List of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate quotes

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This is a list of quotes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • "Restocked!"
  • "Failure!"
  • "Game!"
  • "Game set!" (Japanese version)
  • "Ready?"
  • "Go!"
  • "Time!"
  • "Time up!" (Japanese version)
  • "Sudden Death!"
  • "5!"
  • "4!"
  • "3!"
  • "2!"
  • "1!"
  • "Player 1!"
  • "Player 2!"
  • "Player 3!"
  • "Player 4!"
  • "Player 5!"
  • "Player 6!"
  • "Player 7!"
  • "Player 8!"
  • "Computer Player!"
  • "Defeated!"
  • "New record!"
  • "Complete!"
  • "amiibo!"
  • "Red Team!"
  • "Blue Team!"
  • "Green Team!"
  • "Yellow Team!"
  • "Wins!"
  • "Win!" (Japanese version, or when Ice Climbers or Rosalina & Luma win a match in English versions)
  • "No contest!"
  • "Victory!"
  • "Defeat!"
  • "Lose!" (Japanese version)
  • "Continue?"
  • "Congratulations!"
  • "Training!"
  • "Team Battle!"
  • "The champion is..."
  • "Choose your fighter!"
  • "Solo Battle!"
  • "Online Smash!" (Japanese version)
  • "Tourney!"
  • "Tournament!" (Japanese version)
  • "Spectate!"
  • "Watch!" (Japanese version)
  • "Wow! Incredible!"
  • "Final results!"
  • "Round 1!"
  • "Round 2!"
  • "Round 3!"
  • "Timed Battle!"
  • "Stock Battle!"
  • "Stamina Battle!"
  • "Squad Strike!"
  • "Super Sudden Death!"
  • "Smashdown!"
  • "Classic Mode!"
  • "Survival Smash!" (Japanese version)
  • "Mob Smash!"
  • "Challenger's Approach!"
  • "Elite Smash!"
  • "VIP Smash!" (Japanese version)
  • "Spirit Board!"
  • "Spirits Board!" (Japanese version)
  • "Semifinals!"
  • "Finals!"
  • "Final!" (Japanese version)
  • "Nice work!"
  • "Great!" (Japanese version)
  • "Step into the ring!"
  • "Enter a ring!" (Japanese version)



  • "If you need to learn to talk to a lady, ask your mum."
  • "New 'do, dead you."
  • "That all you got?"
  • "You're making it easy."
  • "Dreadful."
  • "Don't make me beg!"
  • "Miss me, baby?"
  • ''Smashing!"
  • "Avavago!"
  • "Fire!"
  • "Boom!"
  • "Get out!"
  • "Bingo!"
  • "See you!"
  • "So close."
  • "Almost."
  • "Gotcha."
  • "Goodbye!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Woohoo!"
  • "Whoa!"
  • "Yowch!"

Captain Falcon[edit]


  • "Come on."
  • "Come at me!"
  • "I will not fail!"
  • "The training paid off."
  • "Anything can change!"
  • "I will cut a path!"
  • "Our bond is stronger than steel."
  • "Here!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "How about this?"
  • "I'll end you!"
  • "No way!"
  • "Not today!"
  • "Now I'm mad."
  • "Your end has come!"
  • "Aether!"
  • "Sorry!"

Corrin (female)[edit]

  • "This ends here!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Your fate is clear!"
  • "You ready for this?"
  • "That was great."
  • "Good!"

Corrin (male)[edit]

  • "Out of the way!"
  • "My path is clear!"
  • "I've made my choice."
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "That went well."
  • "I win!"


  • "Yes!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Hi!"
  • "Ow!"
  • "Ouch!"
  • "NO!"

Dark Pit[edit]

  • "Electroshock!"
  • "No way!"
  • "Goodbye!"
  • "It's time!"
  • "Who wants some?"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Game on!"
  • "Can't help but feel sorry for ya."
  • "Looks like I'm the last man standing."
  • "Nice try."
  • "Where's your goddess now?"

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • "Oh yeah! HEEEYAAHH!"
  • "Woohoo."
  • "Ow!"


  • "Fire!"
  • "Piece of cake!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Hands off my prey!"
  • "Had enough already?"
  • "You're off your game, Fox!"
  • "Sorry. Gotta jet."
  • "Showtime!"
  • "We've got multiple bogies inbound!"
  • "Time for a little payback!"


  • "Don't let a single one get away!" (World of Light)
  • "Fire!"
  • "It's go time!"
  • "Star Fox—fire at will!"
  • "This is the end for you, Wolf!"
  • "Come at me."
  • "Let's go!"
  • "This is Fox. Returning to base."
  • "Better luck next time, Falco!"
  • "Mission complete!"


  • "Greninja!"
  • "Ninja!"
  • "Nin. Nin."


  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Amateur!"
  • "Aether!"
  • "Great Aether!"
  • "Prepare yourself."
  • "Hmph."
  • "I submit to no one."
  • "I must move forward."
  • "Your skills were... remarkable."
  • "Don't stand in my way."
  • "You'll get no sympathy from me."
  • "I fight for my friends."


  • "Incineroar!"
  • "Incina! Incina!"
  • "Roar!"


  • "Ivysaur!"
  • "Ivy!"
  • "Ivy! Ivy!"
  • "Saur!"


  • ''Jigglypuff!"
  • "Puff!''
  • "Jiggly!"


  • "This is Joker. I've infiltrated the theater." (Joker's reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2018)
  • "This is Joker. The mission is go." (Joker's reveal trailer)
  • "Persona!"
  • "Arsene!"
  • "Return!"
  • "Enough."
  • "You're mine!"
  • "There!"
  • "Eiha!"
  • "Eigaon!"
  • "Tetrakarn!"
  • "Makarakarn!"
  • "Nice."
  • "Begone."
  • "Got it!"


  • "So, you wanna fight fire with fire, huh?" (Ken's and Incineroar's reveal trailer)
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Get serious!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "I'm ready for ya! Bring it on!"
  • "I did it!"
  • "I knew I'd win! Hah!"
  • "Challenge me after some practice!"
  • "Hadoken!"
  • "Tatsumaki Senpakyakyu!"
  • "Tatsumaki!"
  • "Shoryuken!"
  • "There ya go!"
  • "Uh-oh."
  • "Take this!"
  • "Shinryuken!"
  • "Got you!"
  • "Gotcha! Shippu Jinraikyaku!"




  • "Weak!"
  • "Max aura!"
  • "The aura is with me!"
  • "Behold, the power of aura."


  • "You're mine!"
  • "My turn!"
  • "Come at me!"
  • "I cannot lose."
  • "Father... I won."
  • "And they call you the Radiant Hero?"
  • "The future is not written!"
  • "You'll never defeat me!"
  • "This is the Hero King?"


  • "Let's-a go."
  • "Ouch!"
  • "Pow, pow!"
  • "Bang bang!"


  • "Let's-a go!"
  • "Woohoo."
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Ow!"
  • "Oh yeah! HEEEYAAHH!!"


  • "We'll each need to take down about ten." (World of Light)
  • "My turn!"
  • "Nice try!"
  • "Predictable!"
  • "This is it!"
  • "I won't lose!"
  • "Keep your eyes open!"
  • "The day is mine!"
  • "I cannot afford to lose."
  • "I live to fight again!"

Meta Knight[edit]

  • "Fool!"
  • "Fight me!"
  • "Come."
  • "Know my power!"
  • "Behold..."
  • "Come back when you can put up a fight."
  • "You've much yet to learn."
  • "Victory... is my destiny."



  • "Autoreticle!"
  • "Explosive Flame!"
  • "Warp!"
  • "Counter!"
  • "Reflect Barrier!"
  • "Watch this!"
  • "Black Hole!"
  • "And Mega Laser!"
  • "You shall be purified!"
  • "Ready when you are."
  • "No one can hide from the light."
  • "Oh. So sorry about that, Pit."
  • "Too bad for you."
  • "Poor little Pittoo."


  • "Hi!"
  • "Sweet!"
  • "Uh-huh."
  • "Peachy!"
  • "This is fun!"
  • "Aw, did I win?"


  • "Pichu."
  • "PICHU!"
  • "Pika. Pika."
  • "Chu!"


  • "Pikachu!"
  • "PIKA!!"
  • "Pika. Pika."
  • "Chu!"


  • "We'll win this, I know we will!" (Adventure Mode: World of Light)
  • "Upperdash!"
  • "Stay back!"
  • "Lightning Chariot!"
  • "Phos! Lux! Let's go!"
  • "C'mon!"
  • "That all you got?"
  • "It's game over for you!"
  • "That was easy."
  • "What's up now?"
  • "Victory!"
  • "I'm finished..."
  • "I never learned how to read!"


Both genders[edit]

  • "Thunder!"
  • "Elthunder!"
  • "Arcthunder!"
  • "Thoron!"
  • "Arcfire!"
  • "Elwind!"
  • "Bolganone!"
  • "Prepare yourself!"


  • "Time to tip the scales!"
  • "Here I go!"
  • "A good tactician has nothing to fear."
  • "Ha! Checkmate."
  • "I've got your back."
  • "How can you protect Chrom if you can't protect yourself?"


  • "Let's tip the scales!"
  • "You're not ready."
  • "I'm always three steps ahead."
  • "The key to victory lies within."
  • "Lucina, I hope I didn't hurt you."
  • "It seems our fates are joined."


  • "Begone! You don't belong in this world, monster!" (Simon's and Richter's reveal trailer)
  • "Grand Cross!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "It's time!"
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "Farewell!"
  • "You don't belong in this world!"


  • "All right!"
  • "Whoo!"
  • "Yeah!"


  • "I won't lose!"
  • "That was a fierce battle."
  • "Failure is not an option."
  • "Now the true battle begins."



  • "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  • "Tasty!"
  • "Good!"
  • "Now!"
  • "There!"
  • "It's showtime."
  • "Not even close."
  • "Colonel, mission accomplished."
  • "This is Snake. I'm done here."


  • "Super Sonic style!"
  • "Sonic speed!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Piece of cake!"
  • "Let's do that again sometime!"
  • "That was almost too easy!"


  • "Back Slash!"
  • "Air Slash!"
  • "A vision...!"
  • "I see it...!"
  • "Now it's Shulk time!"
  • "I'm really feeling it!"
  • "This is the Monado's power!"
  • "I can change the future!"
  • "The future is ours to decide!"
  • "I've got a good rhythm going!"
  • "I got through that pretty good!"
  • "I can feel the power!"
  • "Riki!"
  • "Dunban!"
  • "Fiora!"
  • "Time for a chain attack!"
  • "Let's go, everyone!"


  • "Away!"
  • "Grand Cross!"
  • "Come!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "I've vanquished the darkness!"
  • "Curses!"


  • "Squirtle!"
  • "Squirtle! Squirtle!"
  • "Squirt! Squirt!"


  • "Yes!"
  • "Oooh..."
  • "Wah!"
  • "All right!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Excellent!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Yahoo!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Okay!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "No! NO!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Aieee..." (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Whaaa-?!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Heeyyy!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Oh my! (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)
  • "Wah! Waaah!" (WarioWare, Inc. stage only)

Wii Fit Trainer (female)[edit]

  • "Salute the sun!"
  • "High energy, move that body!"
  • "That's it, feel the burn!"
  • "Let's step up the intensity!"
  • "Let's work on your balance!"
  • "Now, let's try it together!"
  • "Let's get fired up!"
  • "Let's get a good stretch."
  • "Stretch those shoulders."
  • "Let's stretch our legs."
  • "The key is to focus on your balance."
  • "Work hard to tone that tummy!"
  • "Let's tone up those legs."
  • "Good posture begins with a strong base."
  • "Feel the burn in your thighs and glutes!"
  • "Don't forget to exhale when exerting yourself."
  • "How about some deep breathing?"
  • "Watch your posture. Keep those glutes tucked in!"
  • "Tuck in those glutes!"
  • "Now that was a great workout!"
  • "Work towards strong, firm abs!"
  • "Your lower body is key for support."
  • "When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing."
  • "Firm up those abs!"
  • "You're wobbling! Try to keep your balance."

Wii Fit Trainer (male)[edit]

  • "Salute the sun!"
  • "Let's get a good stretch."
  • "Stretch those shoulders."
  • "Let's stretch our legs."
  • "Feel the stretch through your arm and leg."
  • "Let's work on building a stronger upper body."
  • "Stretching your spine will help stimulate your body."
  • "Time to firm up your thighs and back muscles!"
  • "This pose strengthens the back and improves posture."
  • "Stabilize your upper body."
  • "Let's work on your coordination."
  • "This exercise works your core muscles."
  • "Keep at it every day to improve your posture!"
  • "Let's do some jackknife exercises!"
  • "Follow my lead as we do these poses together!"
  • "That was a great workout!"
  • "Work towards strong, firm abs!"
  • "Your lower body is key for support."
  • "When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing."
  • "Firm up those abs!"
  • "You're wobbling! Try to keep your balance."
  • "Now, let's try it together!"
  • "Let's get fired up!"


  • "Are you scared?"
  • "Wolf pack!"
  • "Grahaha! The hunt is on, boys!"
  • "I've got you now, Star Fox!"
  • "You're good, but I'm better."
  • "Weaklings, the lot of you!"


  • "Yoshi!"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi!"


  • "Stow your fear! It's now, or never!" (World of Light)

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

  • "No!"
  • "Is that all?"
  • "Try me."
  • "You're mine."
  • "Be still."

Assist Trophies[edit]


  • "Ikuzo!" ("Let's go!")
  • "Jū'nen hayai'n da yo!" ("You're ten years early!")


  • "Out of my way."
  • "Suffer me."

Black Knight[edit]

  • "Here I go."
  • "Know your place!"
  • "Can't move..."

Gray Fox[edit]

  • "Make me feel alive again."
  • "Like old times, Snake."
  • "That's it! I've been waiting for this pain."
  • "You can't defeat me with a weapon like that."
  • "Hand to hand... is the basis of all combat."


  • "Sonic Boom!"
  • "Flash Kick!"
  • "That was nothing."

Knuckle Joe[edit]

  • "Leave it to me!"
  • "Vulcan Jab!"
  • "Rising Break!"
  • "Smash Punch!"


  • "Yo!"
  • "Later!"


  • "Try me!"
  • "You're not ready yet!"


  • "Prepare yourself."
  • "I'll handle this."
  • "Taste my blade!"


  • "Yes, you called?"

Prince of Sablé[edit]

  • "Teuchi ni itasu!" ("I'll beat you!")
  • "Saraba da!" ("Farewell!")
  • "Kaeru!" ("Frog!")
  • "Hebi!" ("Snake!")


  • "Riki leave that one for Dundun!"
  • "Crash-pow!"
  • "Here Riki go!"
  • "Get them, Shulk! Smash-pow!"
  • "Leave it to Heropon!"
  • "You Can... Do It!"
  • "F-F-F-Freezinate!"
  • "Happy Happy Time!"
  • "Roly-poly, keep on rolling!"
  • "Hehe! Yoink!"
  • "Sleepy... Sleepy... Bedtime!"
  • "All go to plan."


  • "Let the games begin!"
  • "Out of the way!"
  • "Drink's on the house!"


  • "Iizo, omae!" ("Well, it's you!")
  • "Ushouken!"
  • "Gomen!" ("Sorry!")
  • "Munen..." ("Regrettable...")


  • "Chaos Control!"
  • "Hmph."

Spring Man[edit]

  • "Hyah!"
  • "Hah!"
  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "Boyoyoing, yeah!"

Squid Sisters[edit]

  • "Stay fresh!"


  • "This might get unpleasant."
  • "Sleep well!"

Yuri Kozukata[edit]

  • "Nani?" ("What?")


  • "The fight's on!"
  • "Back to base!"

Master spirits[edit]


  • "Oh my! Hello hello!"
  • "That's a good price for a spirit. Primaries are a big deal!"
  • "That's a good price for a spirit. Like items? Then I recommend this."
  • "That's a pretty swell spirit! Nice if you love to run and jump!"
  • "Would you like to buy this spirit?"
  • "Feed this tasty little guy to a spirit to increase its level a little bit."
  • "Feed this delectable delicacy to a spirit to increase its level."
  • "YUM! These things are sooooo tasty! They increase a spirits [sic] level A LOT."
  • "Would you like to buy this item?"
  • "Thank you! You're my favorite!"
  • "I'm going to get new things! Hold on tight!"
  • "Come again!"

Cap'n Cuttlefish[edit]

  • "Oho! Been waitin' for ya, bucko!"
  • "So, what's the plan?"
  • "Heave ho!"
  • "What's your plan with that spirit?"
  • "You wanna take this spirit back?"
  • "Come back anytime!"
  • "I'll teach ya Land Style instantly for a small fee. Say...[number]00SP?"
  • "This spirit's looking mighty fresh if I do say so myself!"
  • "Done for the day? I squid you farewell!"

Captain Charlie[edit]

  • "The name's Captain Charlie. Are you here for the research mission?"
  • "Select the team members."
  • "Are you aborting the mission?"
  • "Maybe another day..."
  • "All right, let's head out!"
  • "Oh, do you want to withdraw?"
  • "End of day already?"
  • "Mission complete!"
  • "Ready to continue our research?"

Doc Louis[edit]

  • "Hit 'em, baby!"
  • "Let 'em have it, Mac!"
  • "Show 'em what you've got, Mac baby!"
  • "And the winner is... Little Mac! Hahaha!"
  • "Ya got what it takes, Mac!"
  • "World Circuit's all yours, Mac!"
  • "Y'know, that belt looks good on you, son."
  • "You win, Mac!"
  • "Was that a little too easy for ya, son?"
  • "Way to go, Mac! You're the champion, baby!"
  • "Nice work, Mac. You got it all figured out."
  • "All right! I think I hear a chocolate bar callin'!"
  • "Ah, winnin' feels good, don't it?"
  • "Nice moves, Mac. I could barely keep my eyes on ya, son."
  • "Ain't you flashy? You making my eyes water, son."
  • "You're lookin' mighty good, son. Just like old times, huh?"
  • "Lookin' good, baby!"
  • "Now, what'll it be?"
  • "That's it. You the real deal, kid!"
  • "Dance like a fly, sting like a mosquito."
  • "Done already? We'll see ya."


  • "Wha ha ha ho ho! Why, hello there!"
  • "Now, what'll it be?"
  • "Now then, let's see what kind of power you've got..."
  • "What'll you have me do with this one?"
  • "What? Stop the training?"
  • "Come back again."
  • "I can teach you my Equipment Style for [number]00SP."
  • "Oh ho ho ho ho. Not bad."
  • "I'll be waiting."

Funky Kong[edit]

  • "Hey, hey! Come kick it Kong-style!"
  • "This spirit's the real deal! Feelin' funky? This one's for you!"
  • "This spirit's the real deal! This one's a red-hot primary."
  • "You wanna get your hands on this spirit?"
  • "This tasty little dude can increase a spirit's level a bit!"
  • "Oh yeah, sweet pick! That'll level up a spirit real nice."
  • "This crunchy munchy has that power! It can level up a spirit A CRAZY amount!"
  • "Decided you want some Adventure Skills? This item is your best friend!"
  • "You wanna get your hands on this item?"
  • "Nice choice!"
  • "Sorry, I'm out of stock right now. Come back later—it'll be EPIC!"
  • "Come back again! I'll be here!"

Honey Queen[edit]

  • "My my! Welcome."
  • "These are the kinds of things you can expect from our style."
  • "Whomever will you choose?"
  • "That's the ticket!"
  • "What shall you do?"
  • "Oh my... Is it time to stop?"
  • "What a pity..."
  • "For a mere [number]00SP, we can teach Big-Bee Style right away!"
  • "Ah, marvelous. Really quite perfect."
  • "Come visit again! Ohoho!"

Kat and Ana[edit]

  • "Surprise! Kat & Ana make their appearance!"
  • "Train together with us!"
  • "Yaaaay! Exciting!"
  • "If we teach our style, theeeeese are the effects!"
  • "What's wrong?"
  • "Wanna quit training?"
  • "All right, that's it!"
  • "For [number]00SP, we can teach Ninja Style right away!"
  • "Amazing. We did it!"
  • "Bye byyye!"


  • "ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! (That's probably a greeting.)"
  • "Gwoooh! Guruoo... (He's explaining what the style does.)"
  • "Grruurrr... (He seems to be waiting for you to choose.)"
  • "Gaaaaahhh! (That's a...happy noise?)"
  • "Ga-rurr... (That's basically "what now?")"
  • "Gurru... (He isn't listening. Quit training?)"
  • "Gy-aon! (That must be "come back soon!")"
  • "Guwaaa [number]SP GRAAAAH! (Likely the price of learning the style.)"
  • "Guuuuooon!! (He seems pleased.)"
  • "Gug yaaah! ("


  • "Ah, you're here! Great fortune awaits!"
  • "Hurry and assemble your party!"
  • "That's a shame... come back soon!"
  • "I suppose I'll dismiss the party then. You're sure about this?"
  • "Full speed ahead!"

Peppy Hare[edit]

  • "Hello there!"
  • "This is what'll happen if the spirit masters the Air Style."
  • "What would ya like to do?"
  • "Never give up! Trust your instincts!"
  • "What did ya want to do with this spirit?"
  • "Ya want to take this spirit back?"
  • "All right, keep it up!"
  • "Do you want to spend [number]00 SP to learn Air Style?"
  • "All right! I have nothin' more to teach!"
  • "Mission complete! Come back later."


  • "Slowpoke is standing in the middle of a dojo."
  • "Slowpoke looks like it wants to say something...but it doesn't."
  • "Slowpoke stares at you blankly with its mouth open."
  • "Slowpoke used Amnesia!"
  • "Your spirit forgot [style]."
  • "Slowpoke stares at you blankly as you leave."

Timmy and Tommy[edit]

  • "Welcome! Come on in!"
  • "That spirit is nicely priced. Movement is key, ya know!"
  • "That spirit is nicely priced. Especially for defensive types!"
  • "This spirit is a real winner. Never underestimate a good item."
  • "This spirit is a real winner. You can never have too many primaries!"
  • "Are you interested in purchasing this spirit?"
  • "This item will increase a spirit's level by a little bit."
  • "This item will increase a spirit's level quite a bit."
  • "This item will increase a spirit's level by a WHOLE LOT! So much!"
  • "This one deals 50% damage to any opponent on the Spirit Board."
  • "Are you interested in purchasing this item?"
  • "Thank you kindly! Thanks!"
  • "We'll be restocked in a bit. Please come back later! You're always welcome!"
  • "Thank you very much! So much!"


  • "Welcome! Let's hurry off—to adventure!"
  • "Choose up to four treasure trackers!"
  • "Done adventuring already?"
  • "Let's move out!"
  • "So, did you find anything?"
  • "Awww. You want to cancel the expedition?"
  • "That's it for today! Job well done."
  • "Oh! Welcome back! Find anything?"
  • "Ready to go on another adventure?"
  • "I'll be waiting for you!"

Wii Balance Board[edit]

  • "Who's ready to get fit? Wii are!"
  • "Who would you like me to train?"
  • "What'll you do?"
  • "End your training?"
  • "Good hustle. We'll continue later."
  • "Let's give it our all!"
  • "With [number]00SP, I can teach the Lightweight Style right away."
  • "Congratulations! Your spirit reached its goal!"
  • "Please come back sometime."


  • "I thank you for coming. I will toughen up spirit!"
  • "Show me muscle power!"
  • "If I teach style, you will notice powerful, strong-arm effects!"
  • "Come! Get in close! MUSCLE POWER!"
  • "Hm. What is wrong?"
  • "With [number]00SP, you learn Overthrow Style now!"
  • "Nwaahaha! Come back later!"


Ann Takamaki[edit]

  • "But... it's so far away! Why is he there?" (Joker's reveal trailer)
  • "WHAAAAT?!" (Joker's reveal trailer)
  • "Feels great, huh?"
  • "Aren't we the best?"
  • "Done and done!"

Futaba Sakura[edit]

  • "Heh heh heh! They're done for!"
  • "Impressive!"
  • "Okay! Moving right along!"

Haru Okumura[edit]

  • "That was graceful!"
  • "Onto the next battle!"
  • "So much for them!"

Makoto Niijima[edit]

  • "No time to waste!"
  • "Don't forget this feeling!"
  • "Done and done!"


  • "There's only one thing the Phantom Thieves of Hearts specialize in..." (Joker's reveal trailer)
  • "We're not the ones sending a card this time. In fact, we've been invited. Invited to steal the greatest treasure of all!" (Joker's reveal trailer)
  • "Looking cool, Joker!"
  • "He-hey!"
  • "Smash is as wild as ever, eh, Joker?"
  • "A brilliant victory!"
  • "Alright! Victory!"
  • "Mm-mm! Good work!"

Ryuji Sakamoto[edit]

  • "... Hah! Losers!"
  • "Yeah-hah! Nice!"
  • "Ha ha! Who's next?"

Yusuke Kitagawa[edit]

  • "And the curtain... falls."
  • "We've done it!"
  • "Well... onto the next triumph!"