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Artwork of Dragonzamasu from Super Mario Land
Species Yurarin Boo
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

Dragonzamasu[1][2] (alternatively Dragon Zamasu[3]) is the second boss in Super Mario Land. He resembles a large Yurarin Boo and, by extension, a Yurarin. Dragonzamasu is in charge of the Muda Kingdom. During Tatanga's invasion of Sarasaland, Dragonzamasu came under Tatanga's control.

In battle, Dragonzamasu attacks by spitting fire at Mario in his Marine Pop. To defeat Dragonzamasu, Mario has to shoot twenty torpedoes at him, while dodging Tamao, who floats around the arena and can block the Marine Pop's torpedoes. Alternatively, Mario can defeat Dragonzamasu by shooting torpedoes at the blocks in the bottom right corner of the arena, and activating the switch behind these blocks. Either way, Mario is awarded 5000 points for defeating Dragonzamasu and is allowed to progress into the Easton Kingdom.

In the Super Mario Land manga, Dragonzamasu is the boss of Muda Kingdom and, in order to find him, Mario and Mekakuribō capture a Yurarin Boo, forcing it to give them directions to the boss' lair. After reaching it, Mekakuribō analyzes that Mario needs to shoot Dragonzamasu 20 times to defeat him, but they are then hit by Tamao, who damages the submarine, creating a leak that Mario stops by using the Yurarin Boo as a cork. Mario eventually shoots Dragonzamasu down and proceeds.

In Super Mario-kun, Dragonzamasu appears in the last chapter of volume 3, in a flooded room in Bowser's Castle. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi come face to face with Dragonzamasu and Tamao. Dragonzamasu uses his snout to torment Mario and shoot flames at him, until Mario flashes the two with his bald spot and takes advantage of the situation to blow into Dragonzamasu's snout, until he pops like a balloon.


Super Mario Land[edit]

  • Instruction booklet: The boss of the Muda Kingdom, Dragonzamasu is protected by Tamao. It moves up and down and spits out fire. Mario can defeat it with 20 torpedoes.
  • 3DS Virtual Console manual: The boss of the Muda Kingdom, Dragonzamasu moves up and down and spits out fire. It is protected by Tamao. Defeat it with 20 torpedoes.

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

種族 アクア族
性格 気位が高い
登場ゲーム ランド1

Tribe: Aqua clan
Disposition: Haughty
Game appearances: Land 1
A giant seahorse!
A giant seahorse is the boss of the Muda Kingdom. To defeat it, one must launch 20 torpedoes at it. It is also very formidable because it is protected by an immortal life form called Tamao.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラゴンザマス[5]
Compound of "dragon" and「ざます」(zamasu), a Japanese archaic copula equivalent to「です」(desu)
Dutch Draak Zamasu[6] Dragon Zamasu
French Dragon Zamasu[7] -
German König Dragonzamasu (Das Super Mario Spiel)
King Dragonzamasu
Italian Dragonzamasu[9] -
Spanish Dragonzamasu -


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