List of Super Mario Land glitches

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This is a list of glitches in Super Mario Land. Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Death and hit combination glitch

In Muda Kingdom-1, Mario must get hit by a Honen at the same time he falls from the bottom side of the screen. If this is done, the death and hit sounds play simultaneously.

Power-Up and Fire combination glitch

In Muda Kingdom-3, Mario must auto-fire a wall while he is turning into Super Mario. This causes a glitched sound to play.


One-frame Small Mario glitch

During the battle with Tatanga, Super Mario must defeat him and be hit at the same time. This causes Mario to turn directly into Small Mario, instead of playing the full-frame animation.

Walk the pipe glitch

In any area with a Warp Pipe, Mario must dash to the top and swiftly press +Control Pad down. Mario goes through the pipe, but he is shown walking as if as he did not.


These glitches abuse interactions that cause objects or displayed information to perform unintended behaviors.

Ganchan Coin glitch

During the battle against Hiyoihoi, Mario must be on the left edge of the Hiyoihoi's platform. If done correctly, every time the boss throws a Ganchan, Mario collects it as a coin.

Out of bounds glitch

In Chai Kingdom-3, Mario must press +Control Pad left while being pushed off against the left side of the screen by a wall or object. If done correctly, Mario does not lose a life and reappears in the right side of the screen. If pushed by object while invincible, Mario is able to lose a life. This only happens in version 1.0 of the game.[1]

Scroll control glitch

At the end of a level, the player must scroll the screen, come back and scroll the screen again. This can cause platforms, enemies and even bosses to move out of bounds.

Star freeze

The game may crash if the influence of a Super Star terminates as Mario touches enemies.

Superball and Yurarin Boo clip

In Muda Kingdom-1, Mario must be Superball Mario and throw a Superball at a Yurarin Boo, hitting it. After this, the superballs simply go through the Yurarin instead of hitting it.

Under the Pipe travel glitch

Mario moving under a pipe

In a bonus room in Muda Kingdom-1, Mario must break the two Brick Blocks under the pipe and jump to the left side of the gap. If done correctly, Mario freezes in his jump pose and goes left, as if as he went through the pipe.

Untouchable Piranha Plant glitch

Mario walking through a Piranha Plant unharmed

Sometimes, if Mario jumps onto a Piranha Plant, he goes right through it without getting harmed.

Wall jump glitch

If Mario jumps at a correct spot of a wall and jumps again, he can do a Wall Jump-like trick.