World 3-2 (Super Mario Land)

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World 3-2
SML World 3-2 Screenshot.png
World Easton Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Time limit 400
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World 3-2 is the eighth level of Super Mario Land, part of the Easton Kingdom of Sarasaland. It takes place in a cave with several waterfalls.


Mario begins the level in front of three empty pipes, with a Suu in front along with a set of blocks with a Bombshell Koopa under it. A Hidden Block is present, allowing Mario to walk on the ceiling, which has a few coins and a Piranha Plant on it. Below it is more Suus, a Bombshell Koopa, and a Piranha Plant.

Afterward is another set of blocks with a Kumo and two Suus ahead. Next is another set of blocks with a Hidden Block that contains a Lift Block, allowing Mario to reach another portion of the ceiling, which has a pipe leading to a bonus room.

After that, Mario must overcome more Bombshell Koopas, Suus, and Kumos, which takes him to a Mystery Block with a power-up in it, along with a Pipe Cannon next to it. Another set of blocks lies ahead, with a few more enemies around it.

Next are two spiky terrains that must be passed by riding Ganchans. Mario must then pass one of each enemy encountered in the level. After crossing some lifts, Mario reaches some dropping lifts, with the goal ahead. To reach the higher door, Mario must quickly jump across several dropping lifts.


Level statistics[edit]