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Various spirits

Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are characters that have lost their physical forms, and act as collectible power-ups that can be equipped to fighters to grant them increased strength and special abilities in battle. They are featured prominently in the game's Adventure mode, World of Light, in which most characters besides the playable fighters are reduced to this form through disintegration from Galeem's attack. Spirits consist of characters, creatures, and objects from various Nintendo and third-party video games. They are similar to the stickers from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the equipment from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and also replace trophies from earlier installments.[1]


The main method to obtain spirits is through spirit battles, in which players fight a CPU-controlled puppet fighter containing a specific spirit. The conditions, stage and music track for each spirit battle, as well as the fighter(s) fought during the spirit battle, usually reflect the character of the spirit. Four types of spirits can be obtained: fighter, primary, support and master. Fighter spirits are spirits that cannot be equipped and lack corresponding spirit battles, but simply serve to represent the playable characters, and are obtained either by clearing Classic Mode with them or buying the spirits in the Vault Shop. A number of characters' alternate costumes (such as female Robin) also have separate fighter spirits, which can only be obtained by purchasing them in the Vault Shop. Primary and support spirits are divided into four classes of power, each represented by a star rating: Novice (one star), Advanced (two stars), Ace (three stars), and Legend (four stars).

Primary spirits have one of four strength types which determine how powerful they are against other spirits: attack, grab, shield, and neutral, with attack being strong against grab, grab against shield, shield against attack, and neutral having no advantage or disadvantage against the other three.[2] Support spirits may be equipped in addition to primary spirits and grant the fighter special skills, such as increased jumping, or equipping them with a specific item.[3] Each primary spirit has a set amount of support slots from zero to three, and each support spirit takes up a set amount of these slots when equipped, with support spirits that grant more powerful abilities generally taking up more slots; no additional support spirits can be equipped if the primary spirit's support slots are already full, unless one of the support spirits that is already equipped is removed, and primary spirits that have no support slots cannot have any support spirits equipped to them. Many primary spirits also give skills to the fighter, and equipping more than one spirit with the same skill will stack its effect.

Master spirits are an unequippable type of spirit, appearing in the World of Light. Their strength in spirit battles is always neutral. After they are defeated, they unlock one of three activities – Gym (of which there is only one, Doc Louis), Dojo, or Explore – or a shop in Shopping. In the Gym, the player can leave up to four primary spirits to have them gain experience points and level up over time. In the Dojo, up to four primary spirits can be left to learn special styles that increase some stats while weakening others (or, in the case of Slowpoke, forget styles they have already learned). This process can be accelerated by paying Spirit Points. In Explore, the player can send up to four primary and/or support spirits to the Ruins, Caves, or Jungle to search for treasure. The expedition lasts for multiple real-time hours (with the exact length depending on the location explored). Upon its completion, the player receives rewards (including Spirit Points, coins, and inventory items), with each location having a certain type of reward that is more likely to be earned, and any primary spirits sent on the expedition also gain experience points. The expedition can be canceled at any time prior to its completion, which yields fewer rewards than waiting for the expedition to be complete does, though more rewards are earned the closer the expedition was to completion at the time of its cancelation. Spirits left at any of the three activities are unusable until they are finished. After returning from activities, spirits temporarily become exhausted, which prevents them from participating in any further activities until their exhaustion wears off. In Shopping, the player can use Spirit Points to purchase inventory items, Skill Spheres, and other spirits. Each shop sells spirits that correspond to a particular theme; for example, Anna's shop, known as Anna's Emporium, sells spirits that use equipment. Certain spirits are only obtainable by purchasing them in Shopping. Spirits are also occasionally sold at a discount.

Mario ready to shoot at Pikachu to obtain the Mimikyu spirit

Beating a spirit battle within the Adventure mode instantly gifts the spirit to the player. In the Spirit Board, however, after beating a puppet fighter, the next screen shows the fighter under a dark sky dazed and surrounded by a round, spinning shield, where the player has a chance to obtain the spirit by firing a gun through the opening of the shield. If the player times the shot correctly, the dark sky clears and the spirit is acquired. If the player hits any part of the shield, it is broken off and they do not win the spirit, though the damage carries over to the next battle.[1] The shield rotates faster the higher rank the spirit is. If the player fails, but has enough Spirit Points, the player can spend some Spirit Points for a retry, with higher-ranked spirits requiring more Spirit Points per retry. Only one retry per spirit battle is possible. Players can also use two types of items to aid hitting the puppet fighter should they have any, of which only one of each may be used per spirit battle, though they can stack with each other: Shield Spacer and Sluggish Shield. Shield Spacer removes a portion of the shield, while Sluggish Shield slows the shield's movement.

Primary spirits start at level one but can level up (causing their power to increase) by earning experience points, which they can obtain after participating in battles (earning more if they won than if they lost) or after being fed snacks, which are gained through various means including but not limited to winning a spirit battle or purchasing them through shops, though feeding spirits snacks does cost some Spirit Points. Snacks come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Larger sizes grant more experience points than smaller sizes do, but cost more Spirit Points to use. Snacks can also be sold to gain Spirit Points. The maximum level for spirits is level 99. However, certain spirits can be enhanced after reaching level 99, causing them to transform into a stronger primary spirit with a higher rank and a special attribute, but resetting the spirit to level 1.[1] Spirits that can be enhanced have a silver border next to their type icon, which turns gold if the spirit is enhanced.

Spirits can also be dismissed, which causes the player to lose that spirit; however, they gain the spirit's core. Cores are divided into five categories to match the spirits they originated from: attack, shield, grab, neutral and support. Cores can be combined to obtain new spirits by summoning them, with each spirit that can be summoned having a different combination of cores from specific spirits and/or of specific types that is required to summon them. Some spirits can only be obtained by summoning them. Cores can also be fed to primary spirits like snacks to grant them experience points, with more experience points being gained if spirits are fed cores that match their type. Like snacks, cores cost some Spirit Points to use in this way, but can also be sold to gain Spirit Points.

Spirits can also be used on figure players from amiibo, which causes the figure player to gain stat boosts and potentially special attributes depending on the spirit. Spirits used in this way are lost, but their cores are gained as they would be if they were dismissed. Certain amiibo, mostly those that are not fighters, can be used to obtain a spirit corresponding to that amiibo (though only one spirit per amiibo can be obtained in this way).

Some spirits can also be obtained by completing in-game challenges (these do not appear on the Spirit Board until they have been obtained from challenges) or bought in shops (either the Vault Shop or one of the five shops unlocked throughout the World of Light). Having already obtained a spirit does not prevent it from appearing on the Spirit Board or in any of the shops.

Spirits can be used in spirit battles and in World of Light; additionally, they can be used in offline matches or online battle arenas if the spirits option in the rules is enabled. Created spirit teams can be saved for quicker access.

List of spirits[edit]

Due to the size of the list, spirits numbered 1-1500 have been split into separate pages to reduce loading times.

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The numbers by the primary spirits indicate the number of support spirit slots they have available, while the numbers by the support spirits indicate the number of slots they take up when equipped to primary spirits.

# Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
1501 Sora (KINGDOM HEARTS II) Sora (KINGDOM HEARTS II) spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Fighter N/A N/A Vault Shop N/A N/A N/A N/A
1502 Sora (KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]) Sora (KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Drop Distance) spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Fighter N/A N/A Vault Shop N/A N/A N/A N/A
1503 Sora (KINGDOM HEARTS III) Sora (KINGDOM HEARTS III) spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Fighter N/A N/A Vault Shop N/A N/A N/A N/A
1504 Sora (Timeless River) Sora (Timeless River) spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Fighter N/A N/A Vault Shop N/A N/A N/A N/A
1505 Riku Riku spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Primary (2) Ace Attack
Sword Attack ↑
DLC Spirits (Sora) Corrin (♂) Rule: Move Speed ↑
  • Stamina battle
  • The enemy has increased move speed
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Black Hole
Hollow Bastion Hollow Bastion
1506 Kairi Kairi spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Support (1) Novice Critical-Health Defense ↑ DLC Spirits (Sora) Daisy, Sora
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Lip's Stick
Tortimer Island (clear) Hand in Hand
1507 Roxas Roxas spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Support (3) Legend Weapon Attack & Move Speed ↑↑ DLC Spirits (Sora) Sora Rule: Health Recovery; Move Speed ↑; Attack Power ↑
  • Stamina battle
  • The enemy has increased attack power after a little while
  • The enemy has increased move speed after a little while
Hollow Bastion Fragments of Sorrow
1508 Axel Axel spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Primary (1) Advanced Attack
Fire Attack ↑
DLC Spirits (Sora) Roy
  • Stamina battle
  • Fire and explosion attacks aren't as effective against the enemy
Kalos Pokémon League Destiny's Force
1509 Xion Xion spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Support (1) Advanced Trade-Off Attacks ↑ DLC Spirits (Sora) Robin (♀), Robin (♂) ×2
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • Stamina battle
Delfino Plaza (buildings) Shrouding Dark Cloud
1510 Terra Terra spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Primary (1) Advanced Attack
Battering Items Power ↑
DLC Spirits (Sora) Chrom Rule: Assist Trophy Enemies (Ashley)
  • Stamina battle
  • Hostile assist trophies will appear when the enemy's at high damage
Hollow Bastion (Dive to the Heart) Hollow Bastion
1511 Ventus Ventus spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Primary (2) Advanced Grab
Speed ↑
DLC Spirits (Sora) Sora, Dark Samus
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • Stamina battle
  • Reinforcements will appear during the battle
Gerudo Valley (Battlefield) Shrouding Dark Cloud
1512 Aqua Aqua spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KINGDOM HEARTS Series Primary (3) Ace Shield
Magic Attack ↑
DLC Spirits (Sora) Lucina, Mr. Game & Watch ×4 Rule: Assist Trophy Enemies (Krystal)
  • Stamina battle
  • Hostile assist trophies will appear when the enemy's at high damage
  • Reinforcements will appear after an enemy is KO'd
Find Mii (Ω) Night of Fate
1513 Evil Ryu1 Evil Ryu spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Street Fighter Series Primary (0) Legend Neutral
Fist Attack ↑
Spirit Board (ver. 13.0.1 or later) Ryu Rule: Attack Power ↑; Sudden Final Smash
  • The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash
  • The enemy's special moves have increased power
  • Stamina battle
Suzaku Castle (Ω) M. Bison Stage Type B


1 - Originally exclusive to the "Street Fighter Turns 35!" spirit event that ran from January 14, 2022 to January 18, 2022

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スピリッツ
Chinese 命魂
Mìng hún
Literally "Life soul"
French Esprits Spirits
German Geister Ghosts
Italian Spiriti Spirits
Korean 스피릿
Russian Духи
Spanish Espíritus Spirits


  • In version 1.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the spirit list featured a number of differences from the other versions:[4]
  • The Super Smash Bros. Melee event match "Bomb-fest" utilizes conditions very similar to those used in Spirit Battles.


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