Chai Kingdom

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Chai Kingdom
Greater Location Sarasaland
Capital n/a
Ruler Princess Daisy
Inhabitants Goombos, Roketons, Pionpis
First Appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

The Chai Kingdom[1] is a part of Sarasaland and the original home of Princess Daisy. It has Oriental-style environment and background music, and along with the Pionpi enemies (whom appear to be inspired by Jiangshi) - this kingdom appears to be based off of mythical ancient China. Unlike the previous kingdoms, no enemies in the kingdom relate to the boss. The last level has Mario flying in his Sky Pop shooting down targets and the boss, Tatanga. Biokinton, the mysterious cloud creature, guards this area. Afterwards, Tatanga would appear in the Chai Kingdom, trying to finish off Mario once and for all. Enemies found here include Pakkun Flowers, Pionpis, Bullet Biffs, Goombos, Nyololins, Pompon Flowers, Chikakos, Chickens, Pipe Fists, and Roketons.

"Chai" can be a Chinese name and surname, and also a type of tea that originated in India.


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World 4-1.
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World 4-3.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャイ王国[2]
Chai ōkoku
Chai Kingdom; derived from China.


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