List of White Knuckle Scorin' quotes

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This is a list of quotes from the comic included with the White Knuckle Scorin' album.


  • "...And then I'll join OPEC!"
  • "I'll take brute force and a bad attitude over smarts and education any day, 'cause ignorance is bliss!"
  • "The babe is toast, plumber, and you're next in the line of fire!"



  • "It doesn't look like there are any convenience stores around here. Did you remember to bring extra batteries?"
  • "Our old enemy! He must have kidnapped the princess!"
  • "Maybe we ought to split up. I'll take the high road."
  • "For-blithering sooth, Sir Mario! I like this lance a lot! What sayest thou?" - dressed as a knight
  • "...And into the-- No! I am not going to deliver such a cliché riposte." - after Mario says "Out of the frying pan..."
  • "As royalty does, she was hot stuff!"
  • "Come on, troops!"


  • "Oops."
  • "King Bowser Koopa!"
  • "Why don't you write things down?"
  • "Keen-o!"
  • "To get to you, Babe, I drove all night."
  • "Methinks, Sir Luigi, that I will crowneth King Bowser with thith mace in my iron hand!" - dressed as a knight
  • "Man--! Out of the frying pan..."
  • "Victory is such a turn on!"
  • "I taught you! Me! Mario... You schnook!"
  • "Song cue and good night!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "I've got a guidebook!"
  • "Reading opens up new worlds, Mario."
  • "You make Mario and Luigi look like brain surgeons! You're too ignorant to be an oil tycoon."
  • "You're such darling children. How have you been?"
  • "Roses are red chrysanthemums are white. Gotta keep you out of Bowser's clutches with some magic of the night."
  • "Dear Bros. Having a terrible time. Wish you were here. Location: South by North. Avoid the Valley of Storms at all costs. xxxx P.T." - letter
  • "Oh, fudge."
  • "Whatever."
  • "Thanks, Yoshi. We'll be forever friends!"


  • "A big ugly turtle has been muscling in around here."
  • "That smart-looking babe with the dynamite bod?"
  • "Okay, I have a lousy memory! I think Mario said he was going south. Or was it west?"
  • "She's hotter than ever, now, I'd say..."
  • "I'll do the honors!"
  • "Thanks to Luigi, now, I can read."