World 4-3 (Super Mario Land)

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World 4-3
SML World 4-3 Screenshot.png
World Chai Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Time limit 400
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World 4-3 is the twelfth and final level of Super Mario Land, part of the Chai Kingdom of Sarasaland. It takes place in a cloudy sky, with a set of rooms made of blocks at the end. The Sky Pop makes its only appearance here.


This level is entirely set in the sky. Mario begins the level in the Sky Pop, with a Brick Block high above him, containing a power-up. The first part of the level consists of Chickens flying at Mario, with a few solitary empty Brick Blocks. The next part has Roketons flying at Mario with more Brick Blocks blocking Mario's way, and Coins. The next part contains both Chickens and Roketons, along with some Chikakos. Three high Brick Blocks appear, with the first containing a 1 UP Heart and the third having a Super Star. There is also more Brick Blocks afterward, partially blocking Mario's way like before. Next is two identical sets of blocks creating walls that Mario must fly around.

The next area is enclosed inside several blocks. The first part is a large room full of Coins, with a small opening closed by Brick Blocks. After that is two narrow tunnels Mario must fly through. Next is an area with Kaitensuru Honō and walls of Brick Blocks, one with a power-up. After flying under a long upside-down pipe, Mario reaches a thick row of Coins and two upside-down pipes containing the only Genkotsu in the game. Lastly, Mario reaches the final fight with Biokinton and eventually Tatanga.


Level map
Level map

Level statistics[edit]