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Artwork of Hiyoihoi from Super Mario Land
Artwork of Hiyoihoi for Super Mario Land
Species Tokotoko
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)

Hiyoihoi,[1][2] also written as Hiyohoi,[3] is the third boss in the game Super Mario Land. He evolved from a Tokotoko[1] and resembles this enemy in appearance, except that he has legs. Hiyoihoi is in charge of the Easton Kingdom. During Tatanga's invasion of Sarasaland, Hiyoihoi came under Tatanga's control.

In battle, Hiyoihoi attacks by throwing Ganchan boulders at Mario. To defeat Hiyoihoi, Mario has to fire ten Superballs at him while avoiding being hit by the Ganchans. Alternatively, Mario can simply jump over Hiyoihoi and activate the switch behind him. Either way, Mario is awarded 5000 points for defeating Hiyoihoi and is allowed to progress into the Chai Kingdom.


Super Mario Land[edit]

  • Instruction booklet: The boss of the Easton Kingdom, Hiyoihoi evolved from a Tokotoko. It comes at Mario throwing Ganchans, so mind you don't get crushed. Jumping on Hiyoihoi won't defeat it but 10 superballs will do the trick.
  • Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console manual: The boss of the Easton Kingdom, Hiyoihoi evolved from a Tokotoko. It throws Ganchans, so take care not to get crushed. Jumping on Hiyoihoi won't work, but 10 well-placed Superballs should do the trick.

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

種族 岩石族
性格 せっかち
登場ゲーム ランド1

Tribe: Rock clan
Disposition: Impatient
Game appearances: Land 1
He's going to throw Ganchans at you
A moai statue that is the boss of the Easton Kingdom. Without a moment's rest, he throws one Ganchan (p. 59) after another. Hiyoihoi is a stone head that cannot be trampled, so he is a tough opponent.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒョイホイ[5]
From「ひょい」(hyoi, onomatopoeia for picking something up) and「ほい」(hoi, an interjection for "heave-ho")
Dutch Hiyoihoi[6] -
French Hiyoihoi -
German König Hiyoihoi (Das Super Mario Spiel)
Hiyoihoi (Super Mario Encyclopedia - Die ersten 30 Jahre)
King Hiyoihoi
Spanish Hyoihoi -


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