List of Super Smash Bros. glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Smash Bros.


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NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Black Hole glitch

All four players must be Link. At Hyrule Castle (or any place with a straight wall), all four players should walk to the right, fall into the place with the canopy, and run left against the wall so they are inside each other. Then, the player must let the game push them all apart. After this, all four players must simultaneously throw bombs upwards weakly, quickly. After just a few throws, the bombs hit each other and continuously stay, trapping the players within.

Shell Stack glitch

Green Shell Glitch in Training Mode
The Shell Stack glitch using the Mario Tornado

This glitch involves the usage of Training Mode's ability to spawn items. By creating four Green or Red Shells in the same location, attacking them with various moves deal large amounts of damage to the attacker, the opponent, or possibly both. Multiple variants of this glitch exist.

Mario Tornado

Possibly the most well-known version of the glitch, caused by using the Mario Tornado to simultaneously hit an opponent and a stack of Green Shells. As the shells and the attack hit each other and the opponent in a chain reaction, all of them are locked in freeze frames until the items eventually vanish and the Tornado can run to completion; the time this takes (about 30 seconds) is guaranteed to ring up the opponent's damage to 999%. As the Mario Tornado has fixed knockback, the opponent is not KO'd once the glitch completes, though essentially any other move does. This can also be done with the Super Jump Punch, Luigi Cyclone, and Screw Attack. Using Red Shells instead of Green ones causes more unpredictable results, such as immediately raising both characters' damage to over 800% and knocking them both away with fixed knockback.

Ground Pound

This variant involves Yoshi using his Ground Pound into a stack of Red Shells near the opponent. If done correctly, Yoshi and then the opponent each receive about 250% to 400% damage.

Spin Attack

This variant involves Link using his Spin Attack on an opponent and a nearby stack of Red Shells. If done correctly, the opponent gains up to 999% damage and slashing sound effects can be heard.

Ness's forward smash

This variant involves using Ness's forward smash (his bat) on a stack of a stack of Red Shells next to the opponent. If done correctly, the opponent takes 600% to 999% damage and goes flying. This may also hit the player, depending on the distance from the shells.

Drifting away from the stage

Mario in front of the screen in Super Smash Bros.Mario's rolling glitch in Super Smash Bros.
The result of Mario rolling to the right in the left picture and the result of Mario doing the opposite in the right picture.

The player has to use Mario or Luigi for this glitch. The bro must go to any stage with a wall and stand against a wall. Then, he must use shield and roll against that wall as much as he can. If Mario/Luigi is rolling left, he goes further away. If he is rolling right, he goes towards the camera. If the bro falls or gets attacked, he reverts to normal.

PK thunder freeze glitch

Only two players are required for this glitch. One should be Ness, the other should be Fox. The player must choose a stage with a direct line between Ness and Fox (ideally, Hyrule Castle or Sector Z). PK Thunder must be used against Fox's Reflector so that the PK Thunder is in direct line back to Ness, then the player must quickly bat the PK Thunder away. The thunder should have two tails, and if it reaches the edge of the screen, the game cannot handle it and freezes.