Mushroom Kingdom (Super Smash Bros.)

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The Mushroom Kingdom stage in Super Smash Bros.

Mushroom Kingdom is a stage in Super Smash Bros. It is the only unlockable stage in the game. It is set to resemble Super Mario Bros., with brick blocks, falling platforms, Warp Pipes with Piranha Plants, POW Blocks and a scene from the original game in the background. It is unlocked by beating 1-P Mode with all of the eight default players, and then playing all of the other stages in Vs Mode. By going through a Warp Pipe, the player is placed at random at either the other Warp Pipe of the stage or above the abyss. The stage has additional basis in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, as there are red Piranha Plants that were first seen in that game, not Super Mario Bros. The castle in the background of the stage has a flag on top of it, which cannot happen in the original game.

The stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The stage returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with a graphical overhaul, being more accurate toward the original Super Mario Bros. and having a background looking like the one present in Super Mario Maker. Notably, while the pipes are still 3-dimensional, they have black outlines and textures resembling their Super Mario Bros. sprites; additionally, the pipe above the abyss can be entered. The green Koopa Troopa in the background is now red, more accurate to its behavior.

Names in other languages[edit]

Mushroom Kingdom's page on other NIWA wikis:
Language Name Meaning
Japanese いにしえの王国
Inishi no Ōkoku
Ancient Kingdom
Spanish Reino Champiñón Literal translation
French Royaume Champignon Literal translation
Dutch Paddenstoelenrijk Literal translation
German Donut-Ebene Donut Plains
Italian Regno dei Funghi Literal translation
Russian Грибное королевство
Gribnoye korolevstvo
Literal translation
Korean 고대 왕국
Godae Wangguk
Ancient Kingdom
Chinese 古老的王國 (Traditional)
古老的王国 (Simplified)
Gǔlǎo de wángguó
Ancient Kingdom