Birabuto Kingdom

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Birabuto Kingdom
Map of Birabuto Kingdom
Map of the Birabuto Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Level(s) 3
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The Birabuto Kingdom[1] is a kingdom in Sarasaland and the first world in Super Mario Land. The land is a large desert based on ancient Egypt, with pyramids and palm trees dotting the landscape. King Totomesu is the boss of the world. In the American Super Mario Land commercial, the Birabuto Kingdom's misleading caption was "challenge the mysteries and terrors of ancient Egypt."[2]


Image Name Description

Screenshot of Mario after using a ? Block World 1-1 The first level in the Birabuto Kingdom. Set on a desert with many palm trees and pyramids in the background.
Goombos, Bombshell Koopas, and Fighter Flies are present in it.
Super Mario Land World 1-2 This level is set on several large palm trees. Goombos, Bombshell Koopas, and Bunbuns appear.
Small Mario battling King Totomesu, boss of the Birabuto Kingdom, at the end of World 1-3 in Super Mario Land World 1-3 A level set inside a pyramid, with many hieroglyphs decorating the walls. Piranha Plants, Bombshell Koopas, and Gaos can be found in it, with King Totomesu as the boss of the world.

Level maps[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピラプト王国おうこく[3]
Piraputo Ōkoku
Pyrapt Kingdom; portmanteau of「ピラミッド」(piramiddo, "pyramid") and「エジプト」(Ejiputo, "Egypt").
The English localization mistranslated "Piraputo" as "Birabuto", confusing the two diacritic signs used in Japanese (i.e. confusing the handakuten signs (゜) for dakuten (゛) on the two kanas originally making the "p" sounds).

Dutch Birabuto Koninkrijk[4]
Birabuto Kingdom
French Birabuto
German Birabuto (Das Super Mario Spiel)
Birabuto Königreich (Super Mario Encyclopedia - Die ersten 30 Jahre)
Birabuto Kingdom
Italian Regno di Birabuto[5]
Regno Birabuto[6]
Kingdom of Birabuto
Birabuto Kingdom


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