)
3 (8 in Hard Mode)
SML Bombshell Koopa Sprite.png
Bombshell Koopa
1 (6 in Hard Mode)
0 (2 in Hard Mode)
King Totomesu
1 (boss)